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Crisis of Need Looms for Many Adults with Autism

by Hugh McQuaid | Apr 22, 2011 9:59am
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Posted to: Health Care, Housing, State Budget


It’s been called a looming crisis, an “autism tsunami” of need. It already affects thousands of adults with autism in Connecticut and will face thousands more children as they become adults.

With a few exceptions, if you’re an adult with an autism spectrum disorder, there’s just not much the state can do for you.

Outside of a limited program still in its infant stages, to even qualify for services through the Department of Developmental Services, adults with autism must also be diagnosed with some other intellectual disorder.

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(2) Comments

posted by: timelord | April 27, 2011  12:36am

Why is it even the State’s job to provide for these people for the rest of their lives?  You remain the responsibility of your family forever and they do the best they can to help you through your life. There is not need, and in fact it’s IMMORAL, but the taxpayers to bear the burden.

posted by: hawkeye | April 27, 2011  11:30am

It is unfortunate that due to the budget crunch—Gov. Malloy is deleting $340,000. requested by the autism division.