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Malloy To File Protective Order Against Fellow Democrat

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(Updated 9:30 a.m.) Gov. Dannel P. Malloy plans to file a protective order Tuesday against Lisa “Lee” Whitnum, a fellow Democrat and U.S. Senate candidate, who is suing him over statements he made in 2008.

The protective order is expected to be filed as part of Whitnum’s lawsuit against Malloy in Stamford Superior Court in 2010 during the height of his gubernatorial campaign.

Not to be mistaken with a restraining order, the protective order in the civil case was filed, “to ensure that the Governor does not have to respond to Lee Whitnum’s baseless and improper discovery requests in a civil case,” Malloy’s spokesman Andrew Doba said Tuesday.

Whitnum, of Greenwich, is perhaps best known for dating U.S. Sen. John Kerry and for writing a book titled “Hedge Fund Mistress,” alleges that on the day before the 2008 primary, Malloy called some of her statements “anti-Semitic” at a press conference “aired three times on Channel 12.” Whitnum claims in the five-page lawsuit, which she filed herself without legal representation, that Malloy’s words were intended to “stifle the topics that she believes are of vital interest to the national security and financial well-being of the United State of America.”

In June 2010, Malloy defended his remarks to a group of reporters.

“In 2008, I stood with Jim Himes and with leaders of Connecticut’s Jewish community in denouncing comments by Ms. Whitnum that we viewed as anti-Semitic,” Malloy said. “I do not believe that sort of rhetoric has any place in our political discourse, and I will continue to speak out vehemently against discrimination in any form, be it religious, racial, gender-based, or otherwise.”

Whitnum maintains in the lawsuit that she never made any anti-Semitic remarks.

“The court recently ruled that Ms. Whitnum’s amended complaint was improper and knocked out her complaint in its entirety,” Doba said. “Since Ms. Whitnum no longer has a civil complaint against the governor, the Governor is not obligated to respond or object to Ms. Whitnum’s improper discovery requests.”

“Ms. Whitnum has now had two unsuccessful bites at the apple in her attempt to maintain a complaint against the Governor.  Her litigious conduct lacks merit and she has no claims against the governor,” Doba added in a statement Tuesday.

Dennis House of WFSB was the first to break this story on the Monday night broadcast.

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(2) Archived Comments

posted by: Noteworthy | March 6, 2012  12:12pm

Malloy’s handling of this matter is strikingly similar to his road shows. Maybe he should file a protective order against all the taxpayers with whom he disagrees.

posted by: saramerica | March 7, 2012  8:36am


Noteworthy - clearly you don’t know anything about the person involved.Believe me, I have my differences with Governor Malloy, but having had dealing with this person he is completely justified in this action. Just do a little research instead of making an off the cuff remark. Read the motion and you will understand how off base she is with constant frivolous lawsuits, not to mention the volatile and harassing behavior she has exhibited to journalists around the state. There are two harassment reports on file against her with the police. Yet she still believes she is a viable candidate for public office.  Go figure.

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