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Malloy Camp Releases Its First Ad Attacking Foley

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Posted to: Election 2014

Screengrab Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s campaign waited about 13 hours after Tom Foley won the Republican gubernatorial nomination before releasing the first negative ad of the general election.

Foley, who lost narrowly to Malloy in 2010, clinched a rematch Tuesday when he beat his primary challenger Senate Minority Leader John McKinney.

The ad released by the Malloy camp Wednesday morning tries to capitalize on video footage from Foley’s press conference in July, which was widely-regarded as disastrous for the candidate.

Foley scheduled the event outside a shuttered paper mill in Sprague, hoping to use the business’s closure as evidence that Malloy’s policies weren’t working. However, the event devolved into a bickering match between Foley, some of the plant’s workers, and Democratic Sprague First Selectwoman Cathy Osten.

The 30-second TV spot shows Foley accusing one of the plant’s employees of attempting to “malign management.”

“Listen, you have failed because you’ve lost these jobs,” Foley says.

Following the clip, a narrator accuses Foley of attacking workers and defending the management company that shut down the paper mill. The narrator draws parallels between the mill’s closure and to the closure of a Bibb Co. facility in Georgia. The facility was shut down after a firm founded by Foley sold the company.

The Bibb plant was a subject Foley’s opponents cited often during his unsuccessful 2010 gubernatorial campaign. Democrats were widely-expected to use the Sprague incident to highlight Foley’s record as founder of a private equity firm.

McKinney aired a similar ad less than a week before Tuesday’s primary election. A press release with McKinney’s ad said his commercial was “mild compared to what Democrats will do with with this unfortunate episode.” The Republican’s ad did not directly point to the Bibb facility’s closure.

Malloy’s ad ends with the narrator saying, “Foley and his company made $20 million. Tom Foley: some things never change.” The campaign named the TV spot “The More Things Never Change…”

At a press conference Wednesday morning, Foley said he had not yet seen the ad.

“Listen, these are character attacks. They’re attacks on people’s motives,” Foley said. “I think it’s inexcusable. First of all they’re not true. But second of all why is the governor spending money talking about things like that rather than talking about, engaging in a dialogue about what is the right policy direction for the state?”

Just before Malloy released the ad, the Republican Governors Association sent reporters an email that also pointed back to the 2010 election. The email referenced a Courant story on the final 2010 debate between Malloy and Foley. According to the story, Malloy said “we’re not raising taxes” during the debate.

“Malloy’s jaw must have broken telling that lie to voters. Months later, Malloy did raise taxes. In fact, he signed into law the ‘largest tax increase in state history.’ Come November, voters will remember Malloy can’t be trusted to keep his word and will hold him accountable by electing Republican nominee Tom Foley,” RGA Communication Director Gail Gitcho said in the email.

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(24) Archived Comments

posted by: Wiley Coyote | August 13, 2014  12:28pm

Using Foley’s own press conference, words and demeanor is hardly an attack ad.  Malloy, for better or worst has served the public as Mayor and Govenor. He has never shied away from taking on an issue, alienating his base and Republicans.  What other Politician can you say the same for.  Let us not forget that ALL our economic woes came from a long line of Republican Govenors who kicked the can down the road. Malloy stopped the can kicking and addressed all the issues no one wants to touch. He is shoring up and reducing by millions, maybe billions the Pension liabilities the Republican Governors have been using as a cash cow for years.  They were aided in this by AFSCME’s Luciano and the other Union Bosses.  Malloy took them on, his supporters, along with the teachers for the good of everyone.  Can you say the same about Foley and the Rich?  Corporations are now people, Bankers got away with destroying our economy, the Rich pay less than any of us in taxes, yet scream “redistribution”.  Foley has only been interested in his own interests and those of his rich, elite cronies who make our lives harder, never better.  No other Politician in the Nation has been more direct and taken on issues like Malloy, whether you like him or not. It is impossible for everyone to agree on every issue, so give credit where credit is due. Honestly ask yourself who is really going to look after Connecticut residents with integrity and honesty.  Malloy has not been involved in scandals, yet Foley is always in the middle of them making excuses.

posted by: bob8/57 | August 13, 2014  12:55pm


Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war… let the campaigns begin.

posted by: joemanc | August 13, 2014  1:17pm

” ALL our economic woes came from a long line of Republican Govenors”
Really? ALL? What party has been in charge of the legislature since 1998? And what party has had the control of most of CT’s largest cities for decades? 3 of those cities are in the Top 25 poorest and un-safest cities in America. Every study or poll you look at, CT is at or near the bottom of. Is CT better off after 4 years of Malloy? I don’t think so.

posted by: Commuter | August 13, 2014  2:26pm

Foley’s response validates the ad!

What a klutz. After this meltdown of a press event, he isn’t even prepped for damage control! It’s unbelievable how incompetent this man and his campaign are.

In the video, he betrays his true views, defending the absentee private equity owners hundreds of miles away, blaming the blue collar people and their blue collar First Selectwoman. Those private equity guys are Foley’s real constituency. But here, he ducks the truth and tries to point the finger at Malloy. Weak.

posted by: jim black | August 13, 2014  2:40pm

Malloy has already said in this cycle that he won’t raise taxes. That’s Malloy double speak for hold on to your wallets, you thought the last time was the largest tax increase in Conn history. If he gets re-elected we will have a new largest tax increase in Conn history.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 13, 2014  3:12pm

@Wiley Coyote:  You are foxy “by playing the blame game” in only blaming past Republican governor’s for the state’s fiscal demise, but guilty to omit fault of the Democratic controlled General Assembly that ruled the fiscal legislation under the GOP governor’s.  It’s all right to write a long tirade, but PLEASE TELL THE TRUTH, which Malloy supporter’s like you have difficulty expressing honestly. You describe Foley and the Rich, but since Dannel Patrick Malloy is also a miillionaire—“please do not play games with phony literary play.”
You seem to thrive on “being careless with the truth.”

posted by: GBear423 | August 13, 2014  3:26pm


No scandals? Ha!!
The above mentioned lie about not raising taxes. The Union Contract that carries on to 2022. The Washington Correspondence Dinner with a squad of State Troopers. Racking up the frequent flyer miles on national and international “state business”  The Charter School and State Board of Education members that are ill qualified and interconnected. The Accounting practices that kick the can down the road and misrepresent the fiscal mess we are in. Calling borrowed money a surplus? Tip of the iceberg sooooper genius.

and I am not defending an embarrassing performance, but anyone with a pair of brain cells knows Foley was blaming the opportunist Selectperson and her Union thug buddy as failing to secure those jobs. Workers are blameless in everyone’s eyes and are left to deal with the mess created by a poor business/economic climate.

posted by: art vandelay | August 13, 2014  3:33pm

art vandelay

@Wiley Coyote,
How quick you forget that under the “Long Line of Republican Governors” there were actually only two. Weicker was elected by the “Connecticut Party”. I also would not classify Weicker as a Republican either.  If you recall he was a true and true RINO. He admitted it in his book “Maverick”. In it he stated they only way he could get elected as a state representative from Greenwich was to run as a Republican. During the Watergate Hearings he was no fan of the Republicans or Nixon.

The two Republican Governors had to deal with veto proof Democrat majorities in the House & Senate where the budgets and spending originated.

If you believe Malloy has governed this state properly you have to ask yourself the question: Why do we have the highest taxes, highest unemployment rate, and lowest job growth in the nation?

posted by: Wiley Coyote | August 13, 2014  5:16pm

Point taken regarding Democratic legislature.  They are perhaps the most guilty, along with the Republican Governors.  All in bed with each other to enrich themselves and not us.  I truly believe Malloy is our best answer.

posted by: shinningstars122 | August 13, 2014  6:21pm


Hey @ArtVandalay I agree we should stop living in the past.

If you are comfortable with no plan or specifics from Foley, or even with what he actually says about issues, well then go vote for him.

Now for a little fact checking on your economic numbers.
First CT is actually #3 in taxes paid by residents as a a percent of income at 11.9%.

Just for the record NJ is #2 at 12.3%,way to go Christy!
Scott Walker’s Ayn Rand Dystopia is #5 at 11%.

Coincidentally income per capita is $60,249 the highest in the nation.

CT is #39 in unemployment at 6.7%. 22 states are over 6%.

As for CT economy… GDP growth was 0.9% in 2013 with the entire New England region only being 1.3%

Finally Ct ranks in at #36 in job growth in 2013 not last.

If you are going to try and actually make a defensible argument against Malloy and the Democrats you need to first get your facts accurate.

Maybe the Foley/Somers campaign can hire you as a media consultant?

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 13, 2014  7:37pm

Malloy’s ad only verifies the desperation the governor is grasping to try to cover up his woeful administration of his duties which has led to massive taxation, loss of jobs, business and industry, and record deficit spending. We need Tom Foley the businessman in the governor’s office to replace Dan Malloy, the free-spending-political spirit. The end is near for DPM.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 13, 2014  8:02pm

Wiley Coyote claims Malloy has not been involved in scandals, yet his approaching four years in office has been a SCANDAL.  That’s why voter’s will vote Malloy out of office in November.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 13, 2014  8:17pm

@Commuter:  Tom Foley does not have to point a finger at Malloy as he has already incriminated himself with a badly failed, non-performing nearing four years in office. It’s nearing that time for Dan to return to Stamford, and voters will give him a lift.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | August 13, 2014  9:14pm

Yeehaw! Twist’em up! Fatties all around! Here we go!


posted by: wmwallace | August 13, 2014  11:16pm

Connecticut is last for those retiring, but I guess that doesn’t matter to some on here. The state is in trouble and there are less people working now than four years ago. Check the facts folks

posted by: sofaman | August 13, 2014  11:32pm

When your opponent’s “negative ad” amounts you a recording of you speaking, you know you’re in trouble.

posted by: justsayin | August 14, 2014  5:06am

When you can not run on your record, beat up the other side. Foley was smart not giving specifics until he has to and will in the Gov race. Maybe he will promise GAAP and Taxes as a last resort…

posted by: art vandelay | August 14, 2014  7:59am

art vandelay

@ Shiningstars122,
Progressive Socialists & Conservatives alike research statistics which bolster their cause.  I’m sure I can find them to substantiate my convictions.  Bottom line is your a Keynesian and I believe in Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations. Obviously you’re not going to sway me to your side nor am I the same.  We’ll just have to wait until November to see how many people agree with your way of thinking vs mine.  Have a nice day.

posted by: art vandelay | August 14, 2014  8:04am

art vandelay

I’m sure we can agree on this. It’s great to live in a country where opposing ideologies can be expressed without retribution.  Knowing what i know about the Muslim Religion, I’m more concerned about ISIS statements like “The White House is Next” I take those words VERY seriously knowing the history of Muslim expansion and the goals of that religion.  Religion throughout history has been the most powerful influence over world events vs politics throughout history.

posted by: UConnHoop | August 14, 2014  8:25am

Malloy knows full well that the ONLY way for him to win this race is to make Foley look like the devil.  That’s his only objective in this campaign.

posted by: Bethy | August 14, 2014  8:43am


After this past Sunday’s debate, it is very clear that we (both working class dems and repubs) will keep Dan and Nancy in office. I want to thank Senator John McKinney for revealing the dirty honest truth about Tom Foley’s inability to lead Connecticut…In case you missed it, here you go! See for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGlgvZaO27A

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 14, 2014  3:38pm

@Bethy: John McKinney is supporting and working for Tom Foley, not Dannel Malloy. It’s your business if you want to waste your vote on Malloy and that won’t influence any people, as you are still mired in the Republican primary.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 14, 2014  3:45pm

@art vandelay:  Let’s all just wait until November.  The wait is only bothering Dannel Malloy, as he knows “his time is running out.”

posted by: NoNonsense2014 | August 14, 2014  5:25pm

@UConnHoop: If anybody is going to “make Foley look like the devil”, it’s going to be Foley himself. All Malloy’s ad did was use Foley’s awful performance at his press conference. Foley came across as rude, clueless, hostile, and “my mind is made up, don’t confuse me with the facts”. Yeah, if he looks bad, he doesn’t need Malloy’s help.

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