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Dems File Election Complaint Against Foley

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Posted to: Campaign Finance, Election 2014

Screengrab of ad (Updated 3:47 p.m.) The Connecticut Democratic Party filed an election complaint against Republican Tom Foley on Monday alleging that the campaign violated the clean election laws. Specifically, the Democrats say the Foley campaign spent more money than they could have had on hand, citing the campaign’s purchase of TV ads before it receive public funds.

Reserving time on TV with public funds isn’t against election laws, but the Democratic Party alleges that Foley’s campaign did it when most all of the $250,000 it raised in order to qualify would have been spent. Or at least that’s what they think happened.

According to the complaint filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission, on June 28 the Foley campaign disclosed that it had spent about $259,081. That would leave the campaign with about $10,918 to spend between June 29 and July 2. On July 1, Foley’s campaign spent more than $50,000 reserving airtime on all four major TV networks.

The ad, which features Foley’s wife Leslie bragging about how smart she thinks her husband is and what a good father he is to his kids, started airing today.

The Foley campaign called the complaint a distraction from the record of Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

“The Foley campaign has worked closely with the SEEC staff since opening the campaign to assure that we are compliant with the Commission’s rules and regulations,” the campaign said in an emailed statement. “We are confident we have been and remain compliant with the SEEC rules and regulations.”

The Democratic Party disagrees.

“If you dissect Mr. Foley’s expenditure practices, he undoubtedly exceeded the $270,000 limit between June 28, 2014 and July 2, 2014. There are notable expenditures Foley for CT would have needed to pay prior to qualifying on July 2,” the complaint states.

The two large unreported expenditures that Democratic Party highlights in the complaint are payroll for Foley’s campaign staff and production expenses for the television ad the campaign created.

The complaint states that Foley did not report paying his six staff at all between June 1 and June 27. If he paid these staff the complaint alleges that the campaign would have exceeded the $270,000 spending cap prior to receiving approval for the $1.35 million in public funds.

In 2010, Foley spent about $11 million of his own money on his campaign against Malloy. Foley gained statewide name recognition when he came within 6,404 votes of Malloy. This year he decided to use public financing instead.

That means he had to raise more than $250,000 in small donations under $100 per individual in order to qualify for public funds. After three tries, Foley succeeded at qualifying on July 2.

Entry into the Citizens’ Election Program has been viewed as essential to making a gubernatorial run. Last month, Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton abandoned his primary challenge of Foley when it became clear he would not be able to raise the donations needed to qualify for public financing.

When Foley announced last year that he would seek a rematch against Malloy, he signaled he would also be seeking to meet the public financing qualifications.

“Why should I pay for my own campaign?” Foley said. “I know I can, but why should I?”

He continued: “They’ve made the rules in Connecticut so that you pretty much can’t win unless you take the public financing or you write a huge check of your own.”

The Connecticut Democratic Party, which has become the attack dog for Malloy, is using the complaint as an example of why they don’t believe Foley is fit to be governor.

“We know Tom Foley has been cavalier in his fundraising, reckless in his filings, and incompetent in his organizational management, so this blatant campaign finance violation should come as no surprise. He’s trying to circumvent the rules,” Devon Puglia, a spokesman for the Democratic Party, said.

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(29) Archived Comments

posted by: GBear423 | July 7, 2014  1:52pm


hmmm, think they would learn from the GOP top o’ the ballot suit that these lawsuits seem frivolous in the extreme. 

There is also the fact that their candidate has been campaigning last 6 months across the country fund raising (funds denied later in court) and using TV ads promoting how incredibly awesome our business climate is here in Connecticut…  woops.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | July 7, 2014  2:03pm

Dem dems a be getin a nervous!


posted by: ocoandasoc | July 7, 2014  3:07pm

I wish the Dems worried as much about how they spend the CT taxpayers’ money as they do about how the Foley campaign spends theirs. “Frivolous” doesn’t seem to do justice to this complaint. “Stupid” probably fits better.

posted by: bob8/57 | July 7, 2014  4:05pm


Yep. That sounds like Tom. Vote Malloy!

posted by: state_employee | July 7, 2014  5:10pm

I still can not fathom why we the taxpayers pay millions of dollars for these men to run campaigns.  It is ridculous.  There should be a better way than spending money we do not have.
Aside from that, I think the dems are just trying to create a diversion.

posted by: NewtownMark | July 7, 2014  5:39pm

It must be exhausting making Malloy look competent so a law suit must be a welcome break for the Dem state committee

posted by: NoNonsense2014 | July 7, 2014  8:47pm

I find it interesting that several commenters think that allegations of violating campaign finance laws are “frivolous”. If the allegations brought by the Dems are substantiated (and it certainly seems that they HAVE done their homework), then Foley doesn’t care about obeying the law. Regardless what one feels about Malloy’s performance, is that what we want in a Governor?

posted by: NoNonsense2014 | July 7, 2014  8:57pm

This wouldn’t be the first time Foley has run afoul of campaign finance laws. Remember the $16,000+ fine he paid back in October for financing of a poll? Doesn’t speak well of the ethics of the candidate or his campaign.

posted by: shinningstars122 | July 7, 2014  9:57pm


Foley has to play by the rules just as much as Malloy.

It is simply hysterical that many of you fawn over this dude and fall on the sword for him.

“smarter policy and new direction”

My goodness is that all it takes? It is like taking candy from a baby with all you dudes and this bromance with Foley.

Substance please and policy specifics please….oh that won’t matter to you all.

Is his next ad going to feature the milkman testimonial or the local minister?

posted by: Hebee | July 7, 2014  10:41pm

Another feeble attempt to take the voter’s attention away from the embarrassingly poor job the Dems are doing in our State.

posted by: Chien DeBerger | July 8, 2014  7:16am

Well copying machines and fake voters in Bridgeport will not work this time, so it is time to change their strategy.

Funny how they never really want the people to vote on any of their agendas.

posted by: Bethy | July 8, 2014  10:57am


This is not a “racial” issue. Mr. Foley does not relate with ordinary working class citizens. His only purpose is to keep the rich in power…allowing them to treat their employees like low-class crap. Foley has severe “tunnel vision”. If you had a chance to see that commercial ad he ran yesterday, then you should be able to clearly see that it is not a true sign of reality for Connecticut Residents. Sorry, Malloy/Wyman gets my support and vote this come November 2014!

posted by: GBear423 | July 8, 2014  12:11pm


Yes he banked on the money being there and created an Ad, yes he appears to have asked his staff to go without pay a week with the likely intention to “back-pay” them. and yes if you follow the letter of the law it looks downright awful. Put the man in chains…
Compare that “frivolous” “nonsense” to Malloy who has been releasing press statements about this and that construction project, the Pro Business initiatives commercials released in CT and NY and the $55 checks to be mailed, and the faux surplus (thanx Lembo) which is actually money from the loans he has taken out to run our State, not to mention the teachers pension relief ploy (got him AFT endorsement). Bring up that he has been jet setting across the Nation raising money for the DGA with the hopes he could tap into that source (and was denied in court) ALL while he was unannounced as a candidate. He broke no laws but he sure has gotten away with a great head start politically AND financially. I think its frivolous yes, that the powerhouse Party is suing over a weak at best introductory commercial.

posted by: One and Done | July 8, 2014  1:58pm

I wish they’d be as concerned about spending 500 million to 2 billion a year that we don’t have.

posted by: NoNonsense2014 | July 8, 2014  3:07pm

@ GBear423: So let me get this straight… because Malloy was “promoting” himself before he actually announced for re-election (which is not illegal, and which he has been doing all along anyway), you are willing to give Foley a pass on violating state campaign finance laws, which IS illegal? Really? And by the way, the Dems are not suing over “a weak…commercial”, they have filed a complaint about violating LAW.

posted by: Bethy | July 8, 2014  3:15pm


Let’s get the facts buddy:  First of all “Malloy” is the Governor. It is his duty to report where the money is being invested in Connecticut…investment projects such as “construction”, “infrastructure”, “education”, “small businesses”, “roads, bridges”, etc. He is supposed to report that information to the tax payers. He reports his every move to the taxpayers. We know what our Governor is doing 24-7 via media, news, internet, etc. He’s supposed to keep us informed. The Malloy Administration has kept the public informed since the day he stepped in office…So that’s nothing new. It’s his job as Governor. As far as the $55 checks - the heck with that. Sorry that you were desperately waiting for $55. I’m glad he decided to put it in the “rainy day fund”...Next, he deserved the AFT endorsement and we stand by them! It was his job to raise money for the DGA, you’re so uneducated! But thank God for Common Core Standards, you need to look into that, because it helps people who think like you overcome your outdated thoughts!  Dan, unannounced as a candidate? “Everyone” knew when Dan announced his run for re-election! Especially via strong supporters like me :). There was no “hush, hush” about that. Lastly, Foley asked his employees to work for free for a week?  “Laughable”. And that’s a bold lie. Lastly, Foley has been doing “YouTube” Ad’s all around the state for the last month waaaay before July 2?  And someone’s recording him….Not for free buddy!  Got those dates buddy?  BUSTED!

posted by: GBear423 | July 8, 2014  3:43pm


I think I mentioned Malloy broke no laws, though he had to go back and pay for a trip to that dinner in DC where he used extra State Troopers.  You called me out on the frivolous comment so I defended my thoughts on what is clearly a frivolous lawsuit. Its up to a court to decide if there was a violation of LAW.  By the time that happens we’ll be neck deep in political ads, so what is the point. a Fine? oh dern. Its stupid and a waste of time, over a matter of timing. pfft.

posted by: SocialButterfly | July 8, 2014  3:58pm

Bethy:  You have it all wrong. Foley is a champion of job creation for the working class as a business leader through job creation, while Malloy has lock on the big city social benefits voters—which you cannot classify as the working class as these voters do not work but stay at home to collect their welfare checks.  Malloy is a failure in job creation for the working class. You said that Foley asked his employees to work free for one week. At least Foley gas employees. Malloy only creates welfare recipients who get paid for 52 weeks of free pay—without working.

posted by: Bethy | July 8, 2014  5:00pm


GBear423, I have no clue who your message is directed at, but i wasn’t talking to you. @Question Mark..NO! You got it all wrong..Malloy does not create “welfare” recipients. People apply for benefits due to hardships or whatever the case may be. I will not stand here and cold-heartedly bash those that need benefits to survive in this world. You don’t wear their shoes and you don’t know their woes! The poor, working class and middle class supports Malloy because he understands our life and he continuously demands justice for all! We love him for that. Next, Foley a job creator? You’re joking right? That man has ruined folks lives “shutting” down huge companies having a strong part in shipping jobs overseas! That was his life. That’s part of why he’s wealthy! Foley is a shame to this country..Yes, he’s a job creator alright - in other Countries! You’d be a fool not to vote for Malloy..We’re on the trail this weekend…Come join us, we’ll embrace you! :)

posted by: Abba | July 8, 2014  6:56pm

I attended Foley’s Bridgeport news conference in the spring. Among other things, he was uncertain about taking public funding. My takeaway was that the amount he would receive - $6 million - was right at the cusp of self funding and public funding. As a broader statement, the press did not treat him terribly kindly.

I heard him talk a few weeks later in a group that included a great many Republicans. None that I talked with thought he made a positive impression. To my mind he was ill prepared, spoke poorly and said nothing, certainly nothing that would convince me to vote for him.

posted by: Hebee | July 8, 2014  10:21pm

Bethy, are you Dan Malloy’s Mom?

posted by: NewtownMark | July 8, 2014  10:24pm

Bethy - your incredibly naive - CT is last in job creation, business climate, expense to operate a business and highest in people wanting to leave the state - that’s how Malloy and the Dems are “creating” welfare recipients. There is no opportunity to help themselves. As for getting rich by shipping jobs overseas, I suggest you do a little honest research on how Warren Buffet destroyed the RI and southeast MA economies to build his billions. He is one of the lefts biggest heroes these days. Cuts both ways. And while we’re on the topic, exactly how did Malloy make enough for him million dollar home?

posted by: NewtownMark | July 8, 2014  10:43pm

Yes - I know it’s you’re not your

posted by: shinningstars122 | July 9, 2014  6:08am


It looks like it is easier for the teaparty intelligentsia to attack a new comer, who actually makes some very rational points, instead of actually looking at what Foley may have done.

Lucky for the voters of CT the investigation in Foley is not something they will have any part in, their roles are only trolling here.

@Beth you have to get used to the FACT that the majority pf these white men who post here have no clue what a rationale perspective is or what reality is outside their narrow views of the world is.

You flood them with logic and they just ignore it.

I do believe this race will come down to how working women chose to vote.

Keep at it @Beth CT needs all the women in our state to stand up against the tyranny of teaparty patriarchy.

posted by: GBear423 | July 9, 2014  6:23am


@Bethy my buddy-  I was never directing comments to you. Apologies for any confusion.  Make sure to brush the teeth, all that Kool-Aid, you may get a tooth ache.

posted by: Bethy | July 9, 2014  7:29am


@NewtonMark, I am far from naïve. However, I do play dumb just to fit in with some folks. It [email protected] Hebee, YES, I am Dan’s mom. He has my eyes and my smile….He takes his good looks after me :) aren’t we both just adorable :) hahahahaaaaa…. Since I’m his momma, I expect you guys to get out and vote for my son. He deserves another term (y)

posted by: SocialButterfly | July 9, 2014  9:05am

Bethy:  If Malloy created jobs, his biggest voting bloc would not be social benefits voters. Our governor keeps these people poor.

posted by: NewtownMark | July 9, 2014  11:44am

Sorry mom but sonny boy is about as bad as we can do - I’m voting for anyone but Dannel - and BTW what’s up with that name?

posted by: Bethy | July 9, 2014  3:21pm


@QuestionMark and NewtownMark….we’re not sweating no-one…and there is nothing up with the name..Now respect the name..The Honorable Governor Dannel P. Malloy! :) that’s Connecticut’s guy…standing strong for the “working class”, “middle-class”, “Veterans”, “Disabled”, “Elderly”, and “all” the people of this state! You’ve never seen a Governor work as hard as this one buddy!  We WILL give him another term!

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