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29,177 State Employees Receive Their Biannual Bonuses

by Christine Stuart | Oct 15, 2012 4:53pm
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Posted to: Town News, Hartford, Jobs, Labor, State Budget, State Capitol

This week, 29,177 state employees who have worked for the state for more than a decade will each be rewarded with a “longevity” bonus in their paycheck.

An estimated $11.92 million will go to 25,972 union employees, and about $6.11 million will go to 3,205 non-union employees and political appointees. The average payment for union employees is about $458 and the average payment for non-union employees is about $3,816, according to information provided by the state comptroller’s office.

The non-union employees topping the list include James Blake, an executive vice president at Southern Connecticut State University, who will take home an additional $6,768.99; Michael Pernal, an executive vice provost at Eastern Connecticut State University, will bring home $6,685.03; Walter Bernstein, the vice president of student affairs at Western Connecticut State University, will receive $6,122.65; Stephen Eckels, deputy auditor at the Auditor of Public Accounts, will receive $5,882; and Carrie Ellen Vibert, of legislative management, will receive $5,881.58.

Union employees bringing home the biggest bonuses include Carol Williams, Walter Zincavage, and Kimberly Chagnon, who will get checks for $4,046.92.

No state employee hired on or after July 1, 2011, will receive a longevity payment and those who currently receive them have had them frozen at last year’s level.

Click here for a list of non-union employees, and here for a list of union employees.

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(12) Comments

posted by: gotta_luv_ct | October 15, 2012  6:21pm

...and managers with less than 10 years of service have been excluded from receiving longevity going forward. This also applies to managers with 10 years who are eligible for longevity, but had not yet received it. 

The high salaries found in higher education and at UCHC represent a very small fraction of those deemed “managers.” In fact there are many managers that make less than the some of the unionized staff they manage (and who deserve the salary the make). 

God help the administration if the managers get fed up and chose to organize.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | October 15, 2012  6:48pm

Yay! Go higher Ed!


posted by: JAM | October 15, 2012  7:02pm

And if wasn’t for these payments, all these people would quit and go where??

posted by: Noteworthy | October 15, 2012  9:33pm

Millions of dollars just for having a pulse and sitting in a seat. This has always been a poor practice and our “shared pain” governor maintains it. What Malloy meant is that we would all continue to share the pain. NO changes.

posted by: middleoftheroad | October 15, 2012  10:11pm

Must be nice.

Treat everyone failry,  Eitehr everyone gets it, or no one gets it.  With the budget problems, no one should be getting this payment.  No one deserves a payment for showing up.  That’s part of the job.

posted by: mmperr2 | October 16, 2012  10:42am

As a taxpayer, I find the CT “longevity” bonus offensive. The purpose of a bonus is to reward an employee for accomplishing something above & beyond basic duties, not just for “showing up”.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | October 16, 2012  11:02am

PS: the payment is part of salary, it is not a bonus of any sort.

posted by: swhin | October 16, 2012  11:45am

I’m a democrat who is pro union but I think this is insane. This is exactly why republicans are building up steam. Do we not understand what cost cuts mean? I say let these employee’s get fed up and go elsewhere. I also think it is funny that even at the state level we give more to the top 1%. I guess we’re thinking they will create jobs? Wow, rereading this post I guess I’m becoming a Republican. Thanks state workers.

posted by: aimnegs | October 16, 2012  7:26pm

As an 18 year union employee,I get $340 twice a year to put up with incompetent managers. Whoopee…you can keep it.

posted by: rankandfile | October 17, 2012  10:24am

The union average is $458, but that number is deceiving. The high end is made up almost entirely of university, judicial, and criminal justice employees getting thousands each. The rank and file union members must be averaging $200 or less.

posted by: Michael | October 18, 2012  12:37am

Most career state employees just get a couple of hundred, but the emphasis is always on the high earners, to rile up the public to rail against even the $150 longivity payment. In listening to the John Rowland radio program, of course the past governor has said that all longivity payments should be terminated immediately. The felonous Rowland believes that he has morally earned his $50K state pension, but law abiding state employees should give up their longivity.

posted by: ME326 | October 22, 2012  6:04pm

But it somehow is okay for everyone who works in the private sectors to get their huge yearly bonuses… Funny how that’s okay though.