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Malloy Calls Boehner’s Remarks ‘Reprehensible’

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Posted to: Agriculture, Congress, Election 2014

CTNJ file photo Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy called U.S. House Speaker John Boehner’s characterization of how some states planned to use the U.S. Agriculture Department’s food stamp program “reprehensible.”

Back in February, Malloy announced that in order to maintain the current benefit levels for nearly 50,000 households it would dedicate additional energy assistance dollars to those recipients. Otherwise, the Farm Bill that Congress passed last month would slash an estimated average of $112 from monthly benefits in Connecticut.

“The governor’s directive to expend $1.4 million in available federal energy assistance funding will preserve approximately $66.6 million annually in SNAP [Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program] benefits for households in Connecticut,” Office of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes said.

Bloomberg News reported last week that Boehner would act to block states from avoiding $8.6 billion in food-stamp cuts. Boehner referred to states’ decision to dedicate additional energy assistance dollars to the standards utility allowance for eligible SNAP recipients as “cheating” and “fraud.”

Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Montana, Vermont, and Oregon have increased energy assistance in order to maintain current food stamp benefit levels.

“To characterize as cheating and fraud states’ implementation of this provision is disingenuous at best and shameful at worst,” Malloy wrote in a letter to Boehner. “Clearly, Congress intended to grant states the authority to provide this vital benefit which is a lifeline to some of our most vulnerable constituents.”

Malloy, who a few weeks ago took on Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, is not afraid of take on national Republican leaders. This is the second time in more than a year he has written to Boehner. The first was back in January 2013 to encourage him to pass disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy victims.

In his March 17 letter, Malloy went on to state that Boehner’s “demonization of states that have elected to provide this benefit impugns the children, the elderly, the disabled, the low wage workers and veterans who receive such aid by implying that they are a party to something criminal. To the contrary, I think most would argue that denying residents of my state $112 a month in nutrition assistance is morally wrong.”

Malloy ended the letter by quoting Pope Francis:

“In a world where there is so much wealth, so many resources to feed everyone, it is unfathomable that there are so many hungry children, that there are so many children without an education, so many poor persons.”

Malloy added “Congress wrote the bill. Congress passed the bill. And now states are implementing the law, your reprehensible comments notwithstanding.”

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(19) Archived Comments

posted by: Noteworthy | March 17, 2014  1:34pm

Malloy writes: “Let’s be clear…” and then is anything but clear except in his attack on Boehner. Whoever writes these letters and creates a forum for another platform to showcase our boorishness, should actually be clear about their interpretation of the law. I again question the wisdom of playing wordsmith parlor games with the Washington elites when there is so much to do in our own state.

posted by: justsayin | March 17, 2014  1:57pm

Laws be damed should be the democrats slogan. Energy dolars for food, that seems like cheating and fraud to me.

posted by: bob8/57 | March 17, 2014  1:59pm


Atta boy Dannel! You’re doing great, keep up the good work.

posted by: GBear423 | March 17, 2014  2:03pm


“Malloy… is not afraid of take (sic) on national Republican leaders.”
umm, this is courage? Dan. your hair is reprehensible, I don’t think Hurricane Cat 5 winds could part that thing!  Whoot, I am taking on Dem State Leaders!!! 
I think we know what Boner was talkin about, and if Malloy was brave, maybe he would get Connecticut out of the “inflating the Oil Heating” Market. Subsidies only increase costs.

posted by: Stingy Blue | March 17, 2014  3:31pm

This reminds me of the North’s characterization of escaped slaves as “chattels of war” so as to avoid having to turn them over the South.  If the question is justice (or, in this case, the difference between a hungry child and one that has been fed), then certainly some creative lawyering by Malloy is warranted.

posted by: ASTANVET | March 17, 2014  4:38pm

Can someone explain to me again how feeding families (other than my own) is my duty in CT or that CT should be feeding Alabama?  I have to get back to work now, to pay taxes so that others may be fed… oddly enough, i don’t see them working along side me.  GOV Malloy is grandstanding to keep up the solid BLUE line in CT - economic chaos be damned.  Does he really think that 100% of SNAP goes to feeding people?  or that people only buy food with SNAP?  You’ll be G.D. sure that if you’re taking my money, I should be allowed to say what you’re using it for DAN!

posted by: dano860 | March 17, 2014  6:47pm

Danny boy is anything but clear. “Let me be clear.” When Barry and Danny offer that little caveated of clarity it usually means they are emphasizing a lie. He’s just auditioning (grandstanding) for that call-up to the big leagues by Barry.
How about we do the same as Georgia and No. Carolina and require drug testing before receiving S.N.A.P.
Just the other day they determined it was O.K. to use S.N.A.P. to purchase items at Victoria’s Secrets. Yet, you can’t buy a pre-cooked chicken at the supermarket.
When you or I violate a law, let alone a federal one, we go to the slammer. It may be time for Danny to take up residence in J.R.‘s former cell.

posted by: nero123 | March 17, 2014  6:54pm

@GBear: The price of oil is set according to worldwide demand and isn’t affected by a few barrels of locally subsidized heating oil for the poor who would otherwise shiver in their homes.

@ASTANVET: Assuming that your a veteran, the country you were fighting for is not just an anthem and flag, it is comprised of people—your fellow countrymen. Caring that neighbors and fellow Americans are not starving is another way we all serve our country. If you find yourself not giving a damn whether American children have enough to eat, perhaps you’d be more comfortable somewhere like Somalia, where there’s no effective government and it’s every man for himself.

posted by: SocialButterfly | March 17, 2014  7:48pm

Gov. Malloy said: Congress wrote the bill - Congress passed the bill - and states are now implementing the law—which is why Congress only has an 08% job performance approval rating. Our governor appears to support the politically incorrect elected non-performers.

posted by: GBear423 | March 18, 2014  6:54am


@Nero- I am no economist, just a guy that fills up his tank in Rhode Island or Mass. You take Government out of subsidizing OIL, Education, Medicine, everything, and let actual demand and what people can afford determine what is bought and paid for, perhaps we may see costs lowered in all things. Meanwhile Oil corps, Medical Corps, Education Corps are getting our tax dollars and then charging us an arm and a leg for their sevices/products. You go and blame the world for our high costs, i am blaming the politicians that convince you that taxes and fees are good and how we take care of starvin babies, its for the children you see… pfft

posted by: jim black | March 18, 2014  9:12am

Malloy is just beside himself. What he really means is your trying to take his vote buying scheme away.

posted by: SocialButterfly | March 18, 2014  10:09am

@jim black:  No one can challenge Gov. Malloy’s skills at being the supreme politician.  It’s too bad he doesn’t use his expertise for the benefit of the citizens of Connecticut.  His allegiance however appears to belong to Pres. Barack Obama and the the Democratic Party—and his state constituents are being by-passed “as Malloy keeps being Politically Correct.”

posted by: ASTANVET | March 18, 2014  11:32am

nero123 - First of all, yes, i am a veteran.  I think you must be confusing State/Govt run programs with charity.  I am not an anarchist, far from it, I believe in Federalism and republicanism - I have the common sense to know that if you want to help people, you don’t (through force) give your income to the government so they can slice it to give from one person to another.  Your snark aside, I’ve been to places like Somalia, Afghanistan, south east asia, central/south America and seen real poverty.  That is not what we have here.  Sorry, having a section VIII housing, EBT cards (which don’t just buy food), we have phone subsidies, we have oil subsidies, we have all manner of subsidies.  Did you ever ask yourself where food programs came from?  Google that one - it was to quell the riots in the inner cities - they bought peace (lower crime) through the bribe of food.  The government sets the conditions for massive unemployment, then demands that tax payers foot the bill.  Aren’t you tired of that?  As you are so concerned about my charity, perhaps I would ask you to join me in the non-profit organizations that my family assists (for people with disabilities) - these are the people who need assistance, but like any government program, the resources are sucked up by the masses who just want to get some of their ‘fair share’.  Caring people DO something, they don’t write a check to the govt.  The same government who makes more per gallon than those evil oil companies you mentioned.

posted by: SocialButterfly | March 18, 2014  12:13pm

@ASTENVET:  I am a veteran also and agree with your views - but Pres. Obama’s leadership created the national social benefits vote that won him and Gov. Malloy their successful elections to office,  The liberal social benefit vote has been bought with our tax dollars—and keeping Democrats in office who are unfortunately selling our country and state “down the river.” Nothing will change as long as our stay at home voters “who vote for a living” are deciding our elections. They have been “bought and paid for” with our money.

posted by: ASTANVET | March 18, 2014  4:24pm

Stan - I agree, but i’ll take one fight at a time.  All these ‘safety net’ programs need to be means tested to ensure that it is going to the people who need it, not the ones who can provide for themselves.  This administration, both state and national level, have been the most divisive and polarizing in my lifetime.

posted by: Fisherman | March 18, 2014  5:59pm

... is there ANY DOUBT this clown thinks he’s going to be the next PRESIDENT?

posted by: dano860 | March 18, 2014  8:13pm

One word guys, redistribution.

posted by: Joebigjoe | March 19, 2014  8:32am

If you can’t feed ‘em, then don’t breed ‘em.

I am so sick and tired of this stuff. Help the people that can’t help themselves and cut the others off after a certain date.

Then set up a short term program for people that will need the help in the future that don’t need it now and live with that time period.

Fear is a powerful motivator. Having a comfortable cushion to fall back on doesn’t create enough fear to change behavior or to finally realize that the government you are electing isnt getting it done.

If you are on these programs you get drug tested. If you are on these programs you can’t have cable TV or a car that is less than 3 years old.

posted by: SocialButterfly | March 19, 2014  10:08am

@ASTANVET: Amen, but is our country now damaged beyond repair? We took God out of or schools and government and with a near completely failure-prone White House and Congress—we are vividly in the hands of The Devil. God will not Bless us—as long as we allow our Devil-controlled ACLU directed leadership to lead our country to oblivion.  The Devil is now doing his devilish act on our country on a daily basis since we allowed to remove GOD from being our divine leader.  Allowing political puppets to guide us instead of trusting GOD—is our national downfall.

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