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‘It’s not a birther bill, it’s a birth certificate bill’

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Posted to: State Capitol

Despite the fact that it’s a blue state, Connecticut has been at the forefront of challenging President Barack Obama’s citizenship, first with a lawsuit in 2008 that has since been dismissed and now with a piece of legislation from Republican Sen. Michael McLachlan of Danbury.

But McLachlan denies his legislation has anything to do with Obama’s citizenship.  Obama was born in Hawaii, but there are groups of people called “birthers,” which don’t believe it.

“It’s not a birther bill, it’s a birth certificate bill,” McLachlan said Monday.

The bill, which has yet to be raised by the General Administration and Elections Committee, requires presidential and vice presidential candidates to present their birth certificates before their names are placed on the ballot in Connecticut.

McLachlan did not want to talk about the conspiracies surrounding Obama’s citizenship he said he simply wanted to write legislation that requires it going forward to stop the arguments about who qualifies. McLachlan said Sen. John McCain’s citizenship was also challenged by a Senate panel.

McCain, the Republican presidential candidate in 2008, was born in Panama Canal Zone and there was questions raised about his citizenship too.

McLachlan said he just wants to put the whole thing to rest once and for all and not have the state waste time and money going forward. He said similar legislation is pending in other states.

“If you need a birth certificate to get your drivers license you should have to produce one to be president,” McLachlan said.

But the very existence of the legislation has some inside the Democratic Party wondering what’s going on with Republicans.

“At a time when Connecticut faces a significant budget shortfall, it’s ridiculous that Senate Republicans are focusing on tired political attacks that have nothing to do with the issues facing Connecticut,” Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo said Monday.

“Our Democratic leaders are focusing on real solutions to move Connecticut forward, and their Republican colleagues in the Senate should join them,” DiNardo added.

McLachlan doesn’t disagree that the most important issue facing the state is its fiscal mess. However, he said he felt it was important to settle this issue once and for all, so no more time and money are spent disputing it.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy wondered why McLachlan was picking on McCain.

“You know, listen, I think we should honor our constitution and I think John McCain was eligible to run for president so I don’t know why the senator’s picking on John McCain,” said Malloy.

In past years the Senate Republicans have prevented any bills from the General Administration and Elections Committee from being debated by loading them up with amendments. McLachlan said in the past Republican leadership has insisted on the establishment of a Senate ethics committee before moving forward with any legislation.

Republicans are still upset an ethics committee was set up to investigate former Sen. Louis DeLuca, while no investigation was launched into former Sen. Thomas Gaffey’s misconduct.

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(10) Archived Comments

posted by: saramerica | January 31, 2011  4:18pm


Oh I’m so glad he cleared that up.

Another politician dealing in semantics instead of solutions. Just what we need at this critical juncture.

posted by: CT Bill | January 31, 2011  6:23pm

Is Sen. McLeachlan suggesting that President Obama can’t drive? Does he have videotape of Obama not driving??

posted by: AndersonScooper | January 31, 2011  9:09pm

What a freak show.

Connecticut needs more Republicans like Kyle McLachlan. I mean we know the majority of the GOP representatives are closet freaks, (please notice how GOP leadership has Kyle’s back on this one…)

But what could be awesomer than Rep. McLachlan displaying his full-on freakiness to the voting public?

Can we encourage them all to come out with their real views!

posted by: hawkeye | January 31, 2011  9:51pm

Sen. Michael McLachlan was “tongue in cheek” when he said that his bill had nothing to do with Pres. Barack Obama’s citizenship!
Obama’s missing birth certificate, is the catalyst for this bill!

posted by: oliviahuxtable | January 31, 2011  11:42pm

Unbelievable! We are facing a 3 billion dollar deficit, we need jobs, and this knucklehead is proposing legislation that impacts neither issue. This is what the CT GOP represents? Folks, see the circus act for what it is…ideology over innovation. Pathetic.

posted by: B. Hebee | February 1, 2011  8:26am

Proof positive that time wasting Idiots come in all Political persuasions.  Maybe McLachlan can subpoena Jose Conseco or Roger Clemons to testify on this important birth certificate crisis.

posted by: CT Jim | February 1, 2011  9:05am

Hey Hawky,
The comander in chiefs birth certificate has never been missing and has been examined more than once.
Fact is nut jobs on the right just can’t let it go!
They see 2012 coming fast with zero hope of beating this guy they need to take him off the ballot.
It’s laughable.

posted by: hawkeye | February 1, 2011  12:25pm

AndersonScooper: I bet you never complained, when our “big spender,” Democratic Connecticut General Assembly was enacting deficit-spending bills which contributed to our “low-balled” $3.4 billion dollar state budget deficit, and our $19 billion dollars in state bonding indebtedness, because they were benevolent to social programs, which apparently, you strongly endorse.

Why are you now finding time for “sucker punching” Sen. Michael McLachlan for a proposed non-spending bill?

Also, who is Kyle McLachlan?  Don’t know his connection, to your plot?

You are continuing your constant pursuit of grasping at partisan, political straws, against all members of the GOP, AndersonScooper!

posted by: ... | February 1, 2011  5:43pm


It is not the entire CT GOP olivia, but I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly.

There are lesser bills that seem silly to be done when jobs are key right now being proposed, but some just play off of controversy for the sake of 15 mins of fame sometimes.

posted by: AndersonScooper | February 2, 2011  1:56am

Hey Hawkeye, so sorry.

Kyle McLachlan was a reasonably well-known actor from the 80’s and early 90’s.

Michael McLachlan is some politician from Danbury, who somehow thinks the President of the United States isn’t legitimately an American.

My guess is that despite Mike McLachlan’s cult status with CT GOP wingnuts, Kyle McLachlan will probably win the Google battle for relevance,—even if he’s nothing more than a “B” list actor.

PS—I bet you never complained when George Bush put two wars on our American credit card, AND pretended he could balance our budgets via tax cuts for the super-wealthy.

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