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christopherschaefer wrote:
Warren Talks Trickle-Down Economics and GOP Presidential Candidates at JJB Dinner: ““She said trickle-down economics is nothing more than cover for…”
watcherkat54 wrote:
House Joins Senate In Voting For Budget Implementer: “The ambulatory surgical center tax of 6% concerns me.  Insurance…”
GBear423 wrote:
OP-ED | A To-Do List for the Incoming Republican State Chairman: “I do not think the CTGOP has EVER voiced against…”

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Disintegrates Shortly After Launch
Jun 28, 2015 12:43 pm
An unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket disintegrated shortly after liftoff Sunday on a space station resupply mission.
VIDEO : Apple Watch Review
Apr 29, 2015 12:44 am
Smart watches are the next wave of personal computing devices (whether we need them or not), and Apple is hoping to...more »

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06.03.2015 Budget Negotiations Head Into 11th Hour »
06.03.2015 Charter School Overhaul Bill Heads to Malloy’s Desk »
06.02.2015 Budget Negotiations Yield Little Movement To Satisfy Business Community Outcry »
06.02.2015 Firefighters and Police Officers Vow to Fight to the End for Cancer and PTSD Compensation »
06.02.2015 Bill Mandating Accountability For Election Officials Is Headed to Governor’s Desk »
06.02.2015 Senate Unanimously Passes Bill To Address Use of Excessive Force By Police »
06.01.2015 Democrats Struggle To Find Budget Votes In House »
06.01.2015 Gabby Giffords Stays Focused on Domestic Violence Bill »
06.01.2015 Reacting to Democrats’ Tax Package, Businesses Suggest They Already Have One Foot Out The Door »
06.01.2015 OP-ED | Tesla Is Good For Connecticut, Good For The Planet »
06.01.2015 Bill To Help Local Taxpayers Heads to Malloy’s Desk »
06.01.2015 Budget Vote Expected Later Today »
05.31.2015 Democrats Reach Tentative Budget Deal With Malloy »
05.31.2015 OP-ED | Don’t Cut $5 Million From Underfunded Bridgeport Public Schools »
05.31.2015 Advocates Urge Lawmakers to Pass Bill to Protect Domestic Violence Victims From Gun Violence »
05.30.2015 Malloy Flexes Muscle For Charter Schools »
05.30.2015 OP-ED | Legislature Must Act Now to Protect Working Families »
05.29.2015 House Sends Arrest Record Compromise To Senate »
05.29.2015 State Election Regulators Serve Democrats With Investigatory Subpoena; Republicans Draw Line In Sand »
05.29.2015 OP-ED | When Low-Wage Workers Are Paid More, Everyone Benefits »
05.29.2015 OP-ED | Ethics Code Essential When the Fox Is Guarding the Taxpayer’s Henhouse »
05.29.2015 OP-ED | Don’t Call It An Economic Comeback »
05.29.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Murphy, Himes Say College Costs Are Most Common Concern »
05.29.2015 OP-ED | Big Data Is Not the Devil, But It Surely Isn’t Education’s Savior, Either »
05.29.2015 OP-ED | Taxing The Nonprofits: Sharkey Hones His Attack »
05.29.2015 House Sends Casino Bill To Governor »
05.28.2015 House Passes Significant Campaign Reforms; Will the Senate Take Up the Bill? »
05.28.2015 Senators Vote to Replace SBAC With State-Sponsored College Entrance Exam »
05.28.2015 Business Leaders Make One Last Anti-Tax Pitch, But Revenue May Be Too Tempting »
05.28.2015 House Gives Final Passage To Healthcare Pooling Bill »
05.28.2015 OP-ED | Stay in School (If We Let You) »
05.28.2015 Municipal, Business Leaders Join Forces To Kill A Bill »
05.27.2015 Senators Vote to Ban Physical Restraint and Seclusion As Form of Discipline »
05.27.2015 Democratic Party Wants Court To Tell Election Regulators To Issue A Decision »
05.27.2015 Healthcare Advocate Raises Red Flag »
05.26.2015 House Sends Juvenile Justice Bill Back To Senate »
05.26.2015 OP-ED | Obamacare Exchanges Help, But Confused Consumers Are Still Spending Too Much »
05.26.2015 Appropriations Committee Forwards Paid Family Leave to House »
05.26.2015 Government Hiring Drives Job Growth In April »
05.26.2015 Budget Negotiators Express Optimism Over Weekend Talks »
05.26.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Connecticut Delegation Makes Transportation a Cause Célèbre »
05.22.2015 Senate Sends Bipartisan Health Reforms To House »
05.22.2015 OP-ED | Respect, Protect Constitutional Spending Cap »
05.22.2015 OP-ED | Get Health Costs Under Control: Make the Market More Fair »
05.22.2015 OP-ED | Promises, Promises? Taxes, Pension Debt, the Deficit, and the Spending Cap »
05.22.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Courtney Wants Schools to Serve More Milk; Larson Heading to Cuba »
05.22.2015 OP-ED | Free College For All and Must The Ed Commish Be An Educator? »
05.22.2015 Sharkey Modifies Property Tax Proposal & House Approves »
05.22.2015 Fate of Expanded Workers’ Compensation Bill Still Uncertain »
05.21.2015 House Lawmakers Give Tesla the Green Light; Bill Heads to Senate »
05.21.2015 Excessive Force Bill Top Priority for Black and Puerto Rican Caucus »
05.21.2015 OP-ED | How Much Do We Need Standardized Tests? There’s No Clear Answer »
05.20.2015 Senate Forwards Watered-Down Casino Bill To House »
05.20.2015 Senate Approves Variable Rate Ban to Protect Residential Electric Consumers »
05.20.2015 Barnes Pegs 2015 Budget Deficit at $164.9M »
05.20.2015 Teachers Union Asks Lawmakers To Study Impact of SBAC Test »
05.20.2015 OP-ED | A State Without Poetry, or Quite a State? »
05.20.2015 OP-ED | Show Me The (Charter Management Fee) Money! »
05.20.2015 OP-ED | Mental Illness: The Invisible Struggle »
05.20.2015 Affirmative Consent Bill Clears Senate »
05.19.2015 Senate, House Pass Bills To Help Connecticut’s Dreamers »
05.19.2015 Measure to Protect Transportation Fund One Step Closer to Referendum »
05.19.2015 Lawmakers Remain Hopeful There’s Time To Pass Paid Family Leave »
05.19.2015 Emergency Services Commissioner Reverses Dispatch Consolidation »
05.19.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Bill Would Close ‘Gun Show Loophole’ »
05.18.2015 House Approves Modification To Drive-Only License »
05.18.2015 OP-ED | Enact a State Budget That Protects Property Taxpayers »
05.18.2015 New Poll Suggests Voters Want to Protect The Spending Cap »
05.18.2015 A Bill Creating A Labor History Curriculum Is Headed To Malloy’s Desk »
05.18.2015 Memorial Day Travel Estimated To Be The Highest In A Decade »
05.18.2015 Democrats Fire Back at Klarides »
05.15.2015 State Police Ticket Nearly 900 Drivers in 5-Day Traffic Sting »
05.15.2015 House Moves to Treat Vaping the Same As Smoking »
05.15.2015 House Passes Over Property Tax Bill, For Now »
05.15.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Murphy Urges FDIC to Offer Polish-Language Versions of Documents »
05.15.2015 OP-ED | Politicians Agree To Limits On Spending, But Hate Them »
05.14.2015 Rowland Attorney Fights For Former Governor’s Freedom During Appeal »
05.14.2015 OP-ED | Racial Anxieties, Not Malloy, To Blame for Legislative Upset »
05.14.2015 Labor Bill That Would Fine Big Corporations Paying Low Wages May Not Be DOA »
05.13.2015 Klarides Calls Out Malloy Over His Comments About Republican Lawmakers »
05.13.2015 OP-ED | Sentencing Laws Should Be Informed By Science »
05.13.2015 Top Lawmakers Say More Communication Needed on Bill to Protect Firefighters »
05.13.2015 Budget Negotiations Get Started, Republicans Want A Seat At the Table »
05.12.2015 Educators Rally To Put An End to Excessive Testing »
05.12.2015 Nursing Home Workers Lobby Lawmakers Before Renewing Call To Strike »
05.12.2015 AARP Survey Finds Support For Public Retirement Plan »
05.12.2015 Malloy Nominates Four To Superior Court »
05.12.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Senators Would Remove Ratification Deadline for 92-Year-Old Equal Rights Amendment »
05.11.2015 Budget Negotiations Begin, As About 100 Attend Republican Public Hearing »
05.11.2015 State Bond Commission Approves $337.8M »
05.11.2015 OP-ED | Restore Public Accountability Over Law Enforcement Agencies »
05.11.2015 House Approves Change to Minimum Budget Requirement »
05.08.2015 Moms Giving Birth in U.S. More Likely to Die Than Other Developed Countries »
05.08.2015 OP-ED | Forum Shows Connecticut Is Making Progress On Race, Justice & Law Enforcement »
05.08.2015 Towns Voice Concerns Over Potential Change in Workers Comp Law for Firefighters »
05.08.2015 OP-ED | Legislative Democrats’ $2.4 Billion Tax Hike Is A Job Killer »
05.08.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | ‘Burn Pit’ Bills Seek to Help Returning Soldiers »
05.08.2015 OP-ED | Prayer On Government Property? A ‘Sanctimonious Windbag’ Weighs In »
05.07.2015 Charter Students Rally Lawmakers To Restore Funding »
05.07.2015 Consultant Says Convenience Is Key In Capturing Gambling Revenue »