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10.21.2015 Aer Lingus Lands At Bradley, Readies For Take-Off In 2016 »
10.21.2015 Coalition Calls for Tax Increases To Close Budget Gap, But No One Seems To Be Listening »
10.21.2015 Top Election Regulator Refuses To Be Deposed By Democratic Party »
10.20.2015 ‘If Mayors Ruled the World’ author urges Connecticut municipal leaders to seize power from state »
10.20.2015 Municipal Leaders Want A Seat At The Budget Negotiating Table »
10.20.2015 Connecticut Official Warns Consumers to Watch Electric Bills »
10.19.2015 Appeals Court Upholds Connecticut’s Stricter Gun Laws »
10.19.2015 Malloy Invites Bipartisan Budget Talks, Calls For Special Session »
10.19.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Blumenthal Calls for Probe into Fantasy Sports Fraud »
10.16.2015 Will Technology Upgrades Save Connecticut Money Or Is It A False Promise? »
10.16.2015 OP-ED | Lessons For Connecticut In Book About Education Reform’s Community Disconnect »
10.16.2015 Massive Crowd Rallies in New Haven for Union Rights for Yale Grad Student Workers »
10.16.2015 OP-ED | Trump Leads Republicans … in Connecticut? »
10.16.2015 In New Haven, Blumenthal and DeLauro Back Measures to Help Undocumented Immigrants »
10.16.2015 OP-ED | To State Officials: Something’s Gotta Give »
10.15.2015 OP-ED | Arming Teachers Is No Cure For Dangers Of Gun-Obsessed Culture »
10.15.2015 Connecticut Uninsured Rate Falls To 3.8 Percent In 2015 »
10.15.2015 Murphy Asks ‘Fed Up’ Commuters How to Improve Roads and Rails »
10.15.2015 OP-ED | Report on ‘Clean Energy Future’ Brings Good News for Connecticut Workers »
10.15.2015 Study Finds $15 Minimum Wage Isn’t Enough in Connecticut »
10.14.2015 Mental Health Care Coordination Yet Another Casualty of Mid-Year Budget Cuts »
10.14.2015 Malloy’s Poll Numbers Hit New Low; Distrust A Factor »
10.13.2015 OP-ED | Post-Boehner Battle Shows Speaker Shouldn’t Be 2nd in Line for Presidential Succession »
10.13.2015 Republicans, Democrats Continue To Squabble Over Special Session »
10.13.2015 Business, Labor and Municipal Groups Announce Collaboration Amid Divisive Political Climate »
10.13.2015 George Jepsen To Host Fundraiser With Bill Clinton »
10.13.2015 Clinton, Trump Are Top Presidential Picks In Connecticut »
10.13.2015 Policymakers Will Have To Make Choices In Future About Unfunded Pension Liability »
10.12.2015 School Funding Advocate Dianne Kaplan deVries Dies of Cancer »
10.12.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Gun Control Measures to Come from House, Senate »
10.09.2015 Malloy Tries To Help 6 Hospitals, But Legislative Leaders Aren’t Impressed »
10.09.2015 Republicans Try Again To Get Their Democratic Colleagues To Agree To Special Session »
10.09.2015 OP-ED | Judicial Branch Must Do Better Handling Domestic Violence Cases »
10.09.2015 OP-ED | Time to Reform Public Employee Compensation So It Is Fair and Sustainable »
10.09.2015 OP-ED | Let the Furloughs Fly »
10.09.2015 OP-ED | Palcohol: Ridding Connecticut Of An Imaginary Scourge »
10.09.2015 Malloy: Study Backs Highway Widening »
10.08.2015 Norwalk Company Finds Itself At Center of Hillary Clinton Email Probe »
10.08.2015 Study: State Worker Benefits Are 25-46 Percent Above Private Sector in Connecticut »
10.07.2015 Healthcare Advocates Win Small Victory With Delay of Payment Reform »
10.07.2015 Advocates Hope California Aid-In-Dying Law Will Spur Action in Connecticut »
10.06.2015 State, Tribes Ink Keno Revenue Share »
10.06.2015 Auditors Criticize Insurance Exchange’s Handling of Potential Data Breach »
10.06.2015 Jepsen Joins Colleagues In Urging Passage of Legislation to Help Combat Opioid Abuse »
10.06.2015 Tourism Up 3 Percent In 2015 »
10.05.2015 As Syria Crisis Continues, Blumenthal Proposes Expanding and Improving Refugee Intake Process »
10.05.2015 Malloy Stands His Ground On Budget Cuts, Transportation & Hospitals »
10.05.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Blumenthal Co-Sponsors Bill to Strengthen Iran Oversight »
10.05.2015 DCF Staffers Say Allegations of Abuse Are Wrong »
10.02.2015 Blumenthal, Murphy Call Congress Complicit in Mass Slaughter »
10.02.2015 State Remains Vigilant As Forecasters Show Joaquin Staying Offshore »
10.02.2015 ANALYSIS | Deficit Déjà Vu: Connecticut’s Budget Crisis Could Continue Into the Next Decade »
10.02.2015 OP-ED | Connecticut Must Have The Courage To Change Its Juvenile Justice Strategy »
10.02.2015 OP-ED | Connecticut Republicans, the Lesson Isn’t ‘Be More Conservative’ »
10.02.2015 OP-ED | Kings Of Torts Unite To Honor A Shrine »
10.02.2015 Amid Threat of Hurricane Joaquin, Connecticut Lawmakers Warn Against Price Gouging »
10.01.2015 Tribes Search Out Municipal Partners for New Casino, But Offer Few Project Details »
10.01.2015 Despite Promises, 2015 Budget Ends In Deficit. 2016 Still In The Black »
10.01.2015 OP-ED | Ignoring Small Life Lessons Now Leads to Problems For Kids Later »
10.01.2015 Divorce Gets Easier Today For Some Couples »
09.30.2015 Malloy’s Emergency Budget Cuts Face Growing Bipartisan Opposition »
09.30.2015 Panel Will Try To Make Connecticut More Competitive »
09.30.2015 Experts Say Relationships Are Key To Reversing Expulsion Trends Among Early Education Students »
09.29.2015 Malloy Confirms Support For Constitutional Lock Box, Remains Vague About Special Session »
09.29.2015 Malloy Stops Short Of Agreeing To Change Emergency Budget Cuts; Fasano Fires Back at Sharkey »
09.29.2015 Sharkey, Democrats Prepare Alternatives To Malloy’s Rescissions »
09.28.2015 Malloy Touts Continuing Drop in Crime »
09.28.2015 Bond Commission Poised To Purchase Amistad Replica »
09.28.2015 Jepsen Asks Drugmaker To Explain Narcan Price Spike »
09.25.2015 With Jury Selection Scheduled for Monday, Ayala Pleads Guilty in Bridgeport »
09.25.2015 Boehner’s Resignation Gives Hope to Food Stamp Recipients, Planned Parenthood Supporters »
09.25.2015 OP-ED | We Still Need Jobs; State Lawmakers Shouldn’t Stick Their Heads In the Sand »
09.25.2015 OP-ED | Casinos in Northern Connecticut? Don’t Bet On It »
09.25.2015 Environmental Scorecard Shows More and More Lawmakers Toeing the Green Line »
09.25.2015 OP-ED | What Is It With Malloy And Hospitals? »
09.24.2015 Republicans Renew Their Call For A Special Session In GE’s Backyard »
09.24.2015 OP-ED | Let’s Halt Rush To Risky Medicaid Experiment »
09.24.2015 Malloy Joins The Masses In Welcoming Pope Francis »
09.23.2015 New Data Indicates Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops Continue Amid Seasonal Variations »
09.23.2015 Merrill Announces Voter Registration Partnership With AAA »
09.23.2015 Bond Commission Gets Close To Malloy’s Self-Imposed Cap »
09.23.2015 OP-ED | Connecticut Is A Leader In Juvenile Justice And Committed To Improving »
09.23.2015 Proposal to Change Handicapped Parking Signs Gets Mixed Reaction From Disability Community »
09.22.2015 Republicans, Hospital Executives Call For Special Session »
09.22.2015 DCF Reveals Disciplinary Action Against 4 Staff Since 2013 Over Improper Restraint Techniques »
09.22.2015 Study Recommends New Approach to Treating Family Violence Cases »
09.21.2015 Six Job Centers Will Remain Open, But Won’t Be Run By Labor Department »
09.21.2015 Insurance Coverage Increases, But Child Poverty Persists »
09.21.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Esty, Himes Propose Amendments to Keep Planned Parenthood Funded »
09.19.2015 OP-ED | GOP Presidential Debates - Another Dismal Night for Progress »
09.18.2015 OP-ED | Reading the Tea Leaves in Primary Results »
09.18.2015 Drop In Stock Market Prompts Nearly $103M In Emergency State Budget Cuts »
09.18.2015 OP-ED | Connecticut Legislators Take Note, West Coast Rulings Are Going Against Charter Schools »
09.18.2015 OP-ED | Removing ‘Handicapped’ And The Cycle of Change »
09.17.2015 Malloy Mum on Ganim in Bridgeport, But Endorses Bronin in Hartford »
09.17.2015 Labor Department: Connecticut Still Slowly Adding Jobs »
09.17.2015 OP-ED | To Understand Civil Disobedience, Kim Davis Ought to Read Thoreau »
09.17.2015 Election Regulators Move Forward in Case Against Democratic Party »
09.16.2015 Public Says Lower Some Taxes, Raise Others »
09.16.2015 Join CTNewsJunkie’s Op-Ed Squad As They Tweet Tonight’s GOP Presidential Debate #CTNJ »