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Hartford Lawmaker Arrested

by Staff Report | Mar 1, 2011 2:13pm
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Posted to: Courts, State Capitol, Hartford

(Updated Wednesday at 11:10 a.m.) A former Hartford police officer and lawmaker was arrested Tuesday and charged with collecting on-duty pay from the city while working private duty jobs for which he was also paid.

Hector Robles, 39, was arrested by inspectors from the Financial Crimes Bureau in the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney on a warrant charging him with two counts of first degree larceny.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, Robles falsified his timesheets with the Hartford Police Department by claiming he was on duty when he was actually working private duty jobs.

Investigators determined that between September 2008 and September 2009 Robles defrauded the police department out of $10,651.81, according to the warrant.

Robles, a Democrat from the sixth House District, who won re-election, was fired from his job as a police officer in November.

Robles was released on a written promise to appear and will be arraigned in Hartford Superior Court, G.A. No. 14, on March 8, 2011. The case is being prosecuted by the Financial Crimes Bureau in the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney.

House Speaker Chris Donovan said Wednesday morning that he had spoken with Robles earlier in the day about the effects his arrest may have on the General Assembly.

“I suggested that he step down given the distractions that will take place in terms of him carrying out his duties as a legislator. He said he would be talking to his lawyer and getting back to me. So that’s the brief conversation we’ve had at this point,” he said.

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(3) Comments

posted by: Matt W. | March 1, 2011  5:05pm

Matt W.

As info: Mr. Robles is a Democrat serving the 6th Assembly District.

posted by: hawkeye | March 1, 2011  7:59pm

Matt W:  What elso is new, Matt?  The story already dislosed that Rep. Hector Robls is a Democrat from the 6th House District.  It’s no secret.

posted by: Matt W. | March 2, 2011  12:11pm

Matt W.

Yes Hawk, it does now.  The original story did not.