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NutmegDemocrat wrote:
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Blumenthal Says His Heritage Isn't Playing a Part in Decision on Iran: “As a Senator, he’s the finast consumer advocate we’ve had. (That’s not a compliment)”
shinningstars122 wrote:
OP-ED | GE and the Corporate Headquarters Sweepstakes: “@DrThompson talk about a cop out. The public should know…”
kiernanmc wrote:
OP-ED | To Improve Democracy, Lower the Voting Age: “@art vandelay Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I’m…”

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Disintegrates Shortly After Launch
Jun 28, 2015 12:43 pm
An unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket disintegrated shortly after liftoff Sunday on a space station resupply mission.
VIDEO : Apple Watch Review
Apr 29, 2015 12:44 am
Smart watches are the next wave of personal computing devices (whether we need them or not), and Apple is hoping to...more »

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07.27.2015 Residents To Rally Against Potential Plans For Shooting Range »
07.27.2015 Fight For $15 Advocates Put Hope Into New Advisory Board »
07.27.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Manufacturing Remains a Focus for Connecticut Delegation »
07.26.2015 CTNewsJunkie Turns 10: Here’s How You Can Support Public Service Journalism »
07.24.2015 Wall Street Cautiously Boosts Connecticut’s Fiscal Outlook »
07.24.2015 OP-ED | Harper Lee Brings Older Atticus to Life Within Historical Limitations »
07.24.2015 Lawmakers: Time Ran Out on Bill That Would Have Made Armed Drones Illegal »
07.24.2015 OP-ED | DCF Must Answer for Abuses »
07.24.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Esty Authors Bill to Ban Discrimination for Sexual Orientation or Gender Identity »
07.24.2015 OP-ED | Will HUD Punish The Land Of The Haves And The Have Nots? »
07.23.2015 Fasano Calls For Katz’s Resignation »
07.23.2015 Workers to Lawmakers: ‘Current Legislation Isn’t Enough’ »
07.23.2015 Insurance Exchange Enrollment Declines Over Past Few Months »
07.22.2015 DMV to Shut Down For A Week In August For Computer Upgrade »
07.22.2015 Child Advocate Identifies Abuse At DCF’s Locked Juvenile Facilities »
07.22.2015 Study Shows Economic Recovery Is Leaving Low-Income Families Behind »
07.21.2015 Connecticut Caregivers Provide Billions in Unpaid Care »
07.21.2015 Republican Leader Says DCF Needs Reform, Questions Commissioner’s Commitment »
07.21.2015 OP-ED | GOP Would Benefit From ‘March Madness’ Debate Format In Crowded Field »
07.21.2015 State Commits Resources To Reduce Violence in Hartford »
07.20.2015 Key Washington Republican Visits Connecticut to Assess Transportation Needs »
07.20.2015 General Assembly Opts Not to Override Malloy’s Vetoes »
07.20.2015 Connecticut Adds 600 Jobs In June »
07.20.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Blumenthal Compares FIFA to the Mafia, Calls for Gender Equality »
07.20.2015 Malloy Agrees To Help Hartford »
07.17.2015 General Assembly Won’t Override Malloy’s Vetoes »
07.17.2015 OP-ED | Telling the Story of the Conservative Heart »
07.17.2015 OP-ED | Improving Secure Programs To Give Youth A Second Chance »
07.17.2015 OP-ED | When Democracy Fails: Why Budget Referendums and Town Meetings Don’t Work »
07.17.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Murphy Slams GOP for Opposition to Iran Deal »
07.17.2015 Hartford Mayor Asks Malloy For Help Stopping Homicides »
07.17.2015 OP-ED | Progress On The FOI Front: Sunshine Is The Best Disinfectant »
07.16.2015 Malloy, Obama Make Parallel Prison Visits As They Tout Plans for Criminal Justice Reforms »
07.16.2015 Another Potential Hospital Merger On Horizon »
07.16.2015 Gale Drops Candidacy, Endorses Bronin »
07.16.2015 State Cracks Down On Out-Of-State Businesses »
07.16.2015 Less Than One Month to Convention, Hartford Mayoral Challenger Rakes In Donations »
07.16.2015 OP-ED | Expertise? Some People Actually Do Know More About Certain Topics Than Others »
07.16.2015 Malloy Touts New Law to Curb Heroin Overdoses in Hard-Hit Eastern Connecticut »
07.15.2015 Lawmakers Announce Appointments To Task Force Created To Tackle Family Violence »
07.15.2015 Lembo Launches Searchable Budget Transparency Website »
07.15.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Connecticut Delegation Reacts to News of Deal with Iran »
07.14.2015 Crime and Punishment On the Decline in Connecticut »
07.14.2015 New Sushi Rice Regulations To Roll Out In October »
07.14.2015 DCF Seeks To Make Improvements Following Consultant’s Report »
07.13.2015 Malloy Signs 268 Bills, Vetoes 9 »
07.13.2015 OP-ED | Five Reasons Why Criminal Justice Reform Will Continue to Succeed in Connecticut »
07.13.2015 Malloy’s Chief of Staff Is Stepping Down »
07.13.2015 Electric Supplier Settles for $2.6M »
07.13.2015 State To Close Part of Bridgeport Correctional Center »
07.10.2015 OP-ED | Serving Up A Preferred Candidate »
07.10.2015 OP-ED | Greece, Puerto Rico … Connecticut? »
07.10.2015 OP-ED | Charter Group Applauds Accountability in Updated Charter Law »
07.10.2015 Teachers Union Lobbies Lawmakers to Override Malloy’s Veto »
07.10.2015 OP-ED | In Winsted, Leaving Expensive Messes For Others To Clean Up »
07.09.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Confederate Flag Debate Results in Scrubbed Spending Bill »
07.09.2015 Sharkey’s Property Tax Legislation Rides Through in the Budget Implementer »
07.09.2015 Federal Partnership to Advance Connecticut Aerospace, Naval Manufacturing Industries »
07.09.2015 Connecticut to Congress: Don’t Infringe On Our Jurisdiction »
07.08.2015 Governor Signs ‘Historic’ Criminal Justice Reforms Into Law »
07.08.2015 Malloy Signs Charter School Transparency Bill Into Law »
07.08.2015 Commissioner Will Hold Public Hearing On Requests for Insurance Rate Hikes »
07.08.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Congress Revisits Primate Pet Ban; Blumenthal Wants to Reset G.I. Bill Benefits »
07.08.2015 New Laws Start This Month »
07.08.2015 Counting Prisoners As Local Residents Distorts Voting Districts, Advocate Says »
07.07.2015 Appeals Court Upholds Food Stamp Timeliness »
07.07.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | DeLauro Calls for Stricter Tanning Device Regulations »
07.07.2015 Malloy Maintains Optimism Over State Budget »
07.06.2015 OP-ED | It’s About Choices & Second Chances »
07.06.2015 Malloy Signs Bill to Promote Greater Scrutiny of Police Through Disclosure of Arrest Information »
07.06.2015 Workers Continue Advocacy Beyond Legislative Session »
07.06.2015 Discussion on ‘Prison Gerrymandering’ Set for Tuesday in Windsor »
07.03.2015 OP-ED | Union Lobbyists Had Big Wins This Legislative Session »
07.03.2015 OP-ED | The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly of the 2015 Special Session »
07.03.2015 OP-ED | Stay In Connecticut But Don’t Dismiss Scott’s Message »
07.02.2015 Malloy Vetoes Municipal Double-Dipping »
07.02.2015 Administration Walks Back Decision on Nursing Home Funding »
07.02.2015 Paid Family Leave Is Reborn »
07.01.2015 Union Leader ‘Stunned’ By Malloy Veto of Standards For Education Commish »
07.01.2015 Obama on Overtime Pay Proposal: ‘A Hard Day’s Work Deserves a Fair Day’s Pay’ »
07.01.2015 Lembo Certifies $115.7M Budget Deficit »
06.30.2015 Malloy Explains Why He Reneged on Promise Not to Raise Taxes »
06.30.2015 Republicans Ask Labor Commissioner To Apply for Waiver »
06.30.2015 Connecticut Leaders Demand Domestic Terrorism Investigation »
06.30.2015 House Joins Senate In Voting For Budget Implementer »
06.29.2015 Connecticut Tribes Denied Second Chance to Petition for Sovereignty »
06.29.2015 Warren Talks Trickle-Down Economics and GOP Presidential Candidates at JJB Dinner »
06.29.2015 Lawmakers Invoke Memory of Charleston Victims In Passing Police Reforms »
06.29.2015 Language Implementing Budget Includes Dozens of Other Legislative Concepts »
06.29.2015 OP-ED | In Charleston, Love Overcomes Hate »
06.29.2015 OP-ED | There’s Plenty of Hospital Money – It’s About Where They Spend It »
06.29.2015 Association Says Nursing Home Allocation Violates Federal Law »
06.26.2015 Democrats Roll Back Raises For State Employees & Increase Money For Hospitals »
06.26.2015 Florida Governor Makes His Pitch In Norwalk; Organizer Says Event Was Not Political »
06.26.2015 Malloy Vetoes 3 Bills »
06.26.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | CT’s Federal Delegation Rejoices After Marriage Equality Ruling »
06.26.2015 Connecticut Advocates Applaud High Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Ruling »
06.26.2015 OP-ED | A To-Do List for the Incoming Republican State Chairman »
06.26.2015 DC NEWS JUNKIE | Murphy Addresses Senate on Gun Violence For the 33rd Time »
06.26.2015 OP-ED | Not My Father’s GOP »