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Knock Knock: Is It Painters? Or Feds?

by Marcia Chambers | Jun 5, 2012 9:57am
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Posted to: Congress, Courts, Election 2012, Town News, Branford, Legal, State Capitol

At 7 a.m., the doorbell rang at the home of state Rep. Pat Widlitz, co-chair of the state General Assembly’s powerful Finance Committee.

She answered the door, still in her bathrobe and wearing slippers. She expected to find deck painters. Not the FBI.

“I had not even brushed my teeth yet,” she recalled of the moment.

It was last Thursday morning. Her husband had just left for the day; painters were scheduled to arrive at her Guilford home to stain her deck. So when she opened her door she thought she would find a painting crew.

Click here to continue reading Marcia’s report on the Branford Eagle.

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(3) Comments

posted by: Matt W. | June 5, 2012  10:40am

Matt W.

I think it’s interesting that out of the 10 or so Democratic legislators that were investigated or questioned, none of them are identified in this article as members of the Democratic party.  In fact, THE WORD “DEMOCRAT” DOES NOT EVEN APPEAR IN THE ARTICLE yet the two Republicans who were involved are clearly identified and the word “Republican” somehow appears four times in this article?

posted by: Christine Stuart | June 5, 2012  12:22pm

Christine Stuart

Hey Matt, You make a fair point. I think it may have been assumed that since these lawmakers hold leadership positions, and the Democrats hold the majority, readers may have known they were Democrats. But it’s still a fair point. I will let Marcia know.

posted by: Matt W. | June 5, 2012  1:18pm

Matt W.

Thanks Christine, I considered that such an inference might be the best way to tell who was who and after going back to re-read all the titles, I came to that assumption.  Although, I still had to look up State Rep. Chris Perone.  I think the point is that this is clearly a political article, the point of which is to describe an investigation that is looking into influence and connections.  As a reader, I’m trying to understand who is involved and what possible connections exist between them.  I’d consider party affiliation the first, most basic connection in this context.