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Malloy Seeks To Boost Favorability With His Latest Ads

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Posted to: Election 2014, Media Matters

Screengrab Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s re-election campaign is trying to soften his image with two television ads in the final week before the election.

Malloy, a first-term Democrat in a tight rematch with his 2010 Republican rival Tom Foley, has struggled with high unfavorable ratings in public polls. Malloy has never reached a 50 percent approval rating and in a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday, 52 percent of voters said they have an unfavorable opinion of him.

After spending much of the campaign trying to tear down Foley’s approval rating, the final stretch of Malloy’s ad campaign is aimed at building up the governor’s numbers.

“I have a confession to make, I’m not always that fun-loving guy you might think,” Malloy says in a self-narrated, 30-second ad released Monday. “I know you don’t always agree with me but please know this, throughout Connecticut’s darkest days . . . I’ve always, always looked after you.”

The campaign followed the commercial Tuesday with a one minute TV spot, narrated by Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman and focusing on Malloy’s response to severe weather events during his first term as well as the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

“I know the Dan Malloy that does care,” Wyman says. “His heart was broken just like everybody else’s was when he saw houses devastated, people devastated. Sitting there and talking, every time he saw somebody who was in pain, it hurt Dan Malloy.”

Republicans have characterized Malloy as an “angry guy” and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tried reinforce that message at a campaign stop for Foley on Monday night.

“What Dan Malloy does is just play partisan angry politics,” Christie said.

But Foley and his running mate, Heather Bond Somers, have also released a positive ad to close out the final stretch of a negative campaign.

“We’re problem-solvers, consensus builders,” Somers says. “After four years of one-party rule, we’ll bring more cooperation in Hartford.”

“As outsiders, we’re independent thinkers,” Foley says. “We’ll listen to good ideas, no matter which side of the aisle they come from.”

Although the candidates have struck a more positive note in their last TV ads, PACs funded by outside groups are continuing to launch attack ads. On Monday, Grow Connecticut, a PAC supported by the Republican Governors Association, released an ad repeatedly calling Malloy a liar.

“Tired of the lies?” a narrator asks. “Connecticut can do better. Vote for Tom Foley.”

Meanwhile, Connecticut Forward, a PAC supported by the Democratic Governors Association and labor groups, accuses Foley of offering workers at a company he owned a 10-cent raise while making millions for himself and not paying taxes in Connecticut since 2010.

“A mere dime for workers, millions for Tom Foley. Do you really think this guy will ever care about you?” a narrator asks.

In a phone interview earlier this month, Ronald Schurin, a political science professor at the University of Connecticut, said the prevalence of negative ads is likely a result of the close nature of the gubernatorial race.

“The conventional wisdom is that when you’re way ahead you don’t have to run negative ads,” he said. “When you’re in a close race or when your negatives outweigh your positives, then you run negative ads.”

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(21) Archived Comments

posted by: RogueReporterCT | October 29, 2014  12:13pm


Psst, Dan. If you want to soften your image, soften your policies. You’re going to have to do something substantive to make up for what you said about teachers. You’re going to have to stop spreading the lie that the way to fix bad schools is to close them. I know that’s Foley’s line, too, but if he were trying to fix a company, he would put resources into it, not set up another company to compete with it. Stop buying the lies. And finally, it is the moment of truth. You have taken millions from the minions of GERM (global education reform movment), but I bet you haven’t signed a contract with them. Decide whether your loyalties are with them or the voters. You can always find other funders in 2018.

posted by: cnj-david | October 29, 2014  12:17pm

Malloy says in a self-narrated, 30-second ad released Monday. “I know you don’t always agree with me but please know this, throughout Connecticut’s darkest days… I’ve always, always looked after you.”

You’ve raised my taxes, passed legislation under emergency certification without benefit of discussion or public debate, weakened Connecticut’s Freedom of Information laws, and passed pointless kneejerk feelgood gun control laws.

That’s looking out for me?

Did I mention your paternalistic, condescending, arrogant attitude, (even present in this ad)?

I’m middle-aged, gainfully employed, self-supporting, raising my family and paying my bills.

I don’t need or want any more of you “looking after me”.

November 4th, I’ll cast my vote against Malloy.

posted by: art vandelay | October 29, 2014  1:05pm

art vandelay

I guarantee this. By chance if Democrats feel the least bit threatened they may loose Sir Speedy & Premier Limo are right at their disposal.  It doesn’t take much to print a few extra ballots like they did in Bridgeport, and provide a few free rides o the polls like Toni Harp did in New Haven.  I won’t pull it past the Democrats to pull out ALL the stops, legal or illegal.

posted by: Independent Mind | October 29, 2014  1:12pm

Well said cnj-david. Why would anyone want the government looking out for them? Now we just have to hope that the rest of the gainfully employed, self supporting, family raising, bill paying taxpayers of Connecticut come out to vote against Mr. Malloy on November 4th!!!

posted by: Breeze | October 29, 2014  1:57pm

Yes, fellas, good catch. Wonder what he means by “looked after you.” Could it be something you hear in a campaign or might it not be something more sinister and nefarious. You know the code: one if by land, two if by sea.

posted by: Bethy | October 29, 2014  2:54pm


I love Malloy’s latest ad. It’s really who he is at heart. I admire him so much. Our prayers continue to be strong for your re-election. We must all keep the faith. God knows you’ve had a lot on your shoulders these past few years and you’ve done great. I am so pleased that several organizations, newspapers, magazines, unions, etc. have endorsed you for another term. God Bless as we all continue to work together….

posted by: Independent Mind | October 29, 2014  3:33pm

Bethy what are you smoking? “I admire him so much”? All Malloy has done is raise our taxes, increase our spending and made Connecticut a place to leave, not come to. We need new leadership in Connecticut.  Someone who won’t be in bed with the overpriced unions and doesn’t lay blame on innocent people. Someone who will make Connecticut a great place to live, work and raise a family!

posted by: Joebigjoe | October 29, 2014  5:06pm

Only 6 more days left to save America and the State of CT.

“Looked after you” is what libs want to hear since to them the Government is parent and we are their children. I still cant figure out the pathology behind that thinking.

posted by: Bethy | October 29, 2014  5:25pm


My strong prayers to the Lord will continue to be that Malloy is re-elected. That’s my final statement. It is up to the Lord because he has the final sayso…and not you!

posted by: Bethy | October 29, 2014  7:23pm


MALLOY, MALLOY, MALLOY, MALLOY = 4 MORE YEARS .. I am not ashamed of a Governor who stands up for the middle-class (whether you’re democrat or republican), working class, poor, elderly, disabled, veterans, education and healthcare…Prayers for Malloy’s re-election….VOTE MALLOY, NOVEMBER 4, 2014!

posted by: Joebigjoe | October 29, 2014  7:53pm

Bethy, the Lord gave us these 10 Rules called Commandments and one of them was telling us not to lie.

4 years ago Malloy very clearly said he would not raise taxes on the middle class. He lied.

My Lord will welcome Dannel with open arms when judgment day comes, but he doesnt want him to be Governor again.

posted by: shinningstars122 | October 29, 2014  8:24pm


One more week to go and both campaigns bring out their soft sides…how touching.

It is too bad that Nancy Wyman and Heather Somers never debated I think that would have been important to both candidates in letting the woman talk policy and plans.

As people above me continue to complain about taxes, $450 per person a year or a $1.24 per day, no one is mentioning the big announcement from EB that they will buy another Pfzer building and keep 9000 employed that is the big news today kids and Malloy’s administration deserves all the credit.

Yes it is a $10 million dollar loan but unlike Wall Street this one will not be at zero percent interest.

So the tax payers will get a great return and so will New London county.

posted by: Sarah Darer Littman | October 29, 2014  8:27pm

“It is up to the Lord because he has the final sayso…and not you!”

Actually…unless the Lord is engaged in stuffing ballot boxes, I believe it IS up to us, because we are all voters here in CT.

posted by: dano860 | October 29, 2014  9:43pm

Soft, sincere, sensitive…but I feel Dannel is a lot more comparable to a morning tri ‘S’ program.
As Bethy praises Allah the rest of us can count on fewer than 20% of the States registered voters to chart our next four years.

posted by: whatsprogressiveaboutprogressives? | October 29, 2014  9:47pm

Bethy you are so blind if you think Dan-O is sticking up for the middle class.  Even Helen Keller could see it! I’ll pray for you tonight.

posted by: RogueReporterCT | October 29, 2014  10:36pm


Don’t be too hard on Bethy. I voted for Malloy the first time, and like her I never really questioned the idea that the Democratic agenda was the righteous one. But since the rise of New Democrats, and even more so since the Citizens United decision, we now have the two major parties operating on the principle that might makes right. The Democratic party I once believed in was the party of FDR and JFK. As of this election, the party has sold its soul. So I am just saying no.

posted by: Joebigjoe | October 30, 2014  7:32am

This thing with Bethy and others is eerily similar to Obama. It is Halloween in a few days after all so eerily might be the best description.

You can see how they might buy into what the person says the first time around, even though you personally saw through it.

The first term is a disaster and the lies keep coming, but they vote for them again. Your head spins around like a spinning head on Fun House Fright Night because you just dont understand how they can be suckered in twice. Then again, this is the state of PT Barnum.

There is a sucker born every minute and a sucker reborn every four years.

posted by: MGKW | October 30, 2014  9:38am

shiningstar122….Agreed…would have liked to have seen that debate…Wyman claims to have asked three times and did not have her calls returned…Heather Sommers may be a business person but she apparently knows she is no politician… Malloy should get credit for EB…however, he really needs to think seriously about how he can change the environment in CT for business…taxes aside…the regulatory template really needs to be re-analyzed and re-designed.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | October 30, 2014  7:32pm

Unfortunately, it seems to little to late for the incumbant. Bethy and Joebj are both drinking tainted cool aid, as are many of you partisan hacks. Us middle folk are fed up with all of you.

Colorado east! That’s my agenda.


posted by: art vandelay | October 30, 2014  11:33pm

art vandelay

To what good would a debate between Nancy Wyman & Heather Somers serve.  Granted it’s a novel idea, but the office of Lieutenant Governor serves the same purpose as Vice President, breaking a tie vote in the Senate and second in the line of succession.  A debate would only reiterate the views of their boss.

posted by: Joebigjoe | October 31, 2014  7:05am

HST, anyone that is for the legalization of dope as much as you are with references to the use of it in many of your posts is not middle of the road. The closest you are to middle based on all the things you have said on this site would be independent as far to the left as one can be in that category.

However in the spirit of trying to be helpful allow me to give you this link to Oprah and Ekhart Tolle where he tells you how to make up your mind.


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