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Dan Malloy Says He’s Ready To Deal With The Deficit

by Theresa Freeman | Jul 28, 2010 1:16pm
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Posted to: Election 2010, LocalOnlineNews.TV

Theresa Freeman of LocalOnlineNews.TV talks to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy about his humble beginnings, public campaign financing, and how he would close the budget deficit - which Malloy says may be substantially more than current $3.4 billion estimates.

The interview is part of a series of interviews with all the gubernatorial candidates.

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(2) Comments

posted by: Ctkeith | July 29, 2010  10:53am

Now that the Malloy campaign has brought lawsuits involving race into the debate isn’t it the job of cts journalist to inform the public of The city of Stamford use of public money to cover up Malloys sons bigotry and ask what role he played in that affair?

posted by: eastrivertype | July 30, 2010  8:42pm

What garbage! With a $4.0 billion deficit does he really think we can or should spend more on ECS?  Why should teachers and children be more important than the elderly in nursing homes, public safety, fixing our roads and bridges or even perish the thought job creation.  Where will Malloy’s investment in CT come from?  It is about time for something other than platitudes.  Not that the other candidates have been up front either.  But I don’t care how any of them got here, I just want them to show me the money.  Malloy sounds like a traditional politician who is going to keep everyone’s program funded and make someone else pay.  His numbers don’t add up.  What garbage.