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August 19, 2016

OP-ED | Sexism, the Olympics, and Politics

by Barth Keck | August 19, 2016 5:30am

Bryan-College Station Eagle via ‏@nancyleong
Here we go again. Already exasperated from charges that the dominance of his UConn women’s basketball team might be “bad for the sport,” head coach Geno Auriemma was asked a similar question regarding his U.S. women’s Olympic team.

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August 16, 2016

Mixed Messages Regarding Opioid Epidemic

by Jack Kramer | August 16, 2016 11:30am

Courtesy of SEIU 1199 It seems like you can’t go to a news website, pick up a newspaper, or watch a television newscast these days in Connecticut without hearing about the state’s opioid crisis.

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August 15, 2016

Complaints Filed Regarding Use of Official Caucus Website For Campaign

by Christine Stuart | August 15, 2016 5:30am

CTNewsJunkie file photo Essex First Selectman Norm Needleman, who is challenging Republican state Sen. Art Linares for his 33rd Senate district seat, filed a complaint against Linares’ campaign Friday with four state offices, including election regulators and the chief state’s attorney.

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August 12, 2016

Racial Profiling Group Struggles With How To Present Traffic Stop Data

by Jack Kramer | August 12, 2016 5:30am

Courtesy of CT-N Connecticut “has been fortunate’’ to avoid the deadly shootings involving police and minorities that have plagued the rest of the country, the chairman of the Connecticut Racial Profiling Advisory Board said Thursday.

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July 29, 2016

OP-ED | Stuck Between Corrupt and the Stone Age

by Sarah Darer Littman | July 29, 2016 8:00am

Political analyst Stuart Rothenberg tweeted recently that he is old enough to remember the Republican Party. He has 15 years on me, but I’m old enough to remember, too.

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OP-ED | State GOPers Run Away From ‘Banana Republicans’

by Terry Cowgill | July 29, 2016 5:30am

While Connecticut Democrats came away largely satisfied and united as their national party’s convention ended this week, many of their Republican counterparts were grinning and bearing it the week before, as the GOP convention delegates adopted one of the most socially conservative platforms in memory and many key speakers attacked Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton rather than say anything nice about their own guy, Donald Trump.

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July 28, 2016

Debate On $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Continues In Connecticut

by Jack Kramer | July 28, 2016 12:00pm

Courtesy of CT-N As the clock ticks toward the start of another legislative session in January, Connecticut lawmakers will once again be confronted about whether they should raise the hourly minimum wage — and by how much.

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July 27, 2016

Consolidated Legislative Commissions Get Back To Work

by Max Moran | July 27, 2016 11:43am

Max Moran photo The directors of the state’s two new legislative commissions are optimistic about the future of their organizations, even though each is taking on the responsibility of what used to be six separate entities.

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July 20, 2016

Malloy Signs Connecticut Military Anti-Discrimination Law

by Christine Stuart | July 20, 2016 2:13pm

Christine Stuart photo Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy ceremonially signed a bill Wednesday that updates the anti-discrimination statutes for the Connecticut Military Department.

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July 18, 2016

Undocumented Students Take Part in Protest Rally Outside RNC

by Dillon Carr | July 18, 2016 5:47pm

Dillon Carr, RichlandSource for CTNewsJunkie CLEVELAND — Yenimar Cortes, a Tlaxcala, Mexico native who grew up in New Haven, joined United We Dream activists Monday during an anti-Donald Trump rally in Cleveland’s downtown area outside the Republican National Convention.

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