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Despite quite a few changes in the marketplace over the last few years, CTNewsJunkie has become the very best way to reach Connecticut's most influential people. Accept no pretenders or pundits - this site offers original, professionally produced, must-read political news and commentary every day. The state's decision makers read this site first and often, so your message needs to be here in one form or another.

CTNewsJunkie is owned and operated by Dig and Scoop LLC and was launched in 2005. The site has averaged about 172,000 page views a month since Jan. 1, 2011, and also now publishes and, along with 5 email blasts per week including the Friday Night Fix! and - your favorite - Morning Coffee & Politics (M-Th). And we occasionally send an email blast for breaking news.

CTNewsJunkie also is a founding partner of the Independent Media Network and can provide you with advertising access to scores of other websites across Connecticut, dozens more in New York and New Jersey, and any number of people around the world on our Global Network. We can put you at the top of search results and have your banner follow people around the web for a while. We can target banners to computer screens in a specific neighborhood. We can even target banners to the computer screens of people based on their consumer behavior.

Contact Doug Hardy for more information about our rates and marketing tools.

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Our first two banner sizes (300x250, 300x150) are each available for geo-targeting. This means we can set your banner to appear only on computer screens located in specific geographic areas, such as a congressional district, county, town, state, etc. Why bother spending massive amounts of money reaching beyond Connecticut's borders or across the entire state when you can geo-target a specific area and reach an audience of readers who can actually vote for your candidate or who are close enough to visit your store on a regular basis? Geo-targeting can literally save you thousands of dollars on an ad campaign.

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The "wallpaper," which we'd previously described as a "site takeover," provides an image that is locked in place as a background but with a strip across the top and sidebars visible to all. If you're reading this, our own version of a wallpaper banner is showing around this page. The image specs are 1475x1500. Check here for our wallpaper inventory calendar.

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Email blasts

And the last change we made came in our email blasts - Morning Coffee & Politics and the Friday Night Fix!

Our email blasts are "exclusive" on a daily or weekly basis - only one sponsor per edition and that sponsor will appear in the body of the email itself. The options are a message in text of no more than 60 words near the top of the email (can include links) or a 400x100 pixel banner, also near the top. More information on advertising in our email blasts is available here.

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The 8th Wonder of the Political World - Advocacy Campaigns combined with advertising

CTNewsJunkie and the Independent Media Network also can provide you with tools to turn your advertising into a grassroots advocacy campaign with some real punch, targeting specific lawmakers for a focused messaging campaign and grassroots petitioning. Pricing may vary so drop us a line to ask about this option. 

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When to Advertise

Note: CTNewsJunkie has 10 spots available in the top rotation in the righthand column of the website. If we have all 10 slots booked, space is available below the top rotation at a reduced rate. The calendars below show what's been reserved thus far. We're attempting to limit the number of visible banners to 10 (in the top rotation) from any given visitor location.

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Detailed Reader Demographics

We now have two years of reader demographic data available.

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If you have questions or thoughts about advertising with us or the Independent Media Network, don't hesitate to email or call.

Thanks for reading and supporting all of our publications here at Dig and Scoop LLC!

Doug Hardy
Business Manager