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Child Sex Abuse Bill Withdrawn

by | Apr 30, 2010 5:26pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: State Capitol

Proponents of a bill that would eliminate the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases pulled the bill Friday saying they didn’t believe they had enough votes to pass the measure this legislative session.

Three lawmakers who supported the legislation thanked the victims of sexual abuse for coming forward and sharing their stories.

Rep. Beth Bye, D-West Hartford, said the reason the bill got as far as it did this year was due to the courage of the victims.

Some of the victims who spoke in support of the bill were victims of the late Dr. George Reardon, who practiced at Saint Francis Hospital.

“There is likely to be a resolution of at least one of the major situations that has given rise to the focus on this bill,” said Rep. Michael Lawlor, D-East Haven, referring to the Reardon cases.

The Catholic Church said the bill would bankrupt it, but proponents said removing the limitation would help those over the age of 48 seek justice for abuses in their childhood. As the law is written now, the statute of limitations is 30 years and the clock starts ticking when an individual turns 18 years of age.

While the bill may not pass this year, Lawlor said “there is clear momentum.”

In the meantime, victims and defendants seem to be motivated to resolve cases like this, which is a result of what has happened here at the Capitol, Lawlor opined. “There is a general consensus that justice needs to be done here in some fashion.”

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(3) Archived Comments

posted by: Dave from News Talk Tonight | April 30, 2010  6:44pm

I’m VERY sorry to see the Bill withdrawn, and equally sorry to understand that it wouldn’t pass (particularly in the Senate) if it was kept going.  To be fair, I have to say that I’m one of the legal counsel representing over 60 of the alleged victims of Dr. Reardon, and a little over 20 of those alleged victims are just over or over by a lot the age of 48.  What was presented as factual by St. Francis Hospital, the Catholic Church and the organizations that support the Church is by some standards not accurate.  To say that claims could go back 70 years is frankly preposterous.  You’d have to have a victim UNDER the age of 48 suing the same defendant, and have physical evidence of the abuse in order to bring an action past the age of 48 under the now withdrawn bill.  The effectively means that a 70 year old claim of abuse would be impossible.  The Catholic Church has effectively protected pedophile assailants, because a significant number of childhood sexual abuse don’t even recognize that they are victims until thay are in their middle age, and for many of those folks, it is then too late, as they have passed the age of 48.  What a pity that the victims of CHILDHOOD sexual abuse are therefore afforded little or no justice.  May God have mercy upon their souls.  That goes for the perpetrators of such an abhorrant crime, and for the folks who protect them, too.

posted by: GoatBoyPHD | May 1, 2010  12:30pm


The lies spread from the vicitms law firm concerning the statutes of limitations and the Bishops letter didn’t help. StrattonFaxon needs a PR firm to get their lawyers out of the press. You would think with the size of some of their recent awards they could afford one.

The Catholic Church has every legal and moral obligation under the sun to protect itself from knee jerk lawsuits like the one filed against the Diocese of Hartford last October when negotiations with St Francis broke down.

How could they not break down? Knowing this legislation was being proposed again and knowing that a secondary suit was being filed in a matter of days? Bad faith negotiations it seems.

The lawyers are going after the deepest pockets they can find without care or concern. Sue the State Medical Board for its investigative lapses?  Sue Reardon’s extended family? No?

Sue each and every Parish in the Hartford Diocese because an employee at a Hartford Hospital was a pedophile? Predatory and perverse. Justice was served.

posted by: F111 | May 1, 2010  1:23pm

Goatboy, where did you get yor Ph.D. from?  Even after the fact you falsely state the facts and attack the victims. This time through their lawyers with the stupid statement that “each and every parish” is sued.  Fact is, SFH is run by the Arch Diocese of Hartford and the chair of the board is Arch Bishop Mansell. And the negotiations did not break down because of this proposed legislation. The first mediations were regarding plaintiffs that were not subject to this Bill, ie all under 47 when filed. THOSE negotiations broke down when SFH and ITS INSURANCE COMPANY acted in bad faith by offering peanuts to the victims.

Regarding this Bill and the lack of courage it dumped the Bill.
So what you call “justice” is perverse.

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