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Foley Goes After McKinney And Malloy In Latest Ad

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screengrab The Republican gubernatorial primary race took a sharp turn into negative territory Wednesday when Tom Foley released a new ad likening his opponent, John McKinney, to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and accusing both of raising taxes.

The 30-second ad frames Foley, the 2010 Republican nominee for governor, as a political “outsider,” while calling McKinney, the senate minority leader, and Malloy “career politicians.” The ad was produced by Doug McAuliffe Strategic + Creative, a firm based in Virginia.

The attack ad comes just a day before Foley and McKinney are expected to debate in a forum sponsored by the Hartford Courant, and represents a full departure from the agreeable tone the candidates set during their first debate. During that debate, both Republicans chose to criticize Malloy’s policies rather than attack each other.

Foley’s new ad, called “Outsider,” cast Malloy and McKinney in the same negative light. The first segment of the ad is darkly shaded with ominous clouds over the state capitol and pictures of Malloy and McKinney. The latter 15 seconds feature brightly colored snippets of Foley interacting with his family and people who appear to be business owners.

“Dan Malloy, John McKinney: career politicians, insiders, using worn-out policies that cost jobs and hurt the economy,” a narrator says.

The narrator accuses both men of voting for higher taxes. The ad cites McKinney’s support for a 2005 bill which has increased the gas tax in the years since. The bill had broad, bipartisan support including unanimous support in the Senate, and funded transportation infrastructure improvements.

Foley’s new ad, although it is decidedly more negative, could be viewed as a response to McKinney’s first 30-second spot, released Tuesday. That ad, narrated by McKinney, was critical of Foley for saying he did not intend to cut state spending if elected governor. Foley has stated that he will hold spending level. In the ad, McKinney says he is the only candidate who intends to cut spending and shrink the size of government.

The ad features a video clip of Foley saying, “I’m not going to cut spending.” The video rewinds then repeats before McKinney appears on screen and says, “That’s not going to fix the problem.”

Wednesday, Foley spokesman Chris Cooper said their ad “would have been different if Senator McKinney had not opened with his ad.”

In a statement, McKinney characterized his campaign commercial as an effort to highlight differences between he and Foley. He called Foley’s ad a distortion.

“Tom Foley’s new ad attacking me as an insider has come earlier than we anticipated, but proves what we have known all along — this is a real race that’s getting closer every day and momentum has shifted in our favor,” he said. “Within 48 hours of launching our first ad focused on the real differences between us, Mr. Foley has resorted to distorting the facts in order to avoid the real issue — I have a plan to fix Connecticut and Tom Foley does not.”

Republicans will go to the polls in less than a month on Aug. 12 to pick a nominee for governor. Foley won the endorsement of Republican delegates at the convention in May and has a clear lead over McKinney in the most recent public polling results. Polling also suggest that voters are evenly split between supporting Foley and Malloy, who defeated Foley by just 6,404 votes in 2010.

The Malloy campaign did not immediately return calls for comment on this story.

Malloy does not face a primary opponent but his campaign began airing its own TV spot this week highlighting his handling of the natural disasters that have impacted the state, along with the Sandy Hook School shooting, and the $3.67 billion, single-year budget deficit he inherited when he took office.

“Through it all, Dan Malloy has been strong . . . steady . . . by our side,” a narrator says in Malloy’s ad.

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(9) Archived Comments

posted by: shinningstars122 | July 16, 2014  6:20pm


Do’h! No link to the new vid? It is not even up on his web site yet.

I guess I will see it between 6:25 PM and 6:30 PM tonight.

posted by: Fisherman | July 16, 2014  6:52pm

McKinney is un-electable after his stance on SB-1160.
Somebody tell him, please?

posted by: shinningstars122 | July 17, 2014  6:06am


Here is the ad folks, it is pretty generic and ineffective.

Let’s see if McKinney bloodies Foley’s nose tonight.

The plutocrat does has it coming.

posted by: SocialButterfly | July 17, 2014  11:52am

shinningstars122:  You won’t attack the plutocrat currently occupying the governor’s office because he is a Democrat.  You continue to attack
Republicans “who have not buried the state in debt,” and absolve the in-power Democrats of their comitted deficit madness sins as a one-topic writer.

posted by: GBear423 | July 17, 2014  12:26pm


“does *haz* it coming”

grammar folks, we needz to use it.

I have sat with both of these candidates and both have what it takes to be governor imho.  McKinney has a lot of ideas on fiscal ideas and will bring a lot of substance to a debate.  I hope Tom can engage him, though I have my doubts.

posted by: LongJohn47 | July 17, 2014  1:39pm

So where’s the SEEC filing that shows how much was spent to make this ad?  Any work done before July 1st must be declared on the 2nd quarter filing, but there was nothing.

Foley has shown utter disdain for the basic rules governing campaign finance.  What would he do as Governor with a $20+ billion budget?  Why should we trust him to run the state?

It’s too bad for the Rs that McKinney has pissed off the gun nuts and made himself unelectable in a primary.  If you want an alternative to Malloy, it’s McKinney.

posted by: NoNonsense2014 | July 17, 2014  3:33pm

@LongJohn47: Well said. Not all R’s are gun nuts, however. I plan to vote for McKinney on August 12.

posted by: SocialButterfly | July 17, 2014  4:01pm

LongJohn47:  Who made you the judge and jury to convict Foley for utter disdain of basic rules of governing campaign finance?

posted by: LongJohn47 | July 17, 2014  10:27pm

?Mark—I know the rules.  They’re pretty simple.  Foley has nothing in his latest filing that accounts for creating this ad. 

He also doesn’t report salaries that presumably were paid in June since the people concerned are seemingly still on the payroll. 

He’s playing fast and loose with public financing, taking the money but not playing by the rules.

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