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‘I Don’t Expect To Have Any Political Capital Lying Around’

by | Jun 21, 2013 3:00pm
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Posted to: Election 2014

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Friday he has not decided whether to seek re-election next year but suggested he has not been saving political capital to carry him into a second term.

“I don’t shy away from managing on a long-term basis in the hopes that the short term will take care of itself. I don’t expect to have any political capital lying around on any given day, week, month, year, term,” Malloy said Friday after a state Bond Commission meeting.

The governor was responding to a question regarding his 2014 re-election plans in light of a recent Quinnipiac University poll that indicated he was currently about 3 points behind his 2010 Republican rival Tom Foley.

Malloy was quick to dismiss the significance of the poll. The survey was an early take on an election that is still 17 months away.

“I will remind you that approximately at this point three years ago, that poll had me down [to] my Democratic opponent by 22 points. I won the primary by 16,” he said.

Asked if his answer implied an intention to run again, Malloy said “No. I think decisions are yet to be made.”

This week’s poll found voters evenly split on the governor’s approval rating and about 44 percent said they believe he deserves to be re-elected. Forty-six percent said he did not. Since being elected Malloy has struggled to exceed a 50-percent favorability rating.

Although he said he does not comment on polls, Malloy said he has handled some polarizing issues in his first term.

“I’m a governor who got hired to turn this state around. I’ve had to make some really tough decisions in doing that,” he said.

Malloy said during his first term he worked to pass a controversial education reform package. He said the bill made him popular with some circles and unpopular in others. The poll indicated voters were split 43-43 percent on their opinion of his handling of education.

Voters surveyed largely disapproved — 57 to 35 — of the governor’s handling of the economy. Meanwhile, 79 percent thought the state’s economy was either getting worse or remaining the same. Malloy blamed a sluggish national recovery for the perception that the state’s economy has not improved. He said people are surprised when he points out that 36,000 have been created since he took office.

“The rough belief out there is that we’ve not created any jobs. We have created 36,000 private sector jobs at the same time that we have shrunk government. I would love people to understand that,” he said.

The governor said that for people who are unemployed, the state’s job growth has not been adequate. But he suggested the news media was responsible for the perception that no jobs had been created during his tenure.

“The banner headlines aren’t ‘36,000 jobs created,’ it’s ‘a company with 65 jobs is going to leave the state,’” he said.

Asked if his policies were at all responsible for the perception that job growth has been slow in Connecticut, Malloy chose instead to answer by taking credit for the jobs that have been created.

“I think our policies have absolutely contributed to the job growth in the state of Connecticut,” he said.

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(10) Archived Comments

posted by: Noteworthy | June 21, 2013  5:16pm

Malloyism Notes:

1. Malloyism is a belief in one’s self that nobody else has except the Dome Dwellers on the Democrat side.

2. Malloy was not hired to “turn this state around.” If Foley had been elected, he could say the same thing. Malloy was just elected, that’s all.

3. Malloy has made tough decisions. It is not a tough decision to lie and mislead. Nor is it a tough decision to raise taxes by more than $3 billion dollars.

4. It is also not a tough decision to go on a spending spree - billions in new spending; more welfare, more debt; more security for yourself; trips and personal appearances ad nauseum. It’s not hard to spend other people’s money on bear exhibits, UCONN, and $30 million for a $9 million garage that needs rehab.

5. If Malloy was really managing for the long term, he needs to define the long term because as far as the eye can see, there is nothing but red ink, more debt and deficits. Just how far do we have to look?

6. Malloy is absolutely running again. He’s too ego driven to do otherwise.

7. Blaming others for your own ratings is a hallmark of Malloyism. It’s the feds; the media; it’s the economy, Rell, Rowland. Malloy should listen to Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror.

8. Political capital is fleeting. It can be squandered which is precisely what has happened. If there is any, it’s found only among the Dome Dwellers.

posted by: art vandelay | June 21, 2013  7:20pm

art vandelay

If Malloy decides not to seek a second term it would open the door to even more left wing liberal candidates like Toni Harp, Toni Walker or Don Williams who would put this state in a deeper mess than it already is.  I don’t see this state ever electing another Republican in my life time.  Even an ultra right wing conservative candidate were elected Governor he would end up with a Senate and House that could override any of his vetoes.
The majority of Democrat leaders in the House and Senate come from districts that are untouchable.

posted by: perturbed | June 21, 2013  9:11pm


“Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Friday he has not decided whether to seek re-election next year…”


Wow! This is…wait a minute..

...is this good news or bad?

Certainly for the state it would be fantastic news if Malloy finally admitted—[ahem]—acknowledged his shortcomings. But as a state employee, I was certainly hoping for a governor that isn’t as closely aligned with our lousy scumbag unions that betrayed us. (Malloy was willing to grant certain concessions to the union leaders and, in return, our union leaders threw us under the bus.) The best chance we have of getting a governor who’s not willing to horse-trade with our unions is if Malloy runs. (He’d lose, guaranteed.) If Malloy doesn’t run, it’s not a given that even an incompetent opposing party candidate could win.

”...but suggested he has not been saving political capital to carry him into a second term. “

Ha-ha! Good one! He really does have potential as a stand-up comedian. “Saving political capital?” Ha! “Saving?”

Any shred of political capital he’s ever had as governor was *borrowed* (just like all the rest of the capital he’s been spending).

—perturbed (but hopeful)

posted by: lkulmann | June 22, 2013  8:20am

“I’m a governor who got hired to turn this state around. I’ve had to make some really tough decisions in doing that,” he said.
If this state does not change it will not be affordable for most of us. There will be the rich and the poor with nothing in between. The rich will toss out a few scraps for the poor people to fight over and use us in their lab studies like lab rats. I can definitely see it happening.
If Governor Malloy is going to change all that…I’m in.

posted by: Fisherman | June 22, 2013  9:37am

WAIT… WHAT?  Danny-boy says: “I don’t shy away from managing on a long term basis in the hopes that the short term will take care of itself” ?

If Mr. Malloy had ACTUALLY managed Connecticut under that credo, he MIGHT have had a chance to be re-elected… but… quite the opposite. He sold-out Connecticut’s long-term future in an attempt to make the short-term appear better than dismal situation that it is. Promises of GAAP are long-gone; businesses are closing-down or relocating to other states in record number, and our state is now buried in debt, while we are constructing a bus-way that few will use. What a waste of resources.

Malloy has permitted every fund to be raided; and now thinks Keno is a “funding mechanism”.

He is surely “one-and-done” here in Connecticut… but I suspect that we will hear shortly that the National Democratic Party has big plans for him in the future.  Good riddance.

posted by: bob8/57 | June 22, 2013  2:56pm


Malloy is the best governor this state has had in generations and the only one I’ve liked in my lifetime. Ignorant galoots with no knowledge of economics or political realities find him an easy target but if the election were this year rather than next he would still be beat the presumptive republican candidate, Foley.

posted by: state_employee | June 22, 2013  7:52pm

He is a pathetic shame.  He pushed a bus way through a cemetery.  The headstones are just feet away from construction.  Such sacrilege. 
Political payback, big paying jobs for friends, trips to everywhere, higher taxes, closing of businesses, corporate welfare etc…
We are in big trouble because of his decisions. 
He should be so ashamed of himself.
People who campaigned for and supported him are sorry and some have even registered as republican.
State employees will not re elect him.  He has pissed off every one.
I have been a democrat my whole life but will never vote for him or ANY democrat currently in office. 

posted by: Commuter | June 22, 2013  11:50pm

Malloy does make an accurate point that the media doesn’t write the real stories very much or well. In story after story there is little more than repetition of whatever non-news statistic, survey, or economist blathering about taxes being too high, and he-said she-said, and horse race. Asking him about this meaningless poll is just one example.

posted by: lkulmann | June 23, 2013  8:36am

Well if you need some cash go over to Department of Social Services and there’s an extra billion over at Departments of Developmental Services. Take my son’s portion. There should be 18yrs worth over in there somewhere. No no wait! That Greek guy embezzled it. Forget it, its gone. Go into SpEd there’s a ton of unused money over there. Then go to Medicaid. That department has the biggest a stash of all. All the home care denials for my son alone will cover all the expenses nicely. Go ahead buddy. I’ll come check you if I need a favor sometime. Its all good.

posted by: lkulmann | June 23, 2013  8:48am

And grab the medication denials. The ones that are denied because a State regulator says they are not medically necessary. Yea the doctor orders the expensive ones so take that stash and this way you take the whole family. Have fun! I’ll just sit here and watch my son have grand mal convulsions. My caseworker denied CVS payment. She said the seizure med is medically unnecessary but she will pray for us. God helps those who help themselves, she said. Have a blessed day.