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Connecticut Lawmakers Ask Retailers To Ban Guns In Stores

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Posted to: Congress, Public Safety

Hugh McQuaid Photo Citing shootings at stores and restaurants, members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation called upon retailers Friday to ask their customers to leave their guns outside.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, and U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty wrote Friday to the president of the National Retail Federation, asking the trade group to adopt “common sense” gun policies for customers and to use its political influence to support strengthening federal gun control policies.

“At Walmart alone, since [the 2012 school shooting in] Newtown, 79 shootings have occurred and 19 fatalities,” Blumenthal said at a Friday press conference. “All across the country retail establishments are less safe, more vulnerable to these kinds of tragedies than ever before. That’s why we are calling on the retail federation to do the right thing. Take voluntary steps to make their customers safer and stand up and speak out.”

The congressional delegation is asking the federation to adopt policies similar to steps taken recently by chains like Starbucks and Chipotle. Those companies asked customers not to bring firearms into their establishments after “open carry” advocates demonstrated at some of their locations by carrying weapons into the stores.

“We do have leaders in the retail and restaurant industry. We hope that the big movers in the retail industry like Walmart and Target will follow the lead of some of these other companies,” Murphy said.

Esty said retailers should be willing to enact the policies without a change in the law “to ensure that when you go in to buy a toy or pick up a cup of coffee you don’t have to worry that a loved one or a child is going to get shot.”

In a written response Friday, National Retail Federation Senior Vice President of Government Relations David French did not directly address the request made by the Connecticut lawmakers, but said the retail industry takes customer safety seriously.

“Retailers are keenly aware of the need to provide a safe and secure environment — to whatever extent possible — in their stores for employees and customers alike and work every day to achieve that mission,” French said in the statement.

During the press conference, Po Murray, vice chair of the Newtown Action Alliance, suggested that mothers who believe in gun control are prepared to organize boycotts in order to force stricter gun policies. She cited Target where a loaded gun was found in the toy aisle of a South Carolina location earlier this month.

But the lawmakers are not just looking for the retail industry to enact “no gun” policies, they are asking for the industry to exert its considerable political influence to push for stricter national gun laws. Specifically, they want big retail companies to support legislation expanding the background checks required for purchasing a firearm.

The bill was raised in the Senate in in 2013 a few months after the school shooting in Newtown, but it fell four votes short of the supermajority it needed to pass. Murphy said the bill still lacked enough support to pass.

“Let’s not kid ourselves — a comprehensive background checks bill is not passing the U.S. Senate between now and the end of the year and our mission now has to be on moving five or six or seven votes so that we can pass that bill in 2015,” he said.

Murphy said gun control supporters are working to form a coalition to drum up support for the bill. He said the 79 shootings at Walmart should be enough to get the retail giant onboard that coalition. Blumenthal said that coalition needs to be able to sway Republicans.

“We need a coalition that is capable of reaching Republicans, where they live, what they care about, and the sources of their financial support. And that is the retailers, the business establishment, manufacturers and even the defense industry,” he said.

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(33) Archived Comments

posted by: Ct Hostage | June 13, 2014  3:11pm

What an awesomely awesome idea!  Now, when I am looking for to wreak havoc with my illegal guns, I don’t have to worry about anyone shooting back!

Thanks to our genius lawmakers for looking out for me!

posted by: Bluecoat | June 13, 2014  3:14pm

AMr. Murphy should talk to Dr. Suzann Hupp, who’s parents were killed before her eyes at Luby’s Cafeteria inn Texas, 1991.
Because of a Texas law at the time, she could not take her handgun into the restaurant.
A crazy killer drove his vehicle into the restaurant, shot 50 people and killed 23.
Ms. Hupp had her gun in the trunk of her car, as she watched her parent’s die without being able to try and stop it.
Search the internet and watch her Testimony before Congress.
But then again Mr. Murphy knows better.

posted by: justsayin | June 13, 2014  5:13pm

Again, only law abiding citizens will follow the law or “suggested” law. Not the bad guys. This is more grandstanding from these three because they can get nothing done. Why is that?

posted by: Tessa Marquis | June 13, 2014  5:39pm

In Chicago the stores and restaurants have window clings which have an icon of a pistol with a line through it. Let’s get some of those.

posted by: wmwallace | June 13, 2014  6:16pm

Just more stupidity from our elected “leaders”. How about worrying about our economy that is floundering in CT.

posted by: dano860 | June 13, 2014  7:16pm

8. How many teenagers die by suicide in America each year? In Washington?
In 2001 in the US, 4,250 young people between the ages of 10 and 24 died by suicide. This is an average of one suicide roughly every two hours! The national rate of suicide (per 100,000) is 9.9.
Would you believe these guys are looking at the wrong problem?

posted by: SocialButterfly | June 13, 2014  8:01pm

The only way to curb guns in stores is the physically or electronically search shoppers upon entering the store. This will thwart some of too many store robberies at present.

posted by: shinningstars122 | June 13, 2014  8:14pm


It is always refreshing when the intelligentsia of the CCDL and the NRA throw in their two cents.

I applaud this type of effort and I will actively boycott businesses, corporate or private, that allow open carry in their establishments.

I am sure many more of our fellow residents would agree and do the same.

Why should we be subjected to someone, a call of duty wannabe, pushing a shopping cart with an automatic weapon draped over their shoulder on a Friday evening after work?

It is simply irresponsible,unnecessary, and just flat out rude on the gun owners part.

Plus it is private property and if consumers organize effective boycotts, just like the NRA did after the three ring circus in TX a couple weeks ago, companies will realize it is not good for business nor safe for their employees or customers.

They simple can exercise their Constitutional rights and ban open carry.

The must recent death from gun fire in a Walmart was the poor gentlemen who tried to stop that crazed couple out in Vegas.

He had noble intentions but clearly was not trained nor prepared for that type of extreme situation and it cost him his life.

I am sure the majority of CCDL members would fair no better.

Please leave it to the police to do that type of work…they are trained for it.

posted by: Salmo | June 13, 2014  8:20pm

It is time for Mr. Murphy to go. His theatrics are tiring.

posted by: JH_1 | June 13, 2014  8:29pm

I think this is what Murphy, Blumenthal and Esty imagine will happen.  Just watch:


posted by: christopherschaefer | June 13, 2014  8:55pm

“members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation called upon retailers Friday to ask their customers to leave their guns outside.” I think we also should call upon banks to ask bank robbers to leave their guns outside. Additionally, we should call upon urban gang leaders to ask their gang members to leave their guns at home. It’s really the polite thing to do. And asking politely will save lives.

posted by: Milton Buckley | June 13, 2014  11:42pm

With some of the last vestiges of arm manufacturers in her district,  Big Red continues to attack her constituents. Let’s go 5th district and make her a one-termer.

posted by: petek153 | June 13, 2014  11:58pm

Still using the 74 number even though its been shown to be proven false.I’d rather be in a store with a carry permit holder at least I know they’ve had background checks and training. That’s more than I can say about other customers.

posted by: Jesterr72 | June 14, 2014  2:04am

Why are our Democrat legislators so stupid? This idea will lead to MORE deaths. The Luby’s incident is a perfect example.  The nutjobs will have a perfect target-rich environment.  They should be focusing on improving mental health support instead of trying to attack legal gun owners and turning the whole state and country into Chicago with their strict gun laws.  Oh yes, look at Chicago’s murder rate every weekend. Is that what they want for everybody? Liberal ideology is ruining the country.

posted by: Hebee | June 14, 2014  8:48am

Another “genius” suggestion from the Three Stooges. All three have completely ignored the 24/7 news coverage (after an event) that teases the next mentally ill loser to become famous just like Adam Lanza. Our two CT Senators are desperate, publicity seeking cruise missiles who make Kim Kardashian seem camera shy.

posted by: bob8/57 | June 14, 2014  8:49am


This is long overdue. Keep the guns at home and let the decent majority enjoy shopping with out being accosted by low lives with an over active fantasy life. Gun nuts are the problem, not the solution.

posted by: SocialButterfly | June 14, 2014  9:41am

If Murphy and Blumenthal can stop grandstanding they should impeach Pres. Barack Obama for selling out our country and dividing the people badly in his very bad and sad prisoner exchange where he traded for an Army deserter by releasing four 9/11 savage killers.  There should be no Democratic Party bonds restraining this sell-out of our country. Obama must go.  Our enemy cannot be allowed to control us from withing our government.

posted by: Joebigjoe | June 14, 2014  3:20pm

That 74 number came from Bloombergs group and even in the last few days CNN has said that number is totally false.

Also in the last few days James Fox, noted criminologist from Boston, came out with a study that said that mass shootings have been flat over the last 23 years in the US and that we have more guns and more people in the US since then and shootings are down.

Chris Murphy and his minions should really be sent to live in some other country. He makes up lies about guns but but he is silent on the IRS now saying they lost two years of Lois Lerners emails between the White House, Congress and the Dem party. Is it possible to have your laptop crash and lose emails? Possibly. Is it possible with redundant server arrays and RAID backups to lose emails permanently in an environment like the IRS where there are so many redundancies for legal reasons or even a company like Aetna. Not a chance in a million.

The people running the Dem Party are willing to destroy political opposition and my gun is the last thing I have to stand between their tyranny and a FEMA camp.

I see a sign on store window or a restaurant saying no guns allowed (I am in agreement that guns should be concealed unless you’re in some area where you just walked from hunting) I will walk in and tell them where to go and make sure that I am online telling people how bad their service and food is. Let Chris Murphy pay their bills.

posted by: Joebigjoe | June 14, 2014  3:28pm

Common Sense I am in agreement with you. Obama must go. The damage he will do in the next 2.5 years will destroy this country and his behavior today is one of someone racing to the finish line to do that. He knows the Republicans wont do anything because they dont want to take their eye off of winning the Senate and the dolts in this country wouldnt be able to make sense of the laws he has broken and what that means.

He has NBC covering for him and most of the mainstream media. One guy Jake Tapper has been doing a great job and is an outstanding journalist and he is getting pressure from the pathetic progressives he is surrounded by to back off on Obama.

I have said this before. I cried the moment I saw the news report on the number of dead at Newtown. I would cheer for a number of these Pravda like media people to meet a similar fate. I would not feel bad in any way because unlike a site like CT News Junkie that tries to report the news down the middle and any bias in any specific article is so minor its a non issue, these people have offended 200 years of media people before them for their own agenda. They have offended the many men and women who have died since its founding defending this country with their bias that is beyond sickening. Yeah I’m mad today. I dont like Al Qaeda marching to Bagdhad and getting one of our Blackhawk helicopters in their air while that idiot Obama is in Palm Springs at a fund raiser playing more golf.

posted by: wmwallace | June 14, 2014  4:47pm

Yet nothing about the mental health issue that is plaguing our country at the center of these shootings across the country.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | June 14, 2014  7:02pm

The truth of the matter is, “gun nuts” are right. The problem is, and always has been, guns in the hands of criminals or incompetents. This debate is freaking stupid if you ask this a bit to the left Doctor. If I’m in a store, restaurant, bar, whatever, and a looney tune starts popping off shots, I am on my knees praying there is a card carrying NRA member near by - problem solved.

I guess I will never understand the issue on the extreme left ......


posted by: AR PRO | June 14, 2014  11:37pm

Blumenthal and Murphy are forgetting that 99% of mass shootings are committed in gunfree zones. Those of you who support this unconstitutional request should consider that criminals prefer stores that do not allow firearms on the premises, easy targets and no resistance. I will take my chance, I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I look forward to the day these two puppets are out of work, they have done nothing for Ct and continue to keep our state on a downward spiral… Yes, I am a gun nut, a law abiding, tax paying, license carrying gun nut. Don’t like it? Move.

posted by: Chien DeBerger | June 15, 2014  5:56pm

“Reality Check: Guns Sales Up, Crimes Committed With Guns Down” - http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2014/06/13/reality-check-guns-sales-up-crimes-committed-with-guns-down-n1851342

Nuff said!Semper Fi!

posted by: IOU | June 15, 2014  8:16pm


I applaud this effort. Gun safety for all retailers everywhere.

posted by: art vandelay | June 15, 2014  11:06pm

art vandelay

Msgrs Murphy, Blumenthal & Esty would make better use of their time introducing legislation that would lower taxes, create jobs & reducing the size of the federal government.  They should also start thinking seriously about introducing impeachment proceedings against Obama.  The Bengazi, IRS, Prisoner Release & Iraq Disaster, are far more impeachable offenses that Nixon could ever dream of.

posted by: dano860 | June 16, 2014  12:17am

They really believe that the Republicans are the problem?
There aren’t any Democrat firearm owners out there is there?
They need to understand the Ct permit to carry permit before they begin bad mouthing it.

posted by: Michele | June 16, 2014  6:59am

I do not ever hear about how CT lawmakers are going to address gun violence among the violent gun culture. Focusing on limiting the rights of law-abiding, permit-carrying, sportsmen and concealed carry gun owners is smoke and mirrors and does NOT do anything to address failing to provide adequate treatment for those struggling with mental illness (and their families) or deal with the criminal element that is the real issue with violent gun culture. This is all political posturing—grabbing press coverage and appearing as though they are accomplishing something. I am not fooled. The Three Sycophants perform live in CT.

posted by: Joebigjoe | June 16, 2014  7:30am

Go back over the last two years and notice the start of this article.

“Citing shootings at stores and restaurants, members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation called upon retailers Friday to ask their customers to leave their guns outside. “

I am very confident that near 90% of these annoucements or proclamations against guns have been done on Fridays. I wonder why? Maybe out of Saul Alinskys book Rules for Radicals?

I’m against what they stand for but when there is a pattern like this, the Friday pattern reeks of manipulation and thats one of those “bad government” behaviors that makes me want to go to Hoffmans and see whats new that I can buy.

posted by: Nutmeg87 | June 16, 2014  9:53am

These “Leaders” REALLY ought to start worrying about CT econonomy…  Growing 1/2 as much as Federal Govt ...  NOT GOING TO PAY OFF OUR DEBT AS A STATE (CT has highest DEBT per capita in nation)...  POOR ECONONOMICS WILL DRIVE REAL VIOLENCE (forget call of duty, try Grand Theft Auto -  Shiningstars)...  Walmart shooting by 2 mentally unstable doesnt compare to the Violence from Great Depression ...  Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, etc…  will not fare well as economy in CT contines to be dragged down by the “Leaders”...

Retailers, especially big-box, are driven by its consumers…  Thats why Starbucks only “asked” and NOT REQUIRED its customers…  Walmart sells more ammo and hunting gear than any store out there…  They know their customers…

Maybe these Senators ought to worry about Bengazi, Loosing Iraq after decades of war, IRAN & SYRIA expoansion, RUSSIA expansion… OBAMA will leave office like CARTER - OVERWHELMED, INACTION, NO RESPECT, ZOMBIE ECONOMY and possible STAGFLATION if oil world at war unstabalizes oil prices…

DOMINOs falling everywhere…  and Hartford legislating Chocolate Milk at schools and our Federal Leaders brow beating US businesses about what their customers should do…  Maybe thats why all large businesses are going overseas… And especially CT (>50%, if oppty arise will leave CT) - Just Tired of hearing the same cacophony of idiocy here…

posted by: petek153 | June 16, 2014  10:46am

As time goes by it amazes me how Ct. jumped on the Newtown shooting to pass all kinds of restrictive laws on law abiding citizens. Now over a year later no pushed through laws on the mental health issue.Just proves what they wanted to do all along was just pass more feel good gun laws to make more felons in the state and not address the real issue.

posted by: Noteworthy | June 16, 2014  1:50pm

Boycott and Stupidity Notes:

1. I urge the CT News Junkie to refuse to cover any more of these Monday and Friday press conferences that allow a free forum for politicians to mindlessly rant, rave and cast unchallenged, derisive comments at the opposite party.

2. Friday’s event was particularly stupid - when was the last time any of these pols, or any citizen in this state saw anybody but law enforcement walk into a Walmart or Target carrying a gun - let alone a loaded assault rifle? Ever see one at Starbucks? No and Never. So what’s the purpose of calling attention to what people can do in other states like Texas - 2000 miles from here?

3. Frankly, I am less afraid of a person who has a permit to conceal carry than a gangbanger. Why? Because those with a permit have undergone extensive background and safety training tests. They have unblemished personal records.

4. If these pols want cooperation from Republicans, then why not demand that Harry Reid allow votes on more legislation, on amendments, on anything that will get something done about a whole range of issues? Instead, they collectively sit on their backsides, silent and mute while the obstructionist of the U.S. Senate plays pocket veto for the White House. In the meantime, these “outrage days” are just really pathetic, shallow and pointless. These lame assaults on straw men should conjure up two words: Eric Cantor.

posted by: dano860 | June 16, 2014  6:37pm

The Ct firearms carry permit is not a concealed carry permit.
Let’s start with an understanding of the law #1.

posted by: lebron | June 17, 2014  9:38am

So our esteemed Representatives have asked the National Retail Federation to pass along to their membership a request aka an Order to ban firearms from their stores. Let’s look at the microcosm of replies to this article. Out of 32 posts, three (3) have been in favor of this little charade. So as a business leader where numbers are important, approx. 10% are in favor of this restriction.
I personally think this little stunt has a snowball’s chance in hell. But that is just my humble opinion.

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