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Intern Gone Wild

by | Apr 16, 2008 5:48pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: State Capitol

(Special thanks to spazeboy for uploading this to YouTube)

At a forum on Connecticut’s history of disciplining public officials Tuesday, a legislative intern known for sporting a Fedora at work made some wild accusations about what goes on around the Capitol.

“Eighty percent of the legislators here have some form of corruption, whether in their background or right now,” the intern for three House Democrats said at Tuesday’s forum, according to video footage from the Connecticut Network.

The video is one of the most viewed on the Connecticut Network Web site and has legislators talking about the four-minute dialogue that the intern, Michael Marsulo, had with the panelists.

“From liquor and smoking in a state facility, from sex in actual offices to kickbacks from lobbyists…” Marsulo said.

More than one legislator joked that they would like to know where the sex is happening so they could get some and many were asking each other if they were part of the 80 percent or the 20 percent.

Former Lt. Gov. Kevin Sullivan of West Hartford told the intern Tuesday that in 1970 he started his internship at the Capitol and it led him to want to run for public office. He said the bulk of the people here are good people. “There are some bums, but there aren’t very many,” Sullivan said.

“This is what you get from politicians,” Marsulo responded. 

Earlier during the exchange Marsulo said, “I can’t reveal a lot of where my sources are right now. I will in the future.”

Rep. Kathy Tallarita, D-Enfield, who is in charge of the Internship program at the Capitol, said Wednesday outside the House Chamber she is taking measures to address the situation. She said the three legislators the intern works for have had no issues with him.  He works for Rep. Kevin Ryan, D-Oakdale, Rep. Sandy Nafis, D-Newington, and Rep. Jeff Berger, D-Waterbury.

“We’ve never had to deal with someone being so disrespectful,” Tallarita said.

She said this year’s interns are some of the best and brightest she has seen in her 10 years at the Capitol. She said she hired 96 interns out of 200 applicants. Most interns receive college credit for interning at the Capitol and receive only a stipend to cover their mileage.

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(19) Archived Comments

posted by: Steven G. Erickson | April 17, 2008  12:52am

Are legislators getting self and mutual service, while constituents don’t get “service” of any kind?

It has long been suspected that legislators in Connecticut go into politics to serve themselves, their families, and their friends, nothing about “public” service.

If we pay them, we should have cameras with audio on them. Clerks at a 24 hour store making minimum wage have cameras on them. These bozos have control of 100’s of millions of dollars, and they are bopping each other, 10 ways to Sunday, partying like rockstars.

Enough is enough.

The little people that say “boo” get it in you know where.


posted by: jeffreykerekes | April 17, 2008  8:36am

Was this an attempt to become a You Tube star in the “don’t taze me bro” style or can this person substantiate his claims?  If he has details, he should bring them forward so we can clear out the corrupt officials.  This needs to be done on all levels.  People need to gather facts and details.  Depending on what the allegation is, there are outside agencies able to pick up the investigation.

posted by: cedarhillresident | April 17, 2008  10:14am

“I can’t reveal a lot of where my sources are right now. I will in the future.”
He should of kept his mouth shut untill he could reveal his sources. Right now like Jeffery said he is no more than a joke. But if he has proof he should of presented it.

posted by: Ned | April 17, 2008  10:45am

Public service means that the public serves you (and your friends).  I thought the guy was funny and way cuter than the windbags and alleged crooks he was addressing.

posted by: KRIS JONES | April 17, 2008  1:14pm

you are a total waste of life please find a purpose with yourself and make the world a better place.

posted by: anton | April 17, 2008  4:10pm

Wow! Nobody knew that the State capitol was a smouldering, dope smoking whorehouse until the evidence-free Marsulo came along. (Oh, Steven G. Erickson knew, of course, but he’s always known).


posted by: Tom Doniphon | April 17, 2008  5:21pm

Not his only Youtube exposure

posted by: Connecticut Bob | April 17, 2008  9:55pm

Christine, please follow up on this story Friday.  I’m curious about the fallout from this kid’s brash statements.

posted by: Steven G. Erickson | April 17, 2008  10:22pm

If the person that made the testimony in the video, is lying, I think it should fall under some sort of perjury charge.

If you testify at a hearing, one would expect that you would have to tell the truth.

So, I do hope the story is followed up on. If there is no requirement to tell the truth at hearings, even the politicians would be more brazen in their actions.

posted by: theb | April 18, 2008  5:15am

It was not a hearing; it was an informal panel discussion for legislative interns held by CCSU.  They just happened to borrow one of the legislature’s hearing rooms for the panel discussion.

posted by: strike 3 | April 18, 2008  9:48am

Perjury?  dude, seriously. What if it’s his third strike. Send him away forever!!!!!

posted by: whatever | April 18, 2008  11:02am

this kid has no evidence for what he said. he is a joke, and in my opinion, someone who is privileged enough to be hired as an intern should never even think about making statements like this. He is a moron, and you know what, i think he is in fact a dirtball and a lowlife. Grow up dude

posted by: Steven G. Erickson | April 18, 2008  11:55pm

To “whatever”:

Being an intern should not be about owing favors, or agreeing with law breaking,  and the “thing of ours”.

That is how a Mafia-like organization is run.

So, if elected officials are corrupting the morals of young adults, showing that the system collects taxes, is just a big party, and the “little people” pay for it, hats off to the guys and gals that don’t take the first tribute of the devil.

Cops in Serpico’s day in NYC would be given a little “cut”, an envelope with cash. Take that first envelope, you are bought. So, a dirty intern, taking “tributes” could end up being an “owned” judge doing the bidding of the rich and powerful in Connecticut.

So, either this intern is a hero and can help change a system that is very dirty, or if he is a liar, and did harm to so many that work everyday for honest reforms, I hope that he is punished to the full extent of the law if he is lying.

But ... my hope is that he is telling the 100% truth to finally get in motion some cleaning up of the official corruption in Connecticut.


posted by: whatever | April 19, 2008  12:06pm

ok, so if he is telling the truth, don’t you think he would have come forward with his “sources” by now? don’t you think that there are other people who work in the connecticut legislature that would be interested to know where and how he got his information. it would be those “20 percent” of people that should want to know what is really going on, and seeing as he has created such a stir, and has not revealed any sort of incriminating evidence, i do not believe he has any actual sources. Like Sullivan said, there may be some bums there but not very many. He needs to reveal some of his sources if he actually has any, which he obviously does not. And he should also know that wearing a hat inside a state building is unacceptable no matter who you are. Doesn’t he know anything? C’mon man, get a grip. I stand by my first comment, this kid is an absolute joke.

posted by: Steven G. Erickson | April 20, 2008  1:35pm

If someone tells lies, on the record, on live television, they should be punished somehow.

Citizens, and even officials, should not do public harm “for free”, meaning no punishment.

But, from what he testified to, is about felonies being committed and he testified to officials, if the officials don’t go to the proper authorities to have the behavior investigated, then the officials can be arrested for this:

I was in Connecticut, near a court yesterday. What could have been overheard by others: temporary workers in the judicial branch are hired as favors, they have little work to do, and can claim that their address is across the state and collect an extra one thousand dollars or so for driving expenses.

This type of taxpayer fraud in Connecticut’s judicial branch is from the up to the down, up and down, across the board. If you want to look for the sleaziest stories of taxpayer abuse look in the Judicial branch first, the executive branch second, and the legislative as a distant third.

posted by: keila | April 20, 2008  1:39pm

can’t we all just get along? corruption makes america.

posted by: Richard Ferrari | April 21, 2008  10:01am

Ok, I just wanted to clarify some information contained in the article.

We don’t hire interns. These are college students from all over the state who are recomended and interested in learning how the state government works and get credits for working with legislators. The Internship Committee meets usually in November and interviews around 115 to 125 students and it chooses about 90 of those interviewed and offers them the opportunity to work at the legislature during the session. When budget conditions permit we offer milage reimbursement only, they don’t get paid.

The internship committee has legislative members from both parties and both the House and the Senate. Staff members are also part of the selection process since some legislators cannot alway make the meetings.

Generally, most interms and legislators work well togeather. Interns actually do a lot of work with the staff and they attend specific workshops about the budget, taxes and other items to insure they take away a meaningful learning experience.They are also required to write several papers so what they have learned can be evaluated.

As in any job or in life bumps in the road are ocasionally encountered and we usually work through them. Like every walk of life or job experience you get some good folks and those who are not so good.


posted by: Thebombdiggity | April 21, 2008  12:11pm

Citizens of Connecticut;

While corruption might run gammut in some walks of legislative practices, accusations made by a intern with less then 2 months expierience within the state legislature simply CANNOT be taken seriosly without proper evidence provided.

If the country music dancer were to come foward with his sources then I would feel much more comfortable dealing with these allegations but until then I propose cheapening these damn gas prices.

posted by: Suvani | April 21, 2008  8:16pm

I think this is hilariuos. Mr. Erickson you need to have a mellow drink,get some tonight,smoke a cigerate and when you get on “Intern gone wild”  talk about “GAS PRICES.“Just relax a little there is more to life than worring about a intern.Anyways I think he should of started stripping to add some more laughs.He will make a good politician “NOT…” politicians are liars and currupt themselvas.But I would like to see you and him go at it in a disscusion. THE FINALLY OF INTERN GONE WILD!!!

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