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Lone Protestor Calls For Prosecution

by | May 18, 2010 11:30am () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Election 2010

A lone protester paced the state Capitol parking lot Tuesday holding a U.S. Marine Corps flag and sign that read, “Prosecute Blumenthal Stolen Valor Act.”

The protester, Jim Bancroft of Windsor Locks, says he served in as a U.S. Marine from 1977 to 1981 and claims that he has defended Attorney General Richard Blumenthal in the past against accusations regarding his military service because during conversations, the two had Blumenthal had always said he served state-side as a reservist.

While the two had nothing in common politically, “I thought he was a decent guy” until he watched the video, Bancroft said.

After watching the video posted along with the New York Times article, Bancroft is calling for Blumenthal to be prosecuted under the Stolen Valor Act of 2005.

The video shows Blumenthal saying, “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam.”

Bancroft says Blumenthal “knowingly made a false statement. I have no sympathy for the guy.”

Bancroft, who was involved in the “Dump Dodd” campaign and has been involved in Tea Party gatherings across the state, said he doesn’t think there’s anything Blumenthal can say that will make this go away.

“He’s a liar,” Bancroft said.

Blumenthal is expected to hold a news conference at 2 p.m. to address the report, which his U.S. Senate campaign said was a “distortion” of his military service.

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(13) Archived Comments

posted by: CT Jim | May 18, 2010  11:53am

So does Mr. Bancroft also want GW Bush to be prosecuted under the same act for still claiming he served in the Alabama Air National Guard? Or maybe the swift boat veterans for knowingly lying about Senator john Kerrys military service???
I believe havin it cut one way would be wrong so lets get the indictments out and while were at it maybe we can prosecute Bush for war crimes as well.

posted by: PDGoselin | May 18, 2010  12:10pm

Don’t forget some of Jim Bancroft’s other credentials.  As one of the founders of the Connecticut chapter of the group Gathering of Eagles, he helped to organize pro-war counterdemonstrations.  One of most notable was to counter an anti-war demo when Dick Cheney came to speak at the US Coast Guard graduation.  Seeing a 12 year old girl on the antiwar side of the street with her mother, the Gathering of Eagles members spent an hour heckling her and calling out over the megaphone to ask her if she knew about her mommy doing drugs.  It was one of the most disgusting shows by so-called patriots that I have ever witnessed.

posted by: OutOfOutrage | May 18, 2010  3:16pm


CT Jim, I agree.  If either man broke the law they should be prosecuted.  I say investigate them both.  Why would anyone disagree with that?

posted by: CT Jim | May 18, 2010  3:40pm

The way most cases are done is the oldest one goes first So i guess it would go Bush as #1 The swift boaters as #2 and then Blummy.
Problem with that is the first 2 are people that were either backed by or worked with Mr. Bancroft so I promise not to hold my breath waiting. And i saw Mr. Blumenthals press conference and it looked pretty powerful to me and I also noticed that Mr. Bancroft doesn’t speak for all Marines now does he?
I would venture to say he speaks for very few.

posted by: OutOfOutrage | May 18, 2010  4:54pm


I never mentioned Mr. Bancroft, what he would support or who he represents.  You suggested that these cases should be investigaged and I agree.  I’m not concerned with the order in which it would take place or who supports or opposes the investigations as I’m sure you don’t.

If laws were broken let’s find out. Right?

posted by: CT Jim | May 18, 2010  10:05pm

I am all for what your saying except how you want to move forward.
Lets prosecute Bush then the swiftboaters then this case.
What message would that send to our children or are country were you only prosecute when its a Democrat but if its a republican the standard for the law is different.
the crime is the same we must take the first one and prosecute.
If you had 2 murders that happened 10 years apart you dont prosecute the newer one first. You ALWAYS start with the first. I know YOU have no problem with letting the others slide to get to this one but the law is the law and applies to EVERYONE even if your name is BUSH.

posted by: vanzorge | May 18, 2010  11:06pm

good for you Jim!!!

nobody can ever call jim a “lone protester” - he can easily speak for at least a hundred people!

posted by: OutOfOutrage | May 19, 2010  10:23am


Ah, so we should let the Dem avoid an investigation and prosecution b/c Bush and the swiftboaters were not prosecuted (or the investigation into those situations found no case for prosecution) whatever the case may have been. 

Now I get it. I guess if we let it slide again this time we can let the next Republican go too b/c someone will point to this? 

That sounds fair and reasonable.  Now do we just let people go avoiding investigation until the numbers are equal or exactly how does that work?

posted by: Eagle II | May 19, 2010  11:26pm

You cal always tell when the left have arrived - the conversation goes from fact to BRANDING those who understand “HONOR” any thing but honorable. They must be looking in a mirror to come up with what they come up with.. some old sheet at that.

I see the Vietnam vets Against the War & Iraq Vets against the War are jumping in on his behalf.

A caveat to readers: When people come and claim a certain status but give no reference point to who they are that can be verified, ( like Combat Vet, NamVet, other) while condemning every one else.., remember that.. they are POSTING anonymous, and you probably should have been notified to ware hip boots before reading “those who make CLAIMS” to honor (Service, other) but give no reference to themselves that can be verified - well take it for what it’s worth and don’t let them GUILT TRIP you.

They probably work for the perp.

Eagle II
Never Forget - Never Forgotten

posted by: Eagle II | May 19, 2010  11:29pm

Remember Hanoi John? John Kerry slandered the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who were reminding the electorate of Kerry’s phony “heroism” and traitorous post-Vietnam testimony before Congress.

expect no less from those who want to give our nation up and void the constitution.

Now, lets not overlook the Harvard Claims.. (LMAO) bet he’d love to suppress that too, and that’s only two instances that have been uncovered. Watch the news, some reporter with family jewels will nail him again. “

One of my friends who went home in 1999 had it right:

Col. Ted W. Guy, USAF (Ret) PoW/SRO NVN

To the code of conduct, Ted added his own personal code that consisted of two points. The first point was to resist until unable to resist any longer before doing anything to embarrass his family or country. The second point was to accept death before losing his honor.

Ted once said

“honor is something that once you lose it you become like an insect in the jungle. You prey upon others and others prey upon you until there is nothing left. Once you lose your honor, all the gold in the world is useless in your attempt to regain it.”

Rest in Peace my friend.. see ya soon.

Eagle II
Never Forget - Never Forgotten

eaglesnest2(dot)ning(dot)com (Just Say No to John)

posted by: CT Jim | May 20, 2010  7:02am

I dont want to let anything slide at all.
If their is a crime as you and Mr. Bancroft portend there to be the lets go.
But no crime should go unpunished and in any sort of fairness here we need to indict the criminals that have already broken this law also. Mainly Bush and those anti-americans Swift boaters for lying.
Once again Matty the fairness doctrine must be met here or it becomes a wich hunt and you and mr .so-called eagle there will make a victim out of what you guys are calling a criminal.
What we need is for you to jump up and say lets prosecute all treasonous acts against the great country called USA.
It will be like the Nueremburg trials all over again dragging them all in their in cuffs and levying charges. heck I bet we could even get a war crime or 2 to stick on Bush. (you cant really expect to get away with killing a 1/2 million innocent mostly women and children) now can ya?
So I’m with ya Matty where do we sign up. Heck I am feeling so patriotic I believe I am tearing up!
PS Is it too late to get Cheney on some evironmental charges heck he let companies like BP right our environmental laws it would only be fair, and we promise not to prosecute him for hunting while drunk when he shot his buddy in the face.

posted by: Walt | May 20, 2010  9:03am

No offense in preceding post, I hope,  Eagle. 

I agree with you re Swift Boat etc.

posted by: vanzorge | May 20, 2010  11:54am

at the very least, this is a “teachable moment” for a country that has largely lost its connection to its military, and
is only slightly aware of the concepts of honor and valor that are such an integral part of the military.

hopefully the “real vets” will continue to stand against blumenthal and counter the efforts by the media to trivialize
this issue, and in so doing will demonstrate to the country some of the core values of the military.

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