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Connecticut Governor Declares Salt Emergency

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Posted to: Transportation, Weather, White House

Screengrab It was the 12th winter storm this season and the road salt shortage prompted Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to declare a state of emergency Thursday evening.

The state has enough salt left to clear its highways and roads through one more storm. The state is down to 15 to 20 tons, which is the necessary amount for one storm.

The salt shortage is a “regional problem” but the region is a lot larger than normal because it includes places like South Carolina and Georgia, which normally don’t deal with these types of winter storms, Malloy said at a 5 p.m. media briefing.

He said the state expects a delivery of salt within the next 24 to 48 hours and it will be distributed to entities that have contractual rights to it. The state is one of those parties.

In the meantime, it’s asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency for help locating additional stocks of salt to help the state build up its supply beyond one storm.

“We’re going to request from FEMA and the White House any assistance that they can offer,” Malloy said. “Obviously if there’s no salt available, then there’s no salt available.”

He said the situation is getting more “perilous” and local communities are expressing concern about their own salt supplies. He said state emergency management personnel are reaching out to cities and towns to get more information about what their salt supplies look like right now to get an indication of how much they have.

The Department of Transportation has spent about $30 million on 11 storms.

All 632 state snow plows and another 200 contractors were out on the state roads clearing snow most of the day.

While most people heeded the governor’s warning to stay at home if possible, there were 800 calls for assistance and 60 accidents. About six of those 60 accidents involved injuries, according to Malloy.

The National Weather Service said the state would get about 10 to 20 inches of snow and it was expected to keep falling through 7 a.m. Friday morning.

As a result, the governor asked all non-essential state employees to report to work an hour later than they would normally report. He said if they’re not sure what time they need to report then they should call their supervisor.

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(6) Archived Comments

posted by: Historian | February 13, 2014  10:57pm

When is malloy going to announce his reelection campaign. His lt.gov must be getting footsoar drudging to all his news conferences..

posted by: oliviahuxtable | February 14, 2014  9:14am

THIS is how our Governor plans for snow….he waits until there is only enough salt for ONE more storm, and it is only mid February? This is Connecticut, Governor, not Atlanta! It snows a lot here. Shouldn’t he have made such a request a couple storms ago, at least? So if the Feds cannot help us then we salt the roads Saturday and after that, no? Poor planning? Too much time raising money in California? Voters, you decide.

posted by: jim black | February 14, 2014  10:12am

So maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to waste it by throwing a ton out at every intersection in the previous storms. Will they learn? I bet no.

posted by: DirtyJobsGUy | February 14, 2014  12:43pm

Snow clearing budgets are always set low.  It makes the annual budget look better and the politicians can say it was an act of God then the overtime/salt budget is blown.  THis is why no level of government is well prepared for emergencies because the conflict with paying off your supporters.

posted by: dano860 | February 14, 2014  1:22pm

Problem solved….they mis-calculated and really had enough for TWO storms.
Thanks to their salt supplier and their foresight a shipment will be delivered within a few days.
New England, don’t like the weather or something else, just wait a few hours. It will change!

posted by: SocialButterfly | February 14, 2014  3:03pm

Matching his low job performance ratings— Gov. Malloy is now displaying that “he is not the salt of the earth.”  He won’t be winning many votes with this pre-election press release “because of his saltless accountability.”

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