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Chicken Dick?

by | Mar 19, 2010 4:37pm
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Posted to: Election 2010

Christine Stuart photo

Merrick Alpert, the Mystic businessman seeking the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, sent out rubber chickens and a tongue-and-cheek message to a handful of reporters Friday.

The message reads as follows:

Hi, I’m Chicken Dick

I’m afraid to debate Merrick Alpert again because he really cooked my goose the first time.

He is young and bold, and takes clear positions on issues like job creation, health care, clean government, and Afghanistan. My positions aren’t clear because I believe in incrementalism; in small steps that don’t ruffle feathers. On the other hand, I love to sue Connecticut businesses.

Please help me hide—don’t make me debate again.

Your Frightened Friend,
Chicken Dick

P.S. Did I mention that my lawsuits create jobs?

Blumenthal’s campaign spokeswoman Maura Downes called the attempt desperate.

“I’m sure he’s going to try anything he can to get his name in the newspaper, but if he wants to be taken seriously by Democrats and avoid the label of ‘fringe candidate,’ he may want to spend more time putting forward his own qualifications and platform and less time attacking his opponents,” Downes said.

In this week’s Quinnipiac University poll Blumenthal trampled Alpert in the Democratic primary 81 to 6 percent. The poll also found that 93 percent of the voters polled don’t know enough about Alpert to form an opinion.

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(7) Archived Comments

posted by: Ctkeith | March 19, 2010  5:19pm

When you act like you’re not to be taken seriously you won’t be.I can hardly wait for the debate of equals between Merrick Albert and Lee Whitnum

This idiot just gave Blummy the perfect excuse to never appear on stage with him again.

posted by: Ct-polstudentmike | March 19, 2010  5:23pm

Christine, this is a genuinely hilarious article! I find it to be an accurate portrayal of this whole situation. Merrick Alpert, a resourceful man who ANYONE who meets him knows his platform and substance, wants people to actually HEAR the message, HEAR the substance. Whereas, Mr. Blumenthal, DOESN’T want people to hear the message. This is evident by his website, http://richardblumenthal.com/?gclid=COGo2sPbxaACFRBM5QodYClRaw , as well as the debate. On March 1st, Merrick provided substance and ideas, where Mr. Blumenthal provided nothing but the same old rhetoric, the same old NOTHING. He could not even give a straight answer about foreign policy or health care. If we want a real Senator to represent us, its Merrick Alpert. This boldness is what we need in a match-up against the 50-million dollar, World Wrestling product, Linda McMahon. In short, the Blumenthal campaign basically exposed themselves, they provide absolutely no substance or platform, where Merrick has had that since day one.

posted by: Brian Parker | March 19, 2010  7:59pm

Brian Parker

Wow! That’s funny. Can’t blame Blumy; he was singed a few weeks back.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | March 20, 2010  1:21pm

Ha! That is funny - on a few different levels.

Blumey did get it handed to him in that debate. He would be wise to continue his chicken dick ways so people don’t begin to see through him.


posted by: SeriousDem | March 22, 2010  11:44am

Have critics like Ctkeith stopped to inquire after the serious message behind Alpert’s satiric mailing?  Don’t we Connecticut Democrats deserve the opportunity to understand what each candidate stands for?  Last I checked (5 minutes ago), Blumenthal STILL hasn’t shown his constituents the respect of publicizing his positions on any issues.  Check for yourself.  The only glimpse of his policy stances that he offered us was on the evening he publicly debated Alpert on FOX-61.  And that was hardly an impressive performance. 

If you ask me, Alpert should do whatever it takes to get Blumenthal back in front of the public whose support he seeks, so that the two of them can talk plainly about how to fix the serious problems that face this state.  Satiric or not, the message is crystal clear - and now that people are paying some more attention, it’s time for Blumenthal to start acting like an actual candidate for the United States Senate and engage the issues.

posted by: Ct-polstudentmike | March 22, 2010  1:10pm

Ctkeith- Firstly, lets put it out on the table, Blumenthal does not want to debate no matter what happens, its because he doesn’t have a stance on issues. I think you need to dig a little deeper, the Chicken (if you read the note attached with it) explains that Blumenthal is AFRAID (get it- chicken) to debate. We need a rigorous primary in order to ensure we don’t end up with a Martha Coakley candidate. It is precisely that kind of attitude, that of coronations instead of elections that leads us no where but where we are right now.

posted by: OutOfOutrage | March 22, 2010  3:48pm


That is Great! I wouldn’t vote for either of these clowns in a million years but at least Alpert has the stones to take a position and argue the merits.