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LE 2015 wrote:
OP-ED | When Low-Wage Workers Are Paid More, Everyone Benefits: “So we make business pay employees more. Then the business…”
Dave391973 wrote:
OP-ED | Obamacare Exchanges Help, But Confused Consumers Are Still Spending Too Much: “Well the people can’t decide for themselves, I guess The nanny will have to step in and do it for them…ho humm”
Sarah Darer Littman wrote:
OP-ED | Big Data Is Not the Devil, But It Surely Isn't Education's Savior, Either: “Two years ago, in April 2013, when former Ed Commissioner…”

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VIDEO : Apple Watch Review
Apr 29, 2015 12:44 am
Smart watches are the next wave of personal computing devices (whether we need them or not), and Apple is hoping to...more »
Joan A. Steitz to Receive 2015 Connecticut Medal of Science
Apr 22, 2015 10:15 pm
CT CASE PRESS RELEASE - Professor Joan A. Steitz has been selected as the 2015 recipient of the Connecticut Medal of...more »

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05.04.2015 Former Olympian Enters 2016 U.S. Senate Race »
05.04.2015 OP-ED | Health Insurers ‘May Go The Way Of Blockbuster’ »
05.04.2015 OP-ED | When News Organizations Take the Clickbait; ‘Viral’ Doesn’t Always Mean ‘Newsworthy’ »
05.04.2015 Tribal Chairmen Pitch Casino Plans To Hartford’s Business Community »
05.04.2015 Research Funds To UConn, Private Company Frozen »
05.01.2015 Lembo Certifies $161.7M Deficit »
05.01.2015 Amendment to Arrest Records Bill Catches Transparency Advocates Off Guard »
05.01.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Bill Would Ban Corporate Tax Runaways from Federal Contracts »
05.01.2015 OP-ED | Running Out of Red Carpet, Will Dodd Return To Public Service? »
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04.30.2015 Revenues Fall Short, Leaving 2015 Budget In Deficit »
04.30.2015 OP-ED | No More Data; Education Reformers, Politicians Blind To Data We Already Have »
04.30.2015 Lawmakers Reach Bipartisan Agreement To Change How Revenue Is Treated, Backing Lembo’s Plan »
04.30.2015 Both Parties Land National Headliners For Annual Dinners »
04.30.2015 Concussion Bill Tackles Awareness Head On »
04.29.2015 Finance Committee Lowers But Broadens Sales Tax, Increases Income Taxes »
04.29.2015 OP-ED | It’s Time to De-militarize America’s Police, Hold Officers Accountable »
04.29.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Courtney Bill Would Repeal Tax on Health Care Plans »
04.29.2015 Finance Committee To Gamble On Keno »
04.29.2015 OP-ED | Budget Committee’s Spending Cap Maneuvers Are Unconstitutional »
04.28.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Himes Urges SCOTUS to Approve Same-Sex Marriage »
04.28.2015 Jepsen Encourages Lawmakers To Settle Rowland Labor Dispute »
04.28.2015 Excessive Force Bill Moves Forward Without Police Body Camera Requirement »
04.28.2015 Malloy, Redeker Pitch Ramp Up To Long-Term Transportation Vision »
04.27.2015 Malloy Issues First Veto of 2015 Session »
04.27.2015 Former House Republican Chief of Staff George Gallo Pleads Guilty To Direct Mail Kickback Scheme »
04.27.2015 Appropriations Committee Reinterprets The Spending Cap »
04.27.2015 Committee To Vote On Budget Package »
04.24.2015 Republicans Restore Social Services At Expense of State Employee Unions »
04.24.2015 OP-ED | What and How We Tax Shows What We Value »
04.24.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Murphy Introduces Judicial Ethics Bill for the SCOTUS »
04.24.2015 OP-ED | Keep Empowering Parents to Show that All Kids Matter »
04.24.2015 OP-ED | Lawmakers Should Listen to Jepsen, For There Is Much To Lose And Lose ... »
04.23.2015 OP-ED | We Must Rededicate Ourselves to Conservation and the Environment »
04.23.2015 OP-ED | Connecticut Health Reform Needs Some Tweaks »
04.23.2015 Governors Renew Their Cooperation To Region’s Energy Challenge, Under Protest »
04.23.2015 State Comptroller Pushes For Changes to Shore Up Rainy Day Fund »
04.23.2015 Gonzalez Changes Vote On Chief Justice, But It’s Not What You Think »
04.22.2015 On Earth Day, A Push To Ban Plastic Bags, Microbeads »
04.22.2015 Graduate Assistants Union Reaches Tentative Deal With UConn »
04.22.2015 State Trooper Contract Approved By Appropriations; Raises Wages, Phases Out Longevity »
04.22.2015 East Windsor to Explore Casino Options »
04.21.2015 DSS Tells Lawmakers They’re Making Progress On Call Center Wait Times; Advocate Suggests Otherwise »
04.21.2015 OP-ED | 2016 Presidential Election: Challenges for Both Democrats and Republicans »
04.21.2015 Hartford Mayor Defends Admissions Tax Proposal »
04.21.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Tax Exemption for Large Political Donors Passes House »
04.20.2015 Casino Bill Moves Forward After South Windsor Republican’s Amendment Fails »
04.20.2015 Connecticut Makes Job Gains In March, Adjusts Losses in February »
04.20.2015 Republicans To Offer Their Own Budget »
04.20.2015 Election Regulators To Democratic Party: No Way »
04.19.2015 OP-ED | Balancing Budget On Sin Taxes is Shortsighted, Reckless »
04.17.2015 OP-ED | State Reps Need to Grow Up and Model the Behavior We Expect From Our Kids »
04.17.2015 Classroom Experience Plays Role In Malloy’s Choice of Education Commissioner »
04.17.2015 Report: Personal Income Increases, But Hurdles Remain »
04.17.2015 OP-ED | Throw the Book at this Budget »
04.17.2015 OP-ED | The Sub-$15-an-hour Tax: A ‘First’ We Don’t Need »
04.17.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Senators Help ID Unknown Pearl Harbor Victims »
04.16.2015 Lawmakers Hear Success Stories from Turnaround Schools Across Northeast »
04.16.2015 Jepsen Lays Out Gambling Expansion Concerns »
04.16.2015 Fight For $15 Reaches State Capitol »
04.15.2015 OP-ED | A Plan to Get Hartford’s House In Order »
04.15.2015 Connecticut Lottery Corp. Makes Its Pitch For Keno »
04.15.2015 Veterans Rally To Restore Honor Guard »
04.15.2015 Librarians Call Upon Lawmakers To Restore Funding »
04.15.2015 Municipal Leaders Say Struggling Cities and Towns Need State Help »
04.14.2015 House Votes to Block Closure of Meriden Campus; Bill Heads to Malloy’s Desk »
04.14.2015 Union Postpones Nursing Home Strike »
04.14.2015 Domestic Workers Rally For Rights At Capitol »
04.14.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | DeLauro Backs Anti-Discrimination Bill »
04.13.2015 Nasty Email Causes Judiciary Committee To Come To A Screeching Halt »
04.13.2015 ‘Dark Money’ Group Causes Confusion Over Tribal Lending Complaint »
04.13.2015 Amendment Would Honor Sandy Hook Victim »
04.13.2015 Lawmakers Look Again To Keno »
04.12.2015 OP-ED | New York Makes Connecticut Look Like An Educational Shangri-La »
04.11.2015 Judiciary Committee Gives Chief Justice A Thumbs Up »
04.10.2015 Malloy Administration Pitches ‘Lean’ Government, Denies Being Heavy Handed »
04.10.2015 OP-ED | On Access to Police Records, the People Have Compromised Too Much Already »
04.10.2015 OP-ED | Turning Around Low-performing Schools Must be a Top Priority »
04.10.2015 OP-ED | Push For Tax on Low Wages Would Mean Higher Grocery Bills and Fewer Jobs »
04.10.2015 OP-ED | Why Is UConn Getting In The Way of Affordable Health Benefits For Graduate Assistants? »
04.10.2015 OP-ED | Message Over Policy: An Insider’s Look at Education Reform in Connecticut »
04.10.2015 OP-ED | Connecticut’s Medicaid/HUSKY Key in Nation’s-Best ACA Implementation »
04.10.2015 State Considers Eliminating Property Tax Exemption For Hospitals »
04.10.2015 OP-ED | Smallish Victories For Malloy and Lapointe »
04.10.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Blumenthal Decries Delay on Loretta Lynch Vote »
04.09.2015 OP-ED | Riding Into the Future on CTfastrak »
04.09.2015 Labor Advocates Back Bill To Fine Large Employers Paying Less Than $15 An Hour »
04.09.2015 People Behind The Budget Cuts Make Their Pitch »
04.08.2015 Senate Blocks Closure of College Campus »
04.08.2015 Proponents Say Aid-In-Dying Bill Is Dead »
04.08.2015 Senate Passes Bill To Improve Outreach To Female Veterans »
04.08.2015 Nursing Home Workers Get Ready To Strike »
04.08.2015 New England Poised To Capitalize On ‘Advanced Manufacturing’ »
04.08.2015 Former Speaker Looks To Retire Campaign Debt With Fundraiser »
04.07.2015 Report: Analysis Shows Racial Disparity in Traffic Stops by Several Connecticut Police Departments »
04.07.2015 Family Court Reformers Target Chief Justice »
04.07.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Electric Boat Gets $32.6 Million to Maintain Nuclear Subs »
04.06.2015 Lawmakers Look To Expand Medical Marijuana Program to Children »
04.06.2015 Windsor Says ‘No’ To Casino Development »
04.06.2015 Report: State Could Lose 9,300 Jobs, If No New Casino Is Built »