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21 Cents For Victory

by Hugh McQuaid | May 25, 2012 12:36pm
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Posted to: Veterans Affairs

Hugh McQuaid Photo

U.S. Rep. John Larson and U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal

U.S. Rep. John Larson is betting that if you give people the opportunity to help veterans and the post office, they’ll take it. He plans to resurrect a World War II-era tradition of selling stamps with no postal value as an expression of patriotism.

Larson proposed a bill that would create a 21 cent “Victory for Veterans” stamp, which would be sold in post offices. Seven cents of the proceeds from each stamp will help fund training and education programs for vets. Another 7 cents will help support the U.S. Postal Service and the remaining 7 cents will help pay down the national debt.

“We feel this is a patriotic way for our citizens to become involved in important causes this nation stands for. This country has always had a tremendous threshold to reach out and help people. Here’s an opportunity to help our own,” he explained at a Friday press conference.

Larson said he got the idea from looking at letters his parents exchanged while his father was deployed in World War II. He noticed a 3 cent stamp on some of the letters, which had no postal value but helped pay for the war effort.

Unlike World War II when everyone was asked to do their part for the war effort, he said the only people who have been asked to sacrifice during recent wars have been the men and women in the military.

Larson said there was no way to guess how many people would spring for a decorative stamp in tough economic times, but he’s hoping a lot.

“Who can put a projection on the patriotism of the country, how much they’ll be involved?” he said. “But let me say this, I think just talking about this with people, how instantly people are drawn because they want to do something.”

The bill has bipartisan support in the House of Representatives with more than 100 lawmakers on both sides of the aisle agreeing to support it, Larson said. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said he believes it also will be supported in the Senate.

“Never have so few borne the burden of war for so long and at such great cost compared to the rest of the American people and as school children and families did in World War II. Let’s have an opportunity to say thank you and support them,” Blumenthal said.

Department of Veteran Affairs Commissioner Linda S. Schwartz said she was glad to see the old idea being revived. She compared the concept to the war bonds sold during World War II.

“It was a way for everyone to have stock in it, to do something to help and that’s what’s missing in our society today,” she said. “Everybody wants to know what they can do to help. This is a simple but elegant way to honor our veterans.”

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(6) Comments

posted by: state_employee | May 25, 2012  3:03pm

what a load of crap.  that money would be diverted so fast your head would spin.

posted by: Derek G | May 27, 2012  1:10pm

I agree with everything Rep. Larson says.  But he certainly knows as well as we do that this is an utter waste of time and energy.  Nothing at all will ever come of it, and even if it did it would make no difference.

Congress needs to stop wasting its resources on crap like this.  We need meaningful financial regulation, we need a long-term fix for social security and medicare so that we’re not bankrupt in 10 years, we need a policy to get off of fossil fuels.  This type of thing is well-meaning but worthless and better suited to charities. I want my elected representatives working on what matters for this country.

posted by: Reasonable | May 27, 2012  8:08pm

John Larson is proposing a “band-aid solution” that won’t do a thing for depleted Social Security and Medicaire treasuries, and 32% of our unemployed, returing war vets—that he should be looking to create jobs for, “not a honorary gimmick he now parlays to try to show he is doing something for our country.”

posted by: sightover | May 29, 2012  9:03am

A gimmick sold as patriotism to us “simple folk.” Sorry sir, but love of country does not equal love of government. Your solutions are anything but. Example: Most of the proposed revenue in your scheme doesn’t even go to vets and a lousy 1/3 is slated to fund bureaucrat-created training and education programs for them. I’ll continue to give 100% of my donation to Wounded Warriors - not the Federal Government’s debt black hole which includes the USPS. Mr. Larson please stop spending our money; Big Gov please get out of our lives.

posted by: ALD | May 29, 2012  10:33am

Does Blumenthal get involved with anything not related to a camera?

posted by: Reasonable | May 29, 2012  2:40pm

The reason our country is in debt for over 16 trillion dollars, is because we elect political rubber stamps like John Larson—who instead of working to pay off our massive debt—measures his success by wasting taxpayor’s money—leading our country to oblivion. Ditto for our master politician, Richard Blumenthal!  People in power like Larson and Blumenthal, along with Chris Murphy—must be voted out of office—along with their political master—Pres. Barack Obama—or our once great country is going to doom. We can’t be voting the same political mistakes into office—and survive.

Wake up America!