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Blumenthal, Murphy Pressure CT Lawmakers To Act

by Christine Stuart | Mar 25, 2013 12:02pm
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Posted to: Congress, Town News, Newtown, Public Safety, State Capitol

Christine Stuart photo

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy

U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy said Connecticut’s ability to act swiftly on comprehensive gun control could affect national policy, and its failure to act would also send a message.

Gun control will be the first non-budget issue the U.S. Senate tackles after the spring recess. Blumenthal and Murphy said their colleagues have been asking what steps Connecticut has taken in the wake of the shooting that claimed the lives of 20 children and six educators.

“It would be a tragedy if Connecticut didn’t pass a law that was the strongest in the nation,” Murphy said at a press conference Monday in Blumenthal’s Hartford office.

“I’m asked by my colleagues: What’s happening in Connecticut?” Blumenthal said. “It’s not only as a practical result that Connecticut could be impacted by sales here, but also as a symbol — Connecticut will be watched by the whole country.”

It’s been more than 100 days since the Dec. 14 shooting.

“Connecticut’s failure to act in the next two weeks will be a detriment when we go to the floor,” Blumenthal said. “On the other hand, if Connecticut can act within the next two weeks it will provide a very powerful momentum. It will speak volumes about determination and dedication here to making sure our nation is safer.”

Blumenthal said there has been enough time for Connecticut to act and it should act.

Connecticut’s legislative leaders continue to work behind closed-doors to craft a legislative response to the tragedy, but no final bill has been completed.

Adam Joseph, a spokesman for Senate President Donald Williams, said it would be premature to say when a vote would occur.

“They continue to meet and continue to make progress,” Joseph added.

The results of those negotiations will be watched closely.

Murphy said if the result of Connecticut negotiations is that “we don’t pass a ban on high-capacity ammunition, then the height of irony in the wake of Newtown would be that Connecticut would become the epicenter of sales for the very type of ammunition that lead to that tragedy.”

“There are a lot of Republicans and Democrats who do not support an assault weapons ban, but who will vote for a ban on high-capacity magazines,” Murphy said.

He said New York passed a strong ban in January and Connecticut has to pass a strong ban so that it doesn’t become a haven for high capacity magazines.

Christine Stuart photo

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal and U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy

Meanwhile, Blumenthal and Murphy said strengthening Connecticut’s gun laws may not make anyone any safer because this is an issue that really needs to be tackled at the national level.

“The problem really is that state boundaries are porous to illegal trafficking,” Blumenthal said. “If the AR-15 or military-style assault weapons are banned only in Connecticut, there is still the possibility that they may be brought across state lines.”

So even though it would help in political negotiations the practical impact may not carry that much weight.

“There’s no single solution. No single state can do it alone,” Blumenthal said. “Connecticut can have the strongest and best laws in the country, but our borders are still porous.”

He added that if a national ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines were in effect on Dec. 14, some of the 20 children and six adults killed by the gunman might be alive today.

The most important piece of the assault weapons ban is the ban on high-capacity magazine clips, Murphy said.


Blumenthal called the NRA’s robocalls to Connecticut cities and towns, especially Newtown “repulsive and repugnant.” He said the NRA’s urging that families in Newtown oppose strong gun control measures is the “height of arrogance and insensitivity.”

Blumenthal has used a blog post to call upon residents to call the NRA to get them to stop.

The Courant’s Capitol Watch blog has audio of the robocall.

With respect to the calls being made to Newtown residents, Murphy said, “I think it’s disgusting.”

He said he also thinks the calls to Newtown are intentional.

“I don’t think it’s a mistake that the NRA is making calls into Newtown,” Murphy said. “I think they’re doing it to stir their pot. I think they’re doing it to pick at a scab. And they should stop today.”

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(23) Comments

posted by: justsayin | March 25, 2013  12:18pm

So Chris and Dick need CT to push their agenda, that is sooo important they went on a two week recess? I have said this before wait for the information, wait for the report. Then make a reasonable decision based on the facts. Do not push write and hope legislation.

posted by: Joebigjoe | March 25, 2013  12:56pm

I said this from the beginnning. This isnt about doing the right thing for the people of CT, but part of a larger agenda. I may hate what the CT legislature comes up with in the end, but at least many of them have acted like grownups unlike those pols in NY, Murphy, Blumenthal and Biden.

U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy said Connecticut’s ability to act swiftly on comprehensive gun control could affect national policy, and its failure to act would also send a message.

posted by: ad_ebay | March 25, 2013  1:08pm

The tragedy is these self-obsessed rich boys do not use logic and pander to the “Cause of the Day”.  I beg you, please stop dancing in the blood of children and take up the issues that NEED support….like mental health issues….like poverty….like job creation….like IQ tests for politicians!

posted by: lebron | March 25, 2013  1:21pm

With as much respect I can muster for the Blumenthal and Murphy’s Office that I can muster. I suggest that it is “repulsive and repugnant.” to use low brow political pressure to undermine what is going on in the State Legislature. Why don’t they mind what’s going on the National level?
Oh that’s right, it’s not going to happen on the National end, how embarrassing it must be that even Connecticut can see that a ban on “Large Capacity magazines” and “Assault Weapons” is nothing but a charade that would help make the citizens of the State “Safer”

posted by: JH_1 | March 25, 2013  1:34pm

That’s it Blumenthal and Murphy, keep doing exactly what the Obama administration wants you to do.  These guys are idiots and these press conferences keep proving that it’s all about the politics.  They don’t care if the legislation makes no sense or has issues, just get it passed so as to gain some momentum at the federal level.  Way to go you two morons!!!

At least the state leaders are trying to craft something somwehat bipartisan.  They should get debriefed on the ongoing Newtown investigation before passing any new laws.  They know it and most reasonable people know it.  But as the old democratic saying goes… you can’t let a good crisis go to waste.  And I’m guessing Blumenthal and Murphy are sensing that the proposed legislation may not be as restrictive as they had originally hoped, thus, letting a good crisis go to waste.  I still can’t believe these two guys are our senators.  This is the best we could do?  Really??

For the record, I actually do agree with their stance on the robocalls.  Those should not have gone to anyone in or around Newtown.  That wasn’t right.

posted by: Chien DeBerger | March 25, 2013  2:08pm

The NRA are lobbying their members. I have received numerous calls in my town and I don’t live in Newtown. I just hang up or delete their messages. 

Are the two dear senators promising we won’t have to listen to their blanket robo calls come reelection?

We are so-o-o-o-o lucky to have these two in Washington. What is the matter with you, Connecticut?

posted by: JH_1 | March 25, 2013  2:15pm

One additional thought to add.  I read someone else’s comment on another site and agreed 100% so I’m writing here.  As dispicable and heinous as this tragedy was, you simply cannot and should not pass new laws based on emotion.  To truly pass effective laws, they should be based on facts. 

Rushing legislation is nothing more than basing it on emotion.  Let the state leaders get their debrief on the investigation.  If an assault weapon and high capacity mags were the primary firearm used that day, then pass what you need to pass.  But what if that wasn’t the primary weapon?  Again, you need facts to pass new laws.  That’s just logical.

posted by: ASTANVET | March 25, 2013  2:33pm

Ok, so let me get this straight - it is OK for the father of a victim to speak out and exersize his 1A rights, but it is not OK for me, or the NRA to speak out and use their 1A rights - that would be “repulsive and repugnant.”  According to them, we must act NOW to avoid being a safe haven for High capacity magazines (although I doubt they even know the difference between a standard and high capacity).  We must, by their account act quickly and emotionally before reason and varried opinions take root.  Is this the kind of elected officials we want in CT?  Parrot 1 and Parrot 2… all carrying the progressive party’s water?  Seriously??

posted by: tmzphoto | March 25, 2013  2:36pm

“Murphy said if the result of Connecticut negotiations is that “we don’t pass a ban on high-capacity ammunition, then the height of irony in the wake of Newtown would be that Connecticut would become the epicenter of sales for the very type of ammunition that lead to that tragedy.”

Would someone please explain to Senator Murphy that there is no such thing as “high-capacity ammunition”.  If you’re going to agitate for laws that render the legally purchased property of thousands of people illegal, you should at least make some effort to have a clue what you’re talking about.  And this isn’t the first time he’s used this phrase.

posted by: tmzphoto | March 25, 2013  2:47pm

“The most important piece of the assault weapons ban is the ban on high-capacity magazine clips, Murphy said.”

There is also no such thing as “magazine clips”, high capacity or otherwise.  A magazine is a detachable box that holds ammunition, and is insertyed into a firearm.  A clip is used to hold ammunition together, so it can be conveniently inserted manually into a firearm, such as with the M1 Garand.  These are two different systems, and the terms are not interchangeable.  Shouldn’t you at least try to learn something about what you’re talking about?

“Blumenthal called the NRA’s robocalls to Connecticut cities and towns, especially Newtown “repulsive and repugnant.” He said the NRA’s urging that families in Newtown oppose strong gun control measures is the “height of arrogance and insensitivity.”

Funny.  I think Blumenthal and Murphy’s suggestions that my property can be confiscated and my rights abridged to be the “height of arrogance and insensitivity.”  And not everyone in Newtown agrees with you either.  How about we stop painting with such a broad brush?

posted by: anuddaCTresident | March 25, 2013  5:37pm

The height of arrogance and insensitivity is pointy headed urban liberals who have never held a gun telling the rest of us that we are incapable of safely owning and using our legally aquired, Constitutionally protected property. 

It is the height of disingenuity and political pandering to proclaim “not one more child” and fail to take action on the myriad of other problems that have killed, maimed, injured, and psychologically scarred more children than active shooter incidents will ever do.  Alcoholism, drugs, gang violence, abuse, hunger, mental illness, the list goes on.  they are just much more difficult to handle than demonizing law abiding citizens.

posted by: Reasonable | March 25, 2013  7:32pm

A good acting job by two seasoned lawyers.  It’s almost like they were running for election. They know how to tell you what they want to hear. At least Blumenthal and Murphy are good at theatrics - in lieu of any worthwhile accomplishments.  We got what we voted for.

posted by: Noteworthy | March 25, 2013  8:41pm

These guys are standing here worrying about whatt the CT legislature does. Meanwhile, back in DC, they approved legislation that gives Monsanto total immunity to genetically modify our food - without consequence, without oversight from the FDA, all in the dead of the night. Quit worrying about what pols here are doing, and focus on the job you are supposed to be doing in DC. Seriously. The Monsnto Protection Act is a disgrace to our food safety.

posted by: Nutmeg87 | March 25, 2013  11:46pm

Enough already…
Send these guys back to Washington…

Blumenthal is a smart guy…  But he speaks out of both mouths…

On one hand he speaks logically…  ANY BAN IN CT WILL ABSOLUTELY DO NOTHING BECAUSE, NATIONALLY WHAT WE BAN IN CT IS LEGAL IN THE USA…  COMPLIANCE & ENFORCEMENT WOULD BE IMPOSSILE AND OPEN TO SELECTIVE PROSECUTION (DISCRIMINATION)...  We will see this issue blow up in Colorado, as many sheriff’s already refuse to enforce their new 15rd limit magazine ban…  Cuomo in NY is already back-peddling…  The idiot finally figured out that his grandstanding ban on magazines >7rds doesnt make any sense…

All we are doing is fooling ourselves until the next mass killing will occur and IT WILL, since nothing is being done on THE PERSON doing the killing…  EVIL & mentally unstable will always exist…

THEN Blumenthal says…  we need this ban to help with National fight…  Did Blumenthal just get a brain fart?  HE KNOWS THAT THE BAN ON MAGAZINES & SEMI-AUTO RIFLES WILL NEVER PASSED THE GOP HOUSE, LET ALONE HIS OWN SENATE MAJORITY LEADER!!!  Why, because the country doesnt believe its necessary or will accomplish anything like the last ban that expired !!!!

High count magazines did NOT upsacle the death count!!!  The Aurora Cinema killer had a 100-round magazine (YES - 100 !!!) and killed far LESS than Newtown killer…  The Aurora killer does not havce a prior mental history like Lanza and his magazine jammed just like Lanza…  SO WHY ARE WE SAYING HIGH ROUNDS KILL MORE? - IT DIDNT!!!!  Lanza killed more than the guy with 100 rd Magazine and the VA Tech killer killed even more than Lanza and he didnt have a semi-auto rifle & just had 10rd pistol magazines !!!

So Blumenthal is talking out of both mouths and Murphy is just a neophyte talking head (with nothing substantial or informative to say)...

Can we all stop listening to the national minority and just focus on what matters?  Mentally unstable people and maybe a eliminating the straw purchases of firearms…


We of course, know that, hence, Obama’s “FAST & FURIOUS” Operation…  Since it gone horribly wrong & sent 1200 guns “lost”...  Obama has to deflect the debate somewhere else…  Why not Lanza?

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | March 26, 2013  3:01am

Any meaningful gun reform has to be done on a national level.  Seems to me bloomie and junior should head back to DC and get on it if that is what they want.

Those elected folks here in CT have a budget to work on and an economy to fix. Lets pass the background check language quickly and get to work.


posted by: dano860 | March 26, 2013  8:47am

When will they get it right? ASSAULT FIREARMS are already banned! In order to have a full automatic firearm one must pass a very stringent background check and ‘need to own’ application.
Chris Smurffy (blue boy) and slick Dick are attempting to pressure the Ct. legislature into following Obama’s marching orders. “It would be a tragedy if Connecticut didn’t pass a law that was the strongest in the nation,” Murphy said at a press conference Monday in Blumenthal’s Hartford office.  He wants Ct. to pass the tough laws because we drew the short straw by the Lanza family when they picked Ct. to live. Newtown lost the lottery when she decided to purchase a home there.
They should be addressing the mentally ill problem and not attempting to turn law abiding citizens into criminals.
It is also apparent that they don’t care about the employees at the manufacturers of these firearms. Ban the firearms and the manufacturers are going to another state
This pair would look right at home in brown uniforms with arm bands.
Smurffy wants to go after the NRA, he believes they represent the majority of firearm owners, not so.
Wayne LaPierre reports that they have 4.5M members (Jan 2013) the FBI reports that there are 350M firearms in the United States and the average firearm owner has 4 of them, that means there are roughly 87.5M firearm owners in the U.S. That is not a majority of owners being represented by the NRA!
As far as the robo calls, it’s the message, not the messenger. We endure the stupid things from the Pols every election and they do no good for them. Why would they think that a recorded message is going to alter anybodies thinking now?

posted by: Joebigjoe | March 26, 2013  11:10am

Dr Thompson, I actually dont want them to pass the background check legislation quickly. Lest you think I’m a nut, since I am for background checks, here are some of the reasons.

1) Rights protected by the Constitution are not subject to the whim of a bureaucrat. I’m OK with the background check but if a bureaucrat makes a mistake or acts inappropriately we have no legal recourse as they are govt employees. Give us the right to sue them without being blocked for any unacceptable behavior or sloppiness and that would address this part for me.

2. Gang bangers, terrorists and bad people will not submit to background checks, so the only people playing this game will be people who will pass anyway. Taking it a step further I will be OK with that since thats what we have now, but last year nationwide there was a ridiculously small number of bad guys and fraudsters prosecuted. If I’m going to follow this process, then jail people that try to scam the system.

3. The easiest way to start building a national gun registry is to keypunch in every gun that transfers ownership. I dont like that in any way, but beyond that it doesnt cover firearms without serial numbers because they were manufactured before serial numbers. I also dont like it because if I want to transfer my firearm to my immediate family, the govt has no right to know that.

4) what information is going to go into the new background check? Mental illness sounds great on the surface but if I were to see a therapist with depression because of loss of a marriage or a child/parent, and I have never been arrested in my life, who makes the decision on my suitability. To be frank I am depressed now because there are people hell bent on destroying the United States of America as I have always known it and loved it, flaws and all.

I have never bought a gun without a background check in my life, but there are some serious unintended consequences if we rush this. Actually I take that back. Even after numerous hearings and an onslaught of letters providing tremendous educucation, some of these legislators are just plain dumb on the topic, so time may not help.

posted by: ASTANVET | March 26, 2013  2:40pm

Dr. Thompson, you are 100% wrong.  There should be NO national gun law… the constitution was a charter to describe what the federal government could not do - 2A, right to bear arms shall not be infringed and all that.  It did not restrict the states in regulating their firearms.  You then need to differ to the State constitution which was SEC. 15. Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.  It does not limit that right to defense of your home, or family, but rather plainly on self defense (at home or outside of it).  So by saying you want them to go back to DC to legislate this issue is not in accordance with the constitution of the State or the US.  While that may seem like a minor point, it is not - I object to the congress and the president/VP injecting their agenda on State legislators by way of financial support to push an agenda.  Sir, respectfully, it is about our rights, it is about our freedoms, and it is about federalism and republicanism.  Abdicating our responsibilities to DC is a complete misunderstanding of our form of government.

posted by: lisalake | March 26, 2013  7:16pm

Story afre story, blog after blog…. the 2nd Amendment is alive and well in CT. There is no argument. The question is, is the legislator listening?

posted by: Joebigjoe | March 27, 2013  5:00pm

This is from the information just shared about Jared Loughner who shot Gabby Giffords and the others. Yet another example of political correctness and bad parenting. If the school was willing to say this, then why were they not willing to have the police check on him. It also shows that you can have mental illness right in front of you as a parent and do absolutely nothing. No wonder these people want to take away guns. They know people cant be trusted to do the right thing when its right in front of you.

Loughner bought a 12-gauge shotgun in 2008, but his parents took it away from him after he was expelled from college and administrators recommended that any firearms be taken away. The shotgun was the only gun his parents knew Loughner owned.

posted by: Reasonable | March 28, 2013  9:31am

Blumenthal and Murphy are simply the bad actors that uninformed and careless voters pUt in office. We are stuck with these political players—led by
king-pin actor—Barack Hussein Obama. We did it to ourselves. In the meantime, our elected actors are all laughing “all the way to the bank,” as they continue with their deficit spending agenda that is burying this country. They know that they have almost complete
terms in office to serve us to destruction—so count on “BAD GOING TO WORST.”  It’s too late to complain The damage already to our country.  “The political wrecking crew we put in office—aren’t done by a longshot!”

posted by: Joebigjoe | March 28, 2013  11:29am

Nutmeg, great post but a correction and addition.

The Aurora killer was seeing a psychiatrist at the Univ of Colorado where he was a student. She did the right thing and when he started talking violence she went to the University police. We dont know if they went to the Aurora police or did nothing. Either way, a golden opportunity lost.

Just yesterday it was released that Jared Loughners parents were told by the school that if he owned a firearm they needed to take it away from him. Not sure if they went to the police but the parents took away a shotgun and he went out and got a handgun.

posted by: sofaman | March 28, 2013  3:43pm

Exactly, parents have failed time after time to alert the authorities to their child’s troubles. So, no reasonable person would expect that to improve. This leaves civilian authorities to have much stricter control over who is allowed to have powerful weapons (of any kind) and who should NOT.

Unfortunately the NRA and other gun zealots OPPOSE this exact kind of common sense regulation.