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Foley Concedes

by | Nov 8, 2010 2:57pm
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Posted to: Election 2010

(Updated: 4:24 p.m.) The Republicans want more answers about voting irregularities in last week’s gubernatorial election, but their candidate, Tom Foley, won’t drag it out.

After a weekend of scrutinizing allegations of fraud, Foley announced at a press conference Monday in Hartford that he’s formally conceding the race.

“The election on Tuesday although very close was a conclusive victory for Dan Malloy. This result should not be questioned. I hope my supporters would accept my word on this,” Foley said. “This race would not have been affected ... by what I have learned [took place] in Bridgeport.”

In gracious remarks, he even praised the press for treating him fairly and said that, following the press conference, he planned call and congratulate Malloy.

Democrat Dan Malloy defeated Republican Foley by 5,637 votes in last week’s gubernatorial election, according to the honest-to-goodness (maybe) “official” tally disclosed Friday by a spokesman for Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz.

At a 4 p.m. press conference, Malloy called Foley a “tremendously reasonable individual,” and said he understood Foley needed time to analyze the election results. He said the two had a brief, “cordial” conversation.

Foley said that, despite his close loss, he had no regrets about running.

“I made the decision to run for office after concluding that, win or lose, I would be better off for having tried. That has held true,” he said. “It has been an honor to run for governor in Connecticut.”

He also implied that his work in Connecticut isn’t over yet.

“Even though I will not be serving as your governor, I hope to use what I’ve learned to help our great state,” he said.

Thomas MacMillan Photo The state Republican Party announced Monday that it has turned up widespread “irregularities and improprieties” in how the voting was conducted in Bridgeport. It has asked the U.S. Attorney and the state’s attorney to investigate. Click here to read the GOP release.

Speaking to reporters before the press conference, state Republican chairman Chris Healy stopped short of alleging that voter fraud had taken place on Nov. 2.

“We believe something occurred that wasn’t right and we’re asking the proper people, who have the tools we don’t have, to investigate it,” he said, adding that the party’s investigation request would stand regardless of what Foley announced.

At the press conference Foley said he will not pursue a legal challenge to exclude the photocopied ballots used in Bridgeport last Tuesday after several polling stations ran out of ballots.

“Despite their irregularity, I do believe [the photocopied ballots] represent legitimate votes of well-intended voters and must be included in Tuesday’s results,” he said.

Foley said that excluding those ballots risks disenfranchising the voters who used them. Nonetheless, he said that, while his team was confident that no voter fraud took place, it was important to conduct some sort of review to figure out what went wrong in Bridgeport.

“I think certainly what happened in Bridgeport should be looked into because, despite what I’ve said today, the spectacle of what happened in Bridgeport does call into question the integrity of voting results here in Connecticut,” he said. “This race, 5,600 votes apart, would not have been affected, in my opinion, based on what we have been able to learn by the results in Bridgeport but had it been closer, and it could have been, it might have called into question the result and that should not happen, particularly here in Connecticut.”

Malloy later said he hopes that people “learned a lesson” on how many ballots to provide on Election Day. That said, “I think if there was a loser in all of the ongoing difficulties” in Bridgeport, “it was probably me.”

Tom Carson, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney, said mid-Monday afternoon that his office had no comment yet.

Click here, here, here, and here for coverage of the mishaps and botched tallies in Bridgeport this past week.

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(6) Archived Comments

posted by: Tony | November 8, 2010  4:37pm

Nancy DiNardo, State Democratic Chairman, should ask the state attorneys to investigate why the Bridgeport registrars ordered only 21,000 ballots.

If anyone has a complaint, it’s Democrats like Malloy and Himes who may have been cheated out of thousands of votes due to long lines, lack of ballots, voters just getting fed up and going home.

posted by: Dempsey Dem | November 8, 2010  5:06pm

Mistakes were made.  Use of copied ballots, while something to be avoided and accordingly prohibited in normal situations, were used effectively in an emergency application.  several changes would minimize the likelihood of this happenening again:
-Municipallities should print a minimum of 50% of their voter count for municipal elections, more for General, and full for Presidential.  The Registrars will still retain the ability to determine the final amounts.
-Pending legislation cleaning and clarifying the election statutes must be passed after four years of delays.
-Bridgeport and other large municipalities should work with local colleges and universities towards programs supplying trained student workers for elections.  There are already provisions for High School students to serve in some polling place positions.  Training programs for other polling place personell could be formalized and carried out by Registrars.
-Legislators should vollunteer to work on next years municipal elections to witness first hand the difficulties encountered in the polling places.
-Finally, the State needs to evaluate the advisability of transferring all the costs of ballots, programming, maintenance, audits, and replacements on municipalities who have less resources and have been especially hard on election budgets over the past several years.

posted by: hawkeye | November 8, 2010  8:51pm


Who cares that Dan Malloy and Jim Himes may have been cheated out of some votes?  They won, and the Election is over!

  Finished business!

posted by: hawkeye | November 9, 2010  10:04am

Dempsey Dem:  With Democrats, in complete control of the state, why don’t you express confidence, that your concerns won’t ber addressed?

posted by: Tony | November 9, 2010  3:09pm

Hawkeye, this isn’t the first time Bridgeport’s registrars (Sandy Ayala and Joe Borges) came under scrutiny. Chris Caruso sued the city in 2007 due to shady registrar behavior during the mayoral election. And in 2008, Borges was screaming about ACORN. Imagine that. ACORN registers voters. And Borges (and Ayala) make it so people CAN’T vote by not ordering enough ballots.

Borges and Ayala have done more to disenfranchise voters in this one election than should EVER be allowed in any election. They need to go.


And I would start working on that TODAY.

posted by: hawkeye | November 9, 2010  7:40pm

Tony:  It’s just a matter of time. I’m sure “some heads will roll” in Bridgeport.