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gutbomb86 wrote:
Paid Family Leave Is Reborn: “All kidding aside - if your business is so marginal…”
art vandelay wrote:
DC NEWS JUNKIE | DeLauro Calls for Stricter Tanning Device Regulations: “With Rosa DeLauro’s stellar 24 year record of not getting one piece of legislation she ever personally sponsored passed, I see this going nowhere even though the intent is good.”
gutbomb86 wrote:
Paid Family Leave Is Reborn: “Biff you must work at the place where money is…”

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Disintegrates Shortly After Launch
Jun 28, 2015 12:43 pm
An unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket disintegrated shortly after liftoff Sunday on a space station resupply mission.
VIDEO : Apple Watch Review
Apr 29, 2015 12:44 am
Smart watches are the next wave of personal computing devices (whether we need them or not), and Apple is hoping to...more »

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07.07.2015 Appeals Court Upholds Food Stamp Timeliness »
07.07.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | DeLauro Calls for Stricter Tanning Device Regulations »
07.07.2015 Malloy Maintains Optimism Over State Budget »
07.06.2015 OP-ED | It’s About Choices & Second Chances »
07.06.2015 Malloy Signs Bill to Promote Greater Scrutiny of Police Through Disclosure of Arrest Information »
07.06.2015 Workers Continue Advocacy Beyond Legislative Session »
07.06.2015 Discussion on ‘Prison Gerrymandering’ Set for Tuesday in Windsor »
07.03.2015 OP-ED | Union Lobbyists Had Big Wins This Legislative Session »
07.03.2015 OP-ED | The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of the 2015 Special Session »
07.03.2015 OP-ED | Stay In Connecticut But Don’t Dismiss Scott’s Message »
07.02.2015 Malloy Vetoes Municipal Double-Dipping »
07.02.2015 Administration Walks Back Decision on Nursing Home Funding »
07.02.2015 Paid Family Leave Is Reborn »
07.01.2015 Union Leader ‘Stunned’ By Malloy Veto of Standards For Education Commish »
07.01.2015 Obama on Overtime Pay Proposal: ‘A Hard Day’s Work Deserves a Fair Day’s Pay’ »
07.01.2015 Lembo Certifies $115.7M Budget Deficit »
06.30.2015 Malloy Explains Why He Reneged on Promise Not to Raise Taxes »
06.30.2015 Republicans Ask Labor Commissioner To Apply for Waiver »
06.30.2015 Connecticut Leaders Demand Domestic Terrorism Investigation »
06.30.2015 House Joins Senate In Voting For Budget Implementer »
06.29.2015 Connecticut Tribes Denied Second Chance to Petition for Sovereignty »
06.29.2015 Warren Talks Trickle-Down Economics and GOP Presidential Candidates at JJB Dinner »
06.29.2015 Lawmakers Invoke Memory of Charleston Victims In Passing Police Reforms »
06.29.2015 Language Implementing Budget Includes Dozens of Other Legislative Concepts »
06.29.2015 OP-ED | In Charleston, Love Overcomes Hate »
06.29.2015 OP-ED | There’s Plenty of Hospital Money – It’s About Where They Spend It »
06.29.2015 Association Says Nursing Home Allocation Violates Federal Law »
06.26.2015 Democrats Roll Back Raises For State Employees & Increase Money For Hospitals »
06.26.2015 Florida Governor Makes His Pitch In Norwalk; Organizer Says Event Was Not Political »
06.26.2015 Malloy Vetoes 3 Bills »
06.26.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | CT’s Federal Delegation Rejoices After Marriage Equality Ruling »
06.26.2015 Connecticut Advocates Applaud High Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling »
06.26.2015 OP-ED | A To-Do List for the Incoming Republican State Chairman »
06.26.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Murphy Addresses Senate on Gun Violence For the 33rd Time »
06.26.2015 OP-ED | Not My Father’s GOP »
06.26.2015 OP-ED | Recall Elections: Change We Can Do Without »
06.26.2015 Connecticut’s Business Ranking Improves Amid Budget Controversy »
06.25.2015 OP-ED | Are Drug Company Kickbacks Fueling A Deadly Public Health Crisis In Connecticut? »
06.25.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Delegation Reacts to SCOTUS Affordable Care Act Ruling »
06.25.2015 Legislative Leaders and Governor’s Office Close to Deal on Revised Budget Plan »
06.25.2015 Supreme Court’s ACA Decision Applauded By Connecticut »
06.25.2015 State Election Regulators Want to Take Democratic Party To Court to Enforce Subpoena »
06.25.2015 As Special Session Looms, More Public Statements Against Corporate Greed »
06.24.2015 Malloy Signals Budget Changes On Horizon »
06.24.2015 ACA Court Challenge: What’s At Stake For Connecticut »
06.23.2015 Republicans Pick Derby Native Romano for State Party Chairman »
06.23.2015 Concerned About Cuts, Recipients and Human Service Providers Remind Lawmakers That ‘People Matter’ »
06.23.2015 House Dems Unable To Offer Budget Details »
06.23.2015 More Connecticut Companies Export, As Congress Moves To Approve Trade Deal »
06.23.2015 OP-ED | Major Step in Curtailing Wage Theft Merits Support »
06.23.2015 Florida Tries To Poach Connecticut Businesses »
06.22.2015 CBIA Calls On Financial Expert and Nonprofit Leader to Promote Corporate Tax Cuts »
06.22.2015 Reduction In Radiology Rates Will Limit Access for Medicaid Patients »
06.22.2015 OP-ED | Calling Out Trump’s Racism and A Traitorous Fajita In New Hampshire »
06.22.2015 Malloy Looks To Rainy Day Fund To Close 2015 Deficit »
06.22.2015 OP-ED | A Case for a Budget that Bets Our Future on Small Businesses »
06.20.2015 House Dems Hire Consultant To Review Communications Office »
06.19.2015 Senate President Responds to ‘Starving for Leadership’ Remarks By CCM Director »
06.19.2015 Legislative Leaders, Governor Meet To Discuss Budget Changes »
06.19.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Murphy Seeks to Close Buy American Loophole »
06.19.2015 OP-ED | No More Silence on Guns, Racism »
06.19.2015 OP-ED | How To Find More Revenue? Try Robinhood In Reverse »
06.18.2015 Moderates Meet To Discuss Changes to State Budget »
06.18.2015 Connecticut Adds Jobs In May, But Erases April Gains »
06.18.2015 The Hartford 17 Take Community Service Deal »
06.18.2015 State Auditors Raise Alarm About Possible Overpayment of Disability Pensions »
06.17.2015 8 Years After New Haven, Hartford Adopts Municipal ID Card Program »
06.17.2015 Lower Student Loan Interest Rate Will Benefit Students and Parents »
06.17.2015 Survey Finds Tax Burden Weighs On Minds of Businesses »
06.17.2015 OP-ED | Despite New Challenges, There’s Nothing I’d Rather Do Than Teach High School English »
06.17.2015 Democrats Refuse to Comply With SEEC Subpoena »
06.16.2015 Nonprofits Worry Neediest Will Suffer If Governor ‘Placates’ Businesses »
06.16.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Himes Wants Civil Liberty Oversight on Terror-Related Actions »
06.16.2015 Committee Adopts ‘Conflict of Interest’ Language; Postpones Vote on Ethics »
06.15.2015 Report Outs Crisis Pregnancy Centers as Anti-Abortion Organizations »
06.15.2015 Blumenthal Decries ‘Cramming’ Scam; Urges Mobile Customers to Fight Back »
06.15.2015 UTC To Spin Off Sikorsky »
06.15.2015 Appeals Court: DCF Violated Transgender Teen’s Due Process Rights »
06.12.2015 OP-ED | Legislators: Fix the Budget for Hospitals During the Special Session »
06.12.2015 OP-ED | No More Spoilers? Instant Runoff Voting Makes Third Parties Viable, Improves Democracy »
06.12.2015 Malloy Proposes Budget Changes To Address Concerns of Business Community »
06.12.2015 OP-ED | Keep An Eye Out for Mischief in Implementer When It Comes to Transparency »
06.12.2015 OP-ED | Transit Lessons for Connecticut from Elsewhere »
06.12.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Murphy Raises the Foreign Policy Stakes »
06.12.2015 OP-ED | Profiles In Courage: Connecticut Pols Line Up Behind Hillary »
06.11.2015 Labor Advocates Challenge Business Community’s Stance on Tax Package »
06.11.2015 Three New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries to Open in Connecticut »
06.11.2015 Republicans Keep Pressure On Malloy For Seat At The Table »
06.10.2015 Hartford Yard Goats Stadium Named ‘Dunkin’ Donuts Park’ »
06.10.2015 Statewide Sting Nets 100th Unemployment Fraud Arrest »
06.10.2015 Expanded Overtime Pay Could Affect Over 20,000 Connecticut Citizens »
06.09.2015 Malloy Open To Conversation on Business Taxes as GE Puts One Foot Out the Door »
06.09.2015 Malloy Promises Transportation Lock Box Will Be Part of Special Session »
06.09.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Bill Would Protect Pregnant Workers; DeLauro Wants WIC expanded »
06.09.2015 Three More Conditions Could Be Added To Medical Marijuana Program »
06.09.2015 Keno Still Not a Sure Bet »
06.08.2015 Cafero To Head Wine and Liquor Trade Association »
06.08.2015 New Study Finds Choice Programs Effective in Raising Academic Achievement »
06.08.2015 CTFastrak Will Expand East To Manchester »