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Likelihood Of A Gubernatorial Campaign?

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What’s the likelihood Republican Tom Foley, the former Ambassador to Ireland, will run for governor in 2014?

“Eighty-one and a half percent,” Foley joked after being asked if the likelihood he would run was around 90 percent.

“It’s a little early, but yeah I’d like to run again,” Foley said. “All the reasons I ran two years ago are reasons to run again.”

In the meantime, Foley is concentrating on supporting candidates and the Connecticut Policy Institute, a nonprofit independent think tank.

“I got really interested in policy when I ran and I think policy’s important, particularly independent, research-based policy,” Foley said.

Foley made the statements after Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon announced her economic plan Wednesday in Newington.

Is McMahon a better candidate in 2012 than she was in 2010?

“Of course, you get better. You get more practice. You get more familiar with the issues,” Foley said.

Foley lost his gubernatorial bid to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy by 6,404 votes making it the closest election since 1954.

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(6) Archived Comments

posted by: cedarhillresident | March 15, 2012  9:07am

I would vote for him at this point!

posted by: BMS | March 15, 2012  10:00am

Governor Malloy won a very close election with the overwhelming support of state employees. Now that Malloy has extracted huge concessions from his supporters and raised taxes on all of us a rerun of 2010 may end in victory of Mr. Folly.

posted by: state_employee | March 15, 2012  12:46pm

i voted for malloy…  won’t make that mistake again…

posted by: ... | March 15, 2012  12:56pm


You should check out his white papers of the CT Policy Institute. Most of what he writes about regarding job creation rarely deviates from Malloy’s policies. And his education white papers make Malloy’s reforms look like a pat on the back for teachers.

From Rick Greens Blog:

Foley wants:

1. A statewide longitudinal data collection system and an A through F grading system for all pre-K through 12 public schools.

2. More people to consider teaching by opening up alternative routes for certification. He would pay teachers better and base compensation on performance. (He proposes that the governor “convert” all contracts so seniority and retention is based on teacher effectiveness.)

3. Full public school choice for students in the five worst-performing districts that do not already allow this — Bridgeport, Windham, New Britain, Waterbury and New London.

4. Third graders must pass a reading test and high school students would be required to pass an exit exam similiar to tests in New York and Massachusetts. While Foley says his plan would be low cost, how would districts pay for the thousands of students who fail third grade and the high school exam?

You can find both documents here: http://www.ctpolicyinstitute.org/

But needless to say, if you’re a state worker who hates Malloy and plans to vote for Foley in 2014, take a look at what he says here, what he said in 2010, and what you can expect him to say when he tries to win another primary in 2014.

posted by: Tom Burns | March 16, 2012  2:04am

I believe Malloy will propose a more reasonable bill for education than the one on the table—he must have gotten poor info about education in CT—The SB24 bill must be defeated as is—as it will destroy our childrens ability to learn—it is the worst proposal in the country concerning education—I believe Gov Malloys intentions were good and I hope that he will make the needed changes to have everyone rally around his future proposal—-with teacher (on the ground voice)we can get this right—for some reason this is a hurried proposal that needs serious adjustment—-FOLEY is Romney—and worse—he is totally against teachers—-so Gov. Malloy please lead like a professional—you need more time to understand the educational realm—-All the best—Tom VP New Haven Federation of Teachers—

posted by: SocialButterfly | March 17, 2012  11:42am

Connecticut is paying a big-price by failing to elect a life-time businessman in Tom Foley, “and went crazy by putting a fast-talking lawyer, and career politician named Dannel Patrick Malloy, in the governor’s chair.”

All Connecticut people are now paying the price for this voting error.

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