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Malloy Reminds Labor To Vote For Him In November

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Posted to: Election 2014, Labor, East Hartford

Christine Stuart photo On the eve of the Labor Day weekend, Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy reminded labor leaders from across the state why they should support him in November.

At a union hall in East Hartford on Friday, Malloy acknowledged that it wasn’t easy to ask state employees for concessions back in 2011, but the state was “in a pickle.”

The Malloy administration faced a $3.67 billion budget deficit. In order to close the gap, he asked the state employee unions, who had worked hard to get him elected, for $1.6 billion in concessions. That year, Malloy also increased taxes $1.5 billion to help close the budget hole.

The state “had been driven into a ditch,” Malloy said Friday as he rolled up his sleeves to address the labor leaders. “Its obligations had been underfunded. State workers and all organized labor was under assault. Something had to be done.”

He said his job was to figure out how to “protect people” and “get our house in order.”

Labor leaders felt Malloy could have handled the 2011 negotiations better, but they didn’t feel they would have gotten a better deal if Republican Tom Foley had been elected.

AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Lori Pelletier described labor’s relationship with Malloy as “solid.”

She said all you have to do is look at who the Republican Party and Malloy’s Republican opponent have brought into the state: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

“You can call it guilt by association,” Pelletier said.

As far as Malloy’s relationship with Connecticut’s labor movement is concerned, Pelletier said over the past few years it’s grown.

“A relationship is like a stone wall so you keep putting rocks on the stone wall and it builds up,” Pelletier said. “Listen, labor was the difference four years ago and we’ve proved to be good allies over the course of four years and he’s proved to be a good ally by respecting us.”

She said the number of people they contacted in 2010 and got to the polls made a difference when Malloy won the election against Foley by 6,404 votes.

AFT Connecticut President Melodie Peters, who introduced Malloy on Friday, said she wants a governor “who respects workers rights” and “has an open door policy.”

Peters said the union drafted a six-page document outlining the Malloy administration’s accomplishments, including two controversial executive orders that allowed 10,000 personal care attendants and family child care providers to organize and collectively bargain.

“I want a governor who returns calls no matter who calls,” Peters said.

Malloy said he was trying to live up to all the accolades Peters showered upon him in her introduction.

“I want a state where workers are respected,” Malloy said. “I want a state where people are making a good and decent living.”

Reflecting on his first debate earlier this week with Foley, Malloy said his opponent “promises to do something, but he doesn’t really promise what it is. And he says he has a way to get there, but he doesn’t explain it.”

Reached by telephone after Malloy’s speech on Friday, Foley said he wouldn’t change the relationship the state has with its state employees and he wouldn’t look to change the way collective bargaining works in Connecticut.

Foley made similar remarks in June when he addressed the AFL-CIO’s convention in New Haven.

In order to balance the budget, Foley told the group he would hold state spending flat for the next two years.

“I can do this without layoffs and without undoing the agreements public employees now have with the state of Connecticut. The governor and the state must keep their word. A deal is a deal. You can tell everybody you know I made that commitment,” he said.

On Friday, Foley said that it’s obvious Malloy would try and paint him as a person who is not going to be fair to state employees. He said his 35 years in business taught him it’s necessary to be fair to workers and give them the benefits they want and deserve.

“State government does a lot of things and those things mostly get done through people,” Foley said.

He said if he wants to be the “best governor the state has ever had,” then he’s going to have to be respectful and fair to the workforce. He said state workers would actually “feel more secure” under his administration.

As far as his relationship with labor, Malloy admitted Friday that “there are crises that pull at fabrics, but don’t tear them apart.”

He said he thinks labor recognizes the tough work they had to do during his first year in office.

“I then went out and kept my promises because it was good for the people who work for us and it was good for the people who we serve,” Malloy said.

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(18) Archived Comments

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 29, 2014  8:27pm

Unlike Foley, Malloy is not promising to hold spending flat for the nest two years. Malloy will keep on spending to add to add to our nation’s leading per capita indebtedness if he is not voted out of office.

posted by: StateEmployee | August 29, 2014  8:34pm

Ha ha ha.  First he wants to balance the budget on the backs of the state employees, while the people on the dole don’t have to give up a damn thing, hen he does the largest tax increase in state history in August and then makes it retroactive back to January.  LOL, yeah right.  As HST would say, Malloy mast be high as a kite.  Foley says he won’t have to do layoff’s.  Where I don’t really believe that, at least would most likely do e ERIP before he had to get to layoff’s.  Malloy has already proved that he will layoff state employee’s, remember laying off the State Police class.  So you know he won’t hesitate to layoff again.  And when those deficit’s come rolling in, hold on to your wallets for the next record tax increase.  To my fellow state employees, this time around it’s time to think about yourselves, and yourselves only.  I’m sick of taking zero’s while the governor spend, spends, spends.

posted by: rankandfile | August 29, 2014  9:46pm

Union leaders love him, union members not so much.

posted by: jim black | August 29, 2014  9:52pm

Malloy to public unions: get in line you sheep.

posted by: shinningstars122 | August 30, 2014  10:07am


In all this debate about Malloy and Foley neither candidate acknowledges the fact that either man would be the boss of the tens of thousand of state union members.

Currently it is Malloy’s team.

I am fed up reading endless comments that union workers are not as good or better than private sector workers.

It just demonstrtes the arrogance that the majority of poster have about the skills set that both state and municipal workers have in our state.

If Malloy, as their current elected leader, tried to inspired the various departments of state government, and hence the unions, by empowering them to be able to make improvements in how they do their work and to promote and share these best practices it could have much positive results for employees, management, and the tax payer.

The most fundamental aspects of leadership, which do not cost much, such as promoting the shared fate mentality, leading by example, and better communication in decision making can improve state worker moral and save the state money.

The struggle is never looked at it this way and the unions need to be on board for this to happen.

Many of their members may have the answers to save the state money and improve efficiency but they are simply never listened to, because of the top down management style, which the majority of American businesses embrace.

Sadly I am sure Foley is just another carbon copy of that ineffective relic of business management.

If you think this is a bunch of malarkey I would beg to differ since I am doing the very such things I described for the municipality that I currently work for.

posted by: oliviahuxtable | August 30, 2014  12:22pm

StateEmployee: You are 100% correct. Malloy asked nothing of cradle to grave welfare folks and little of high income earners. He attacked us….the middle class state worker…not the Jim Calhoun type of state worker, but us. And he wants us to support him after the cruel and vicious way the SEBAC debacle happened? All state workers should fear a second term Malloy who,in my opinion, will come after us big time to solve the projected billion dollar deficit he right says won’t occur, but c’mon….. We don’t know what Foley would do but we do hope our friends in the legislature will not enable him. We hope they will protect us like they did under Rowland and Rell. Although I voted for Dannel four years ago, I will not in November.

posted by: SocialButterfly | August 30, 2014  12:34pm

@StateEmployee:  You know Malloy “for the spending robot that he is.”  He is too old to learn new tricks. It’s time to put him out to pasture.

posted by: state_employee | August 30, 2014  3:54pm

malloy, it’s never gonna happen.

posted by: Bethy | August 30, 2014  4:01pm


Well “State Employee”, unfortunately, there are a few, and I mean a few state employees that hang around with your mindset. We ranking file members that “get-it” stick together. I have 18 years with the State of Connecticut. I cannot say that i’m not “over-worked”, but I appreciate the fact that I can serve the public, and I’ve never felt “ungrateful”. My job is not easy, but I work hard and enjoy the challenge daily.  It’s state employees like you that are the bad apples for the “rank-in file members”.  My 18 years has taught me that an individual like Tom Foley would be the worse ever. To tell you the truth, i’m not worried about the layoff’s as much as i’m worried about the program cuts for those that need it the most.  Over the years, i’ve seen folks with your mindset not have any good luck in life or work period. I am so glad that I’ve always maintained my dignity and not let someone like you drag or persuade me into such a bitter way of thinking. I watched Governor Malloy these last 3.5 years work hard and make the toughest decisions for this state to get back on the path of recovery. I also didn’t have a problem with the concessions because it was what we needed to do. EVERYONE had to sacrifice.  I don’t mind sacrificing.  I will not sit on 18 years of state employment and be ignorant and selfish to my state. You do not represent the “members”, because the “members” stick together. You are outnumbered!

posted by: StateEmployee | August 31, 2014  12:19pm

Bethy, it’s clear thAtyou must be topped out in pay, and are able to withstand the concessions. I, as a 10 year employee, have been through 4 hard zeros. All I see Malloy doing is spend, spend, spend. Largest tax increase in CT history, and we still are broke. Please don’t forget, he is borrowing money to be able to show positive numbers, without it, we would be in constant deficit. I am also in a job that’s basically layoff proof, so that is not much a concern for me as it would regular employees. If Malloy actually cut spending I would be on board with the “sacrifices”, but he is not. And if he gets re-elected, plan on another record tax increase, which I can’t really afford.  And I might not be as much in the minority as you think. As oliviahuxtable said, people remember the SEBAC shenanigans, you remember when they changed the rules when the state employes, “stuck together” and said no to the concessions. Foley said he would keep spending flat for 2 years, and that in budgets peak is a cut. As for social services, which I have a feeling is the department you work for, if they have to make do with les, so be it. If Malloys economy is so great, there should be less of a need for social services.

posted by: oliviahuxtable | August 31, 2014  3:25pm

Bethy….I work with lots of state workers and I have heard very,very few that hold your viewpoint. The folks I speak to fear a second Malloy term. Hey, I fear Foley, as well, but I fear Foley and a Dem legislature far less that what I experienced 3 years ago…which was Malloy and a Dem legislature. I will take my chances,as I have lived through the latter.

posted by: dano860 | August 31, 2014  10:46pm

SS122; I believe you are correct, the employees are great people, whether or not they are union members. I have been a union member and a union negotiator. I also spent a good deal of my career in a salary non union position. I was a Lean Manufacturing facilitator with P&W from 1994 - 2004. the following is from a Polish division of P&W that began the same process in 1999. The statement provides a general synopsis of what needs to occur in all of the State offices and agencies. I know first hand that the State has far to many conflicting and overlapping policies and procedures that stymie the fluid application of many dealing with them.
The following link is a statement that one of our Polish partners posted that covers all of the aspects we applied and P&W continues to apply through the ACE process.
The State really needs to forget the suggestion box and streamline their operations.
Best practices and employee ideas will percolate to the top during these eye opening events.
One thing I will tell you is that this isn’t an easy thing to do. Commitment from everyone (management) at the top is mandatory.

posted by: Bethy | September 1, 2014  10:09am


“State Employee”, let me clear your laughable points. I am not maxed out in pay. I do not work for Social Services, and could care less about your negative points regarding Malloy. I find you to be a very jealous and immature person. But, when i get that feeling, i know i’m doing good and will continue taking a bow….I am very proud of the thousands of State workers and Unions that are supporting Malloy (rank and file members). Again, I believe in helping the needy, elderly, disabled and veterans. My heart still stands strong for another 4-year term for Dan Malloy.  Being a Union Negotiator means absolutely nothing to me. It’s the multitudes that “get it”....I salute all my union brothers and sisters that stand together…This means state workers, carpenters, teachers, truck drivers, food services, laborers, police, troopers, correction officers, etc.  Some get it, some are selfish, some don’t give a tootie frutie, some care, whatever the case may be, I salute you all that stand together and not divided.  Negativity = division….United=we stand strong….Be Blessed!

posted by: Bethy | September 1, 2014  10:24am


I do not work for Department of Social Services, but I believe in the many programs that they oversee. I have no problem with my tax dollars being used to support those programs. We Americans believe and agreed to create programs that would benefit our fellow Americans. That said, it is my blessing to see that no matter what American brother or sister is using those benefits to get over the hump, they have my blessing from the Core! Lastly, I don’t believe in hurting my union brothers and sisters by seeing them laid off. That’s hurtful and it destroys families. Whatever sacrifice I can make as a 18 year state employee, i’m willing to help my union brothers and sisters. Arrogance, Ignorance and selfishness has no space in my heart. I continue to see those type folks suffer daily. Some folks just live and breath off of evil…..Not me! Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman 4 more years….

posted by: andygayle | September 1, 2014  1:53pm

I am a retired state employee and I will not vote for Malloy. He can pound sand. I will be leaving the state when it comes time because the taxes are killing me.

posted by: StateEmployee | September 2, 2014  6:18am

@Bethy,  So let me ask you, as a Union Negotiator….What are you willing to give up this time around when Malloy, if he gets re-elected, comes back with hat in hand, next June, when those deficits that Malloy says doesn’t exist actually exist.  What are you willing to give up on behalf of the union membership.  Because the last two givebacks, we have gone backwards in terms of benefits, and that is stuff we will never get back.

Like I said, if Malloy was willing to cut spending, I would play ball, but you know he won’t, I know he won’t.  So what are you going to give up this time, another contract for 3 years with 2 zero’s.  So that the Town can get their full funding, and the municiple unions get their raises?  And I will go back to my earlier statement…If Malloys economy was soooooo good, we shouldn’t need as much welfare, and other assistance.  You don’t seem to have a answer to that, its all about deflecting.  I know the union bosses will attempt to scare the bejesus out of the state employees, I really don’t think it’s going to work this time around.  If Malloy gets re-elected again, I will be waiting with my wallet for another huge tax increase, and also bend over to see what you, as a union negotiator, are going to give up this time around.

posted by: Bethy | September 2, 2014  8:59am


This is what really makes my blood boil. When folks complain daily about there are “no jobs” in Connecticut and that Governor Malloy ran jobs out of Connecticut.  That’s a lie. It’s very obvious that many folks go by what they hear. Yeup, if you keep listening to folks like “Tom Foley” and his crew, one would never know that there are an approximate total of 105,517 job openings across the State of Connecticut. It’s not Governor Malloy’s fault that some folks refuse to go for those skills needed to be competitive in the job market.  I looked into the each of the major cities/towns in Connecticut and found a breakdown of job openings in each city/town: Hartford 17,518 job openings; Norwich 4,143; New Haven 11,402; Bridgeport 19,647; Waterbury 17,817; New Britain 16,017; Stamford 1,897 and Middletown 17,130…That’s a total of 105,571 job openings. Here is the links to those jobs. I hope and pray many of you land one of these jobs. Vote Malloy 2014!

Jobs, Employment in Hartford, CT | Indeed.com
17,518 Jobs available in Hartford, CT on Indeed.com. one search. all jobs.

Jobs Jobs, Employment in Norwich, CT | Indeed.com
4,143 Jobs Jobs available in Norwich, CT on Indeed.com. one search. all jobs.

Jobs, Employment in New Haven, CT | Indeed.com
11,402 Jobs available in New Haven, CT on Indeed.com. one search. all jobs.

Jobs, Employment in Bridgeport, CT | Indeed.com
19,647 Jobs available in Bridgeport, CT on Indeed.com. one search. all jobs.

Jobs, Employment in Waterbury, CT | Indeed.com
17,817 Jobs available in Waterbury, CT on Indeed.com. one search. all jobs.

Jobs, Employment in New Britain, CT | Indeed.com
16,017 Jobs available in New Britain, CT on Indeed.com. one search. all jobs.

Stamford Jobs, Employment in Stamford, CT | Indeed.com
1,897 Stamford Jobs available in Stamford, CT on Indeed.com. one search. all jobs.

Jobs, Employment in Middletown, CT | Indeed.com
17,130 Jobs available in Middletown, CT on Indeed.com. one search. all jobs.

posted by: Mountain Man | September 2, 2014  8:11pm

Go Bethy!

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