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Poll: Foley Over Fedele In GOP Primary?

by | Jan 7, 2010 12:15pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Election 2010

Internal polling paid for by Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley shows him beating Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele in a Republican primary.

The poll conducted by The Tarrance Group shows out of 500 “likely” Republican primary voters, 33 percent have indicated they would vote for Foley, while just 14 percent indicate they would vote for Fedele. About 55 percent of those polled are still undecided.

The poll found that Foley leads Fedele by 10 points or more in every single region of the state, and leads Fedele by 16 points among seniors and by 13 points among “very conservative” Republicans.

The poll also found that Foley’s name awareness is 39 points higher than Fedele’s and that Foley already has 74 percent name awareness.

Prior to deciding to run for governor, Foley had been a candidate for the U.S. Senate and as such had used millions of dollars on paid television advertisements.

The Fedele campaign is disputing the credibility of the internal poll.

“Not only was this an internal poll paid for by Tom Foley, it also included ‘push’ poll questions where callers guide those being polled with a series of favorable statements about their candidate,” Chris Cooper, Fedele campaign spokesman, said.

Cooper said the voters of Connecticut are “smart and the election for Governor will be decided by the issues and especially, by the qualifications of the candidates.”

In addition to Foley and Fedele, a few more Republicans may be jumping into the race. Shelton First Selectman Mark Lauretti has expressed interest and it’s possible Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton may get into the race too. Boughton is expected to make an announcement February. MetroHartford Alliance Chief Oz Griebel has also expressed an interest in the office.

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(5) Archived Comments

posted by: LevelHeadedandObjective | January 7, 2010  5:06pm

Not a surprise. Tom Foley is very qualified to get the state out of the mess it is in. He has integrity, compassion and real life smarts.  Republicans and CT would smart to make sure he wins.  The state can no longer afford the status quo.  Reality is setting in deeply now. Here is the Reality; State is nearly Bankrupt and will eventually need someone to bail CT out. Fresh ideas, and a new approach..That is what we desperately need. Foley will bring that and he will be successful. His life is a success in motion!  Good Luck Tom!

posted by: Christine Stuart | January 7, 2010  5:17pm

Christine Stuart

Seriously? Because Foley couldn’t answer one question about the state budget when he announced. I hope he used the holiday season to brush up on the structural deficit the state is facing.

posted by: LevelHeadedandObjective | January 8, 2010  9:44am

Typical biased reporter response. So let’s see the very first day the guys is in the race you want him to solve a 50 year problem and explain it in simple terms.  I am an avide reader of your news. I have never seen CT News ask this very same question of any Democrat running.  Question?  What are the Democrats saying..thanks

posted by: Christine Stuart | January 8, 2010  2:54pm

Christine Stuart

You have to be kidding me. I ask this question all the time of Democrats. Speaker Donovan and Senate President Williams are sick of me asking it. I’ll do a story on all the gubernatorial candidates and how they plan to solve the state’s $3 billion structural deficit. Maybe one story for all 10 candidates. I guarantee you maybe two of the 10 will actually have an answer to the question.

posted by: LevelHeadedandObjective | January 9, 2010  5:59pm

Exactly my point. Go for it.  Let’s find out where they ALL stand on the question. What would you do to solve the state budget crisis in the short term and the long term. Youl would be doing CT voters a great favor. That is where the rubber will meet the road.  Love your reporting. Go get em…

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