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Malloy: ‘I Never Talk To A Chair’

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Posted to: Election 2012

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy hasn’t decided exactly what he will say at the Democratic National Convention next week in Charlotte, but he knows he won’t be talking to a chair.

The comment, which came after the state’s monthly Bond Commission meeting Friday, was a dig at Clint Eastwood, who spoke Thursday at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Eastwood used an empty chair as a prop to pretend he was speaking to President Barack Obama.

“I may bring a chair up with me and talk to it. That was one of the high points of the entire convention,” Malloy joked.

“It’s a short speech, but it’s not going to be about me. I’m not like other governors,” Malloy said, taking a dig at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Malloy and Christie often spar over tax policies both on and off national television.

Christie addressed the Republican National Convention on Tuesday and spoke about his upbringing before endorsing Mitt Romney.

Speeches from people talking about themselves at the RNC were “rampant,” Malloy said.

But on a more serious note, Malloy said he’s going to talk about what Obama has done and what’s at stake if Romney and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan are elected. Obama is up seven points over Romney in Connecticut, according to the latest Quinnipiac University poll.

Malloy is expected to speak around 6 p.m. Wednesday, which is not a prime time slot. He said he doesn’t know how long he’ll be given at the podium, but said he believes it will be brief.

“You know me. I can get to the point sometimes. I can ramble sometimes. But I never talk to a chair,” Malloy said.

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(17) Archived Comments

posted by: skyrocket27 | August 31, 2012  12:36pm

I look forward to Governor Malloy speaking about what President Obama “has done.” To preview, President Obama’s policies have resulted in a historical debt, no budget being passed in over 3 years, household income down by 5% over the past 3 years, 1 in every 3 Americans on welfare, 23 million Americans out of work and the shipping of American “stimulus” money and jobs overseas.

Given this record and these facts, I’m certain the Governor will have no shortage of things to talk about.

posted by: AntonK | August 31, 2012  1:47pm

He may not talk to a chair, but as far as I’m concerned, he can talk to the hand.

posted by: joemanc | August 31, 2012  2:35pm

He doesn’t talk to chairs - he talks to our wallets, the ones he dipped his hands into last year.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS | August 31, 2012  2:36pm

It’s a short speech, but it’s not going to be about me. I’m not like other governors,” Malloy said, taking a dig at New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Malloy and Christie often spar over tax policies both on and off national television.

For Real.Both of you governors sold out Teachers and State workers.

posted by: CB427 | August 31, 2012  4:23pm

I wonder if the Governor will mention his major accomplishments: Highest Tax Increase in the history of the state and giving tax payer funds to a highly profitable hedge fund.

posted by: Jesterr72 | August 31, 2012  4:56pm

Malloy wouldn’t talk to a chair because the chair would steal the spotlight.  Eastwood was brilliant and could have been talking just as easily to Malloy as Obama - screwing up?...We the People need to get rid of him!

posted by: newview | August 31, 2012  7:44pm

Some time ago…our Lt. Governor once looked at the “Guv” as though she were in awe….now she looks at him like…“shut-up ya blow-hard, and get off the podium”..... I hope she doesn’t feel alone in her well wishes!  There are many of us saying the same thing!  Maybe the Guv should fly solo for a while and let the Lt Gov. regain her stomach! :)

posted by: SarahS | August 31, 2012  7:46pm

Sorry to be a dissenter but I like Gov. Malloy and think he’s doing a good job in a hard situation. Every state in the union is dealing with a bad economy and lack of federal support- it’s not some personal failing of Malloy!

posted by: Lawrence | August 31, 2012  8:03pm

The national GOP engaged in political malpractice at their convention. It was an embarassment and a huge, missed opportunity.

Christie was lambasted by CONSERVATIVE bloggers, Ryan’s speech was a fact-checking nightmare/dream, Romney did not once mention THE BILLION DOLLAR WARS THAT BUSH & CHENEY REFUSED TO FUND AND WHICH HAVE KILLED THOUSANDS OF AMERICAN SERVICEMEN, Clint Eastwood—whom I admire—was horrible, their campaign platform is an insult to hundreds of millions of Americans, and the racist spewing against the CNN camerawoman was likely accepted by most Americans as “Well, they’re Republicans—what do you expect?”

The governor can talk about balancing a budget and investing in job growth. Obama can address a nation that is not entirely comprised of Romney’s world of mutli-millionaire white businessmen and the GOP House’s world of angry, gun-toting white males. 

In other words, the governor and the president can talk to the sensible 85% of American while Romney and the GOP can cuddle the loud, lunatic fringe right.

posted by: Christopher55 | August 31, 2012  9:26pm

I think the chair would have more intelligent comments then our Governor would, and would someone please teach Nancy Wyman how to smile?

posted by: CB427 | September 1, 2012  10:13am

As a single indicator on the health of the overall economy for those on a fixed retirement income, look at the interest rates for CDs over the past few years.

The next indicator on the promises of the ACA, the 2013 premium for Medicare. Any forecasts the premium will decline ?

Why did one of the most profitable Hedge Funds receive a gift of millions from CT ?

Would the graduating college seniors rather have a discount on their student loans and continue, without choice, to live at home or a job to start their lives and career ?.

Clint Eastwood…..an unscripted moment without the use of tele-prompters that conveyed a message which prompts: Are you better off today than four years ago ? Expectations in CT and the US for the next four years,  continue the same path or ?,

posted by: CT Jim | September 1, 2012  10:22am

The Governor should talk about what he’s done in CT compared to Christie in NJ. Notice that Christie didnt talk that much about his NJ revival because there isnt one after slashing everything in the public sector he is left with a unemployement rate of just under 10% with revenues down because nobodys working another deficit is looming for Mr Christie the city of Camden NJ is so broke it was considering laying off their entire police force and renaming the dept to try to stick it to the police union. Oh by the way Camden has the highest crime rate in NJ. So go Governor speak about brining good paying jobs to CT while Christie is left walloing in a pool of twinkies

posted by: ALD | September 1, 2012  10:24am

“In other words, the governor and the president can talk to the sensible 85% of American while Romney and the GOP can cuddle the loud, lunatic fringe right.”

Lawrence,  Do you really think if 85% of the American people were sensible in how we vote that this country and state would be in the conditions they are in?? 

How we seem to pay attention to the details from both sides of the story when we consider how we vote suggests to me that far less than 85% of us are sensible.

For example.  I don’t consider it sensible to suggest that our Governor can talk about balancing the budget here in CT when after the biggest tax increase in our history, and the non application of honest GAAP accounting methods he promised, he still managed to spend us into another deficit.  It would be more sensible for him to talk about balancing the budget as a still future goal.

I don’t consider it sensible for him to claim he is investing in jobs when he is giving away hundreds of millions of dollars to companies to who don’t need that money, to bribe them to stay here.  It’s more sensible to talk about the pay off for any investment in jobs when the time comes companies actually create those same jobs without the use of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to do so.

But until we actually vote sensibly, that time here in CT will never again come.

I guess like it all depends on what the definition of the word Is, Is.  It all depends on your definition of sensible.  I suspect mine is different than yours.

posted by: lkulmann | September 1, 2012  11:32am

Clinton Eastwood was so cute doing that little act with the chair…Good actors on that convention. It felt so real and it brought me back to when my parents came to America to try to have a better life for themselves and their kids. It is so true. I lived it. It just wasn’t as blatantly corrupt back then as it is now….those days are history. Democrats are living in and dealing with the present time and moving forward the only way that makes any sense…to me anyway. It is what it is. Good convention tho…like a bedtime story about the past. Comforting but just another story about the old days….

posted by: SocialButterfly | September 1, 2012  8:29pm

Lawrence;  not too many life-time Democratic hacks like you, Lawrence, would like the Republican Convention.  your dissapointment is then classified as “Political.”
However, don’t blame Republicans for the massive $5.2 trillion dollar federal deficit accomplished vy Pres. Barack Obama in the past 44 months, who got help from is favorite Red Rubber Stamp Congreessman from Connecticut—Chris Murphy. Mitt Romney and Linda McMahon will give both of these deficit spenders, who have left 23 million workers jobless, THEIR WALKING PAPERS—on Election Day. Then GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA!

posted by: CB427 | September 2, 2012  1:00pm

UConn’s significant tuition increases of 6.5%. Yet now another Master Plan to improve the appearance of the Campus, inclusive of the UConn Dairy Bar ? Who will pay ? College tuition increases have exceeded the cost of medical care, shelter, CPI and food since 1980. Student loan balances are at a record high.

State Bond Commission: $3 Million loan for 107 jobs and $7 Million for 200 jobs, both forgiven if the jobs goal are attained.No doubt jobs are needed, but they are funded at a CT taxpayer cost to profitable companies. Inclusive of the funds recently given to the largest and most profitable hedge fund for a new facility.

posted by: Linda12 | September 4, 2012  8:14pm


Talk to the chair…no one else is listening. You are done in CT….one and done Dannel!

Just show up for the next two years..that’s all you have left.

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