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Malloy Snags SEIU Endorsement; Pelto Snubbed Again

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Christine Stuart photo One of the state’s largest labor unions with 65,000 members threw its support behind Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s re-election bid Wednesday. Labor officials said none of the other gubernatorial candidates asked for the endorsement, except third-party candidate Jonathan Pelto.

Paul Filson, SEIU’s political director, said neither Tom Foley nor Sen. John McKinney, the two Republican candidates vying for a chance to challenge Malloy, asked for a questionnaire.

Pelto, who was attacked by SEIU in May, said he requested a questionnaire, but was denied an opportunity to be interviewed by SEIU.

Christine Stuart file photo “They decided to go the way of the AFL-CIO and AFT-CT and prohibited me from having any contact with their members,” Pelto said Wednesday. Both unions snubbed Pelto and refused to let him participate in their endorsement process.

“There was never any question about whether they would give Malloy the endorsement, but whether they would give me a chance to be heard,” Pelto, a former Democratic lawmaker, said.

Pelto maintains that he was a full-fledged candidate when SEIU endorsed Malloy because the day after it did, he was able to speak at the Working Families Party convention, which was only allowing candidates to speak.

“The fact remains that his candidacy was not viable. It wasn’t viable,” Filson said. “We believe he’s been pretty much focused on a single issue and our two-party system is a straightjacket.”

Christine Stuart photo SEIU has been the only entity to publicly attack Pelto for his work in 2001 with a nursing home association. Malloy and the Democratic Party have largely ignored his candidacy.

With the SEIU endorsement comes 1,500 volunteers to help Malloy get out the vote. Filson said the ground game will focus on some of the large cities, which helped give Malloy his margin of victory in 2010.

“We plan on doing more than we ever have in the past and we believe our work last time helped Gov. Malloy win,” Filson said.

Filson was unable to say how much money the union would use to support the campaign.

Malloy himself has had a rocky relationship with labor since first taking office in 2011.

Negotiating a $1.6 billion concession package with the state employee unions in 2011 proved to be a daunting task and the rank-and-file union members rejected the first offer forcing a rare second vote on the package. In between the two votes, Malloy ordered layoffs of state employees, including an entire class of state troopers who had just graduated from the academy.

Asked about his relationship with public employee unions after those negotiations, Malloy said he thinks they did what they needed to do.

“State employees understand that the work we accomplished together was really quite remarkable,” Malloy said. “And that the savings both on a short-term and a long-term basis have been quite remarkable.”

Filson said the unions know that Malloy was a “tough negotiator, but he was fair.”

SEIU represents about 10,700 home health care workers, who recently won the ability to collectively bargain with the state for benefits. However, whether those workers will need to pay their union dues was thrown into question by a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Malloy was asked what he would tell a worker who didn’t want to pay their dues.

“I would tell them you got a raise, you got benefits, you got recognized, you got a contract that you didn’t have, you have rights, you have training opportunities you didn’t have,” Malloy said as he was drowned out by applause. “Fair is fair. Join us.”

Malloy was unable to say definitively what will happen with the collection of dues from that group of workers. The court decision is still being reviewed by attorneys in his office and the Attorney General’s office.

But he did say he disagreed with the decision and felt it was based on politics.

Malloy was introduced at the union hall in Hartford by a handful of union representatives who praised his record on making Connecticut the first state to heed the president’s call for a higher minimum wage and the only state to have a paid sick day law for certain employees in certain industries.

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(17) Archived Comments

posted by: Bethy | July 2, 2014  3:18pm


Let’s keep this moving forward my “brothers and sisters” of SEIU…We will stand together.  God Bless You All!

posted by: StateEmployee | July 2, 2014  3:25pm

It doesn’t matter what the union bigwigs say, the rank and file are not going to vote for Malloy….They are either going to vote for Pelto, Foley, or not vote at all, any of scenarios will get Malloy bounced out of office.  Now if we can only bounce some of the other Democrats out, this state might have a chance.

posted by: Linda12 | July 2, 2014  8:53pm

Just like the AFT, and most likely the CEA, their endorsement is meaningless if it doesn’t bring in the rank and file votes and it will NOT. Malloy used us, lied to us and thinks he’s all set. The man is in for a rude awakening.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | July 2, 2014  8:56pm

It is going to be interesting for sure. Malloy extracted a pound of flesh from the bulk of state employees when he only need half a pound. The early retirement penalties will screw not only the employees but the public as well as state workers will nearly all work until full retirement giving us all a highly paid but aged workforce.

However, having said that a deal is a deal. He won. So it will be interesting to see the outcome. Make no mistake, this election will be decided on how that group votes.


posted by: dano860 | July 2, 2014  9:03pm

S.E., don’t let anyone NOT vote, please!
Push them to at least pick one and vote. Not voting is giving the election to the biggest promise maker and we know who that is.

posted by: andygayle | July 2, 2014  9:21pm

This is the union that gave away the best retirement plan state employees had. Now you have to retire at 60. Why would you vote for him. See you at the negotiations table, more givebacks.

posted by: Linda12 | July 2, 2014  11:15pm

Vote Pelto/Murphy 2014

posted by: Joebigjoe | July 3, 2014  7:41am

The state is broke. We are at a tipping point for so many private sector people and retirees to leave. The state unions will have to give back so get ready for that.

My advice based on the lack of jobs out there is the heck with the lost raises and increased health care contributions, I would lock in job security because you lose yours and you aren’t finding another one. I know of so many incredibly smart people with years of very highly productive private sector experience that can’t find a job, so a state employee without those skills isn’t going to beat them out.

posted by: OutBackJack312 | July 3, 2014  10:50am


I’m a union guy, I don’t care who my union endorses.  I will not, under any circumstance, be voting for Malloy on election day.  I’m a firearms owner, public school teacher, and part time state employee…  How has this man made my life any better/easier in four years? 

Pelto for governor!!!!

posted by: StateEmployee | July 3, 2014  1:19pm

@OutBackJack312, Mallot did a couple of good things, and only 2.  He gave State Employees no layoff protection for 4 years, which is unheard of now a days. 2nd, he put extra money in the state retiree pension fund,  This was something that he was going to keep on doing, until Malloy and the Democrats spent us until oblivion.  So, because of all the extra spending, the extra funding for the pensions had to be deleted to help balance the budget.  Other than that, Malloy, has been failure.  He enacted the largest tax increase in the states history, and the state is STILL broke.  Mind you, that was a retractive tax, in case everybody forgot.  Maybe that was no big deal to all the people in the cities on the dole, but it hurt me, and for that reason alone, I won’t vote for Malloy.  We are up against huge deficits the next couple of years, will Malloy cut spending, I don’t think so.  Which means another tax increase in in the making, and my wages are not keeping up with the Democrats spending.  We need to get as many Democrats out of our legislature as possible, or this state is ruined.

posted by: richf | July 3, 2014  3:05pm

I guess the union elitists forgot how Malloy lied to them and caused all kinds of layoffs and companies to leave the state. Any union member that votes for this communist deserves everything they get.

posted by: Bulldog1 | July 3, 2014  3:53pm

To all you Pelto folks out there: enjoy your time with Foley.

I’m sure you’ll get solid raises, better pensions and no layoffs.

posted by: rsoxrule | July 3, 2014  5:26pm

filson is addicted to malloy/wyman kool-aid if he thinks “we plan on doing more than we ever have..” rank and file have been under serious attack by this administration some of the malloy/wyman appointees are demonstrably anti-worker. Just look at the way they dissed transformation which was an integral part of the SEBAC agreement!

posted by: RogueReporterCT | July 5, 2014  2:03am


Please enter the 2014 Election Poetry slam (or vote your favorite):

#1 Federation of Dunces

A Union magnificent
Signed its death certificate
Endorsing fer Gov’ner: Malloy.
Positions like Foley
And a face far more Troll-y
Made AFT-CT his boy.

#4 Civilization Stew:

Near Cauldron stands Gov’ner Malloy.
Like witch doth he cackle with joy.
As teachers he drowns,
Their Unions lie down
To Philistines, Genghis and Troy.

posted by: RogueReporterCT | July 5, 2014  2:20am


The Kingmakers have already rigged this election. Colin McEnroe called in May (another squeaker for Malloy) and now the Courant has to ensure that their prophecy gets self-fulfilled. Remember the blatant attack in the Courant OP ED section on Pelto over a week ago?

Funny how there wasn’t a full-throated rebuttal. But they did receive one, and it went a little something like this: 

A response to Betty Gallo’s June 27th OP-ED about Jonathan Pelto:

Gallo asked what Pelto has done for us lately. Well, he has worked as vigilantly as any private citizen to bring important issues to the electorate.

Gallo claimed that Pelto has been writing a “misleading” blog about education.” Pelto is an opponent of the Common Core. This week, Dr. James Milgram, an author of the Common Core, told me that the standards had been hijacked by politics, dumbed down, and were being implemented in Connecticut in a manner that is “really dreadful.”

Gallo then wrote of Pelto, “He was a political consultant for anyone who would pay him.” My first thought is that Jonathan Pelto knows how things work in Hartford, where the bodies are buried, and what needs fixing.

About Malloy’s supposedly strong principles: Yes, Malloy has been consistent on corporate welfare. He supports it. And on social issues? This is Connecticut, bluest of the blue. We all support same-sex marriage and other leftist positions.

Finally, no one should crow over the Governor’s marijuana policy. For all intents and purposes, Connecticut is still a drug war state. Pelto is for making peace, not prisons.

Please note the spare editing to fit with the 200 word “Letters” format and all character-count requirements. The only reasons for the Courant to shut out this voice is that it is one of their own reporters that has gone ROGUE, and that this same reporter is annoying. Both reasons, neither VALID.

posted by: RogueReporterCT | July 5, 2014  2:25am


StateEmployee: No layoff protection??? Using so many adjuncts at state colleges was a joke to begin with but now 300 JUST GOT LAID OFF…sorry, son’t be having their contracts renewed. Helluva loophole, though. Gonna drive my truck through it and out of CT.

posted by: oliviahuxtable | July 5, 2014  7:51am

I know one way Malloy can ensure many more union votes on election day…..construct an erip that begins January 1st. And STOP saying insulting things to state workers like “I’m not paying for you to retire and sit at home”...he said something to that effect… That insults me greatly….you know how many people are on the dole in this state from cradle to grave and this governor has a problem with people who have worked and paid taxes for 40+ years retiring a few years early?! When he said that I knew immediately I would not vote for him again. And I say again because I supported him in 2010. Governor, I hope you or your staff read these comments because we are the people. Smarten up.

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