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Cafero Asked for Display To Be Removed

by | Feb 10, 2014 2:49pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: State Capitol

CTNJ file photo House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero, R-Norwalk, said he was shocked last week to see a display that was advocating in favor of a piece of legislation in the concourse between the Legislative Office Building and the state Capitol.

Cafero took his complaint about the portrait display to Legislative Management, which agreed to take it down.

“It was like a paid ad on state property,” Cafero said Monday of the aid-in-dying portrait display removed last week.

The portrait display by the group Compassion and Choices was removed a week before it was scheduled to come down.

Cafero said a state building should not be a billboard for a legislative issue.

Jim Tracy, executive director of the Office of Legislative Management, said Monday that the only criteria they have to determine whether a group is given permission to use the concourse for a display is whether it’s “suitable for school-aged children.”

Tracy said his office is reviewing the current regulation and will propose stricter criteria to the Legislative Management Committee in the future.

Cafero said he happens to be against the aid-in-dying legislation, but said even if it was an issue he supported he would have complained. He said it’s not appropriate to advocate for or against something on state property.

Click here to read our story from Saturday about the disappearance of the portrait display.

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(4) Archived Comments

posted by: Noteworthy | February 10, 2014  3:37pm

I’m glad Cafero manned up to his disgraceful complaint. If it didn’t violate the rules, why demand it be taken down? In order to shut down free speech until the rules can be re-written to Cafero’s liking? Maybe herr Cafero would be happier if the public and what they think was just banned altogether?

posted by: Matt from CT | February 10, 2014  5:15pm

Hey Larry, just join the Democrats already.

Republicans are supposed to be about freedom. 

Not limiting speech.
Not useless gun control.
Not rolling back Freedom of Information laws.
Not selling our future away with deficits and underfunding.

It’s reasonable to provide a 75’ buffer space between political ads / campaigners and the entrances to polling stations. 

Its not reasonable to say this ad can’t be put on public property—what next, no campaign signs in highway right of ways?

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | February 10, 2014  10:14pm

he said it’s not appropriate to advocate for or against something on state property? huh?  tell me he didn’t say that.

what am i missing?

isn’t that what that whole building is about?


posted by: SocialButterfly | February 11, 2014  10:21am

Larry Cafero expressed his opinion. What’s the big deal?  He isn’t running for office again as he wants to spend some quality time with his loving family.  Let the man speak his peace while he can. We are all allowed to express our opinions in this blog—“which should be the name of the game” elsewhere, also.

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