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Malloy Loans Christie A Trooper

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Posted to: Public Safety

Courtesy of the CT Mirror Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may be fond of trading barbs on national television, but that didn’t stop the state from loaning a trooper from Malloy’s security detail to help keep Christie safe during his recent trip to Connecticut.

Christie was in the state Monday to campaign for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon. At a Waterbury rally, CT Mirror’s Mark Pazniokas caught a familiar face in the foreground of a picture of McMahon and Christie: Trooper Dan Rybacki from Malloy’s security detail.

The governor’s senior communication adviser Roy Occhiogrosso largely refrained from weighing in on Christie’s visit and said he couldn’t discuss security matters. However, State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance confirmed that a trooper was assigned to assist Christie’s security detail. He wouldn’t say which one.

“It’s a courtesy afforded to any visiting governor in our state just as if our governor went to New Jersey,” Vance said.

Vance said the state isn’t typically reimbursed for the cost of providing security for visiting governors. In this case, the trooper assigned to Christie worked his typical nine hour workday, plus two hours overtime.

Christie’s visit may have been pure politics but Vance said the same courtesy would have been extended regardless of what the New Jersey governor was doing here.

“I mean, he could have been going to a doctors’ appointment,” Vance said.

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(4) Archived Comments

posted by: Lawrence | October 24, 2012  5:41pm

More wasteful state spending, right, GOP??

posted by: ACR | October 25, 2012  12:48am


Lawrence said:
More wasteful state spending, right, GOP??

Buying a Lear Jet will be wasteful spending; and Malloy will do that, you can bet on it.

posted by: William Jenkins | October 25, 2012  4:25am

Lawrence, the trooper was going to get paid no matter what he happened to be doing that day and the “GOP” didn’t assign the trooper to this detail the Department of Public Safety did which is their procedure.  If you have a problem with that, take it up with the DPS and in the future, please refrain from making false statements.  Thanks in advance.

posted by: Lawrence | October 25, 2012  7:10pm

Hi William,

I don’t lie, so I’ll try and re-state my case, and maybe you’ll agree with my conclusion.

Let’s use another example.

Gov. Malloy loans a trooper to a Chris Murphy campaign event where Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick is stumping for Murphy.

Hugh McQuaid spots the trooper in a photo, calls the governor’s office, and writes about it.

Now, William, what do you think the reaction of the CT GOP would be? (and by that I mean party chairman, subordinates, and right-wing radio hosts).

I think we can both agree that there would be “outrage” that the Democratic governor was using one of his “taxpayer-funded staff members” to attend a “political rally” in support of a “Democratic candidate” and that this would be criticized as a “waste of taxpayer money” because the trooper is “paid to protect the governor” and not “act in a political capacity on taxpayer time.”


I originally jumped to my conclusion without explaining how I got there.

But let’s agree that had this been a Malloy trooper at a Murphy event with a Democratic governor from another state visiting, it would be all over CT Capitol Report, Fox 61 News, right-wing talk radio, and there would be calls from elected officials for all the emails and a legislative hearing.


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