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Malloy Welcomes Debate, Asks Voters To Judge Him On His Record

by | Aug 5, 2014 4:13pm () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Election 2014, State Budget

Christine Stuart photo Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is asking the electorate to look at his entire record when they go to the polls in November.

Outside TOMZ Corporation, a 95,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Berlin, Malloy was asked about the decision to include Nicole Hockley, a mother who lost her first-grade son Dylan in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in his latest campaign ad.

“Listen, you’ve got to look at what elections are,” Malloy said Tuesday. “I have a record. It’s a record I’m proud of, having faced five natural disaster declarations and Sandy Hook. I think people need, or I would ask that they put it all in context.”

He added: “It’s been a tough number of years with a great challenge in the economy to boot and you know people will have to make a choice. There’ll be a clear choice.”

The ad, which began airing this week, appears one week before the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Within hours of being posted on Youtube Monday, the commercial had prompted user comments accusing Malloy of “shamelessly” politicizing a tragedy. In a statement, Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. accused Malloy of “exploiting” Newtown.

Malloy made no apologies for the campaign ad.

“We’re going to begin getting our message out from now until Election Day,” Malloy said. “We have a great story to tell about the choice that has to be made.”

It’s still unclear at this point if Malloy will debate Sen.John McKinney or Tom Foley. Nevertheless, he said he’s willing to participate in a number of debates.

Christine Stuart photo Typically, an incumbent tries not to have too many debates, Malloy admitted. However, Malloy said he’s willing to have a “number of debates and discussions throughout the state.”

Back in 2010, Malloy called for 17 debates during the Democratic primary against Ned Lamont. The idea was to have a debate in every town with a daily newspaper.

In 2010, there were at least two televised debates between Malloy and Foley and dozens of forums and discussions prior to the election where Malloy beat Foley by less than 1 percent of the vote.

“Whichever Republican wins, I look forward to having a thorough discussion of the issues in a debate format. Final number to be decided, but certainly I’m going to be accepting a lot of invitations,” Malloy said Tuesday.

He said the public will be getting “definitive answers from me just as you have every day that I’ve been governor.”

The comment was a criticism of the vagueness regarding Foley’s statements on the state budget and exactly how he would balance it. Foley has said he would keep spending flat for two years, not raise taxes, and be able to plug the estimated $1.278 billion budget hole with efficiencies.

Malloy doesn’t believe there will be a deficit and he believes he has a good handle on keeping spending below 3 percent.

“We don’t face a deficit,” Malloy said back in June after the deficit numbers were released by the legislature’s nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis. “The deficit projections on the same services budget would require that we increase spending by 7.78 percent. You don’t believe we’d do that, nobody believes we’d do that.”

He added: “Nobody, no party, no politician is going to advocate that we increase spending by 7.78 percent. It’s a ridiculous number.”

Although Malloy insists the estimates are based on unrealistic spending assumptions, he often points out that he inherited a $3.6 billion single-year budget deficit from his predecessor. That number is based on the same projection methods, which predicted a $1.278 billion deficit in the next fiscal year (FY 2015/16).

“This is an election with a very clear choice to be made,” Malloy said.

Malloy was at the TOMZ facility in Berlin on Tuesday to announce a $711,533 loan from the Department of Economic and Community Development Manufacturing Assistance Act. The loan carries a 2 percent interest rate for 10 years. About half of the loan will be forgiven if the company meets its job retention and creation targets. It currently has 123 employees and plans to add 30 more.

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(15) Archived Comments

posted by: Commuter | August 6, 2014  7:24am

“That number is based on the same projection methods,” is not accurate.

The difference between the $3.7 billion deficit that was handed to the incoming Malloy administration by the Rell administration and the projected deficit based on the assumptions of analysts is apparently lost on people.

The appropriate comparison would be between the Malloy administration’s next budget - which doesn’t exist yet - and the Rell administration’s $3.7 billion deficit budget. In the absence of a draft budget, we can only go with what the Malloy adminstration has done over the last four years.

That’s four balanced budgets - not one in deficit - and four surpluses, with spending gains held below 3% in all four years. Plus contributions to the rainy day fund and excess investments into the pensions.

This trope about the projected deficit being equivalent to the mess that the Rell administration left behind has become standard filler in one article after another. It would be a breath of fresh air if this were written about accurately.

posted by: Joebigjoe | August 6, 2014  7:46am

OK I will. Thanks for serving. YURRRR OUT!!!!

posted by: jim black | August 6, 2014  9:05am

I know what his record is. With that said, your fired Malloy.

posted by: One and Done | August 6, 2014  9:08am

Look at me, I can balance a budget.  It only costs $6 billion in general obligation bonds and the largest ever in history tax hike.  Did I tell you it is because of me that this state has recovered from Sandy Hook?

posted by: freedomfighter1045 | August 6, 2014  10:00am

Having a income of $32 billion and spending of $42 billion equals overspending and not a BALANCED BUDGET. Simple math Gov Malloy stop trying to fool CT citizens.

posted by: CT Jim | August 6, 2014  12:41pm

Man there sure are a lot of right wing trolls here. So I guess the gov does not have your 4 votes. He didn’t have them 4 years ago either.

posted by: Joebigjoe | August 6, 2014  1:16pm

Actually Jim I wasnt that opposed to him 4 years ago. The night of the election, even as a Republican I was not dead set againt Malloy, until I watched the Bridgeport garbage take place and its been down hill from there. Now I am very against him.

As for right wing trolls, the fact is that more right wingers are invested in learning whats going on and frequenting a site like this that gives both sides, than lefties that just follow their emotions, facts be damned.

Even though you are in that leftie category I have more respect for you than you would ever realize because you at least try to throw out your version of the facts. That strengthens our country vs people that are more interested in watching who gets booted off of Idol or Big Brother than they are in fighting in the arena of ideas.

posted by: LongJohn47 | August 6, 2014  1:44pm

Malloy will crush Foley in the debates.  It will be fun to watch.

posted by: ASTANVET | August 6, 2014  1:56pm

CT Jim - please keep the name calling to a minimum.  “trolls” really?  is that the best you have?  I have met the Gov, and aside from being an odd man, he is likeable enough.  I wouldn’t assasinate his character.  I disagree with his politics, and disagree with the numbers that he is conflating, but aside from that… come on man… let’s not devolve into a bunch of name calling.  I don’t know what you did when the comments weren’t up to disparage anonymous people.  The problems in the State are real - you may not like hearing it, nor does it appear that you like to hear contrary opinion…but it doesn’t change the realities.  We’re in trouble.  Gov Malloy has done very little to ease the burden on the tax payers (all of them), has done little to change the regulatory state to grow the economy.  What is the economic output numbers for CT (no party affiliatioin here) - what is the unemployment, and labor force participation rate here in CT?  evaluate the metrics.  The GOV has done little to right the ship.  It has been a partisan parade in Hartford for the last three years.  I say it’s time for a change.  A change in the CGA and in the Gov’s mansion.

posted by: GBear423 | August 6, 2014  2:04pm


so people that disagree with Malloy’s fiscal record as he presents it are “right wing trolls”?

that is hardly neighborly. the numbers shell game being played by the Governor is evident and has been reported numerous times.

David Walker wrote an article that presents a very clear picture of the deceit in the Governor’s view of our fiscal health. It’s titled _The True State of the State_. it is worth a read.  Excerpt:

“Malloy celebrated an alleged surplus of about $500 million. I use the word “alleged” because it is largely a contrived illusion. The claimed surplus is due primarily to temporary factors, selected gimmicks, and various creative accounting practices. For example, most of the revenue increase is attributable to a temporary extension of taxes that were supposed to expire, a surge in revenue due to the dramatic rise in the equity market in 2013, and a new, and presumably long-term, gas tax increase. The State deferred or refinanced scheduled bond payments, including accrued interest, and used bond premiums and borrowed additional funds for operating purposes. And believe it or not, our State treated certain bond proceeds as revenue for budget purposes. The “bottom line” is the alleged surplus is manufactured with additional taxes and more debt.”

As it turns out, there was no actual $500 Million surplus.

posted by: joemanc | August 6, 2014  3:21pm

“That’s four balanced budgets - not one in deficit -”
Hi Commuter - If you’ll recall, a special session was called late last year I believe because the deficit in the current budget year had swelled. Granted, we ended up with a surplus, but think about that - 5-6 years after the crash, we’re still treading water. And this after a MASSIVE tax hike. We used to run massive surpluses in the late 90’s when the economy was booming. Those days are long gone I’m afraid, as long as we have spend till you drop politicians in office in this state.

posted by: art vandelay | August 6, 2014  7:48pm

art vandelay

If memory serves me correct wasn’t one of Malloy’s budgets balanced by projected KENO revenue?  So much for four balanced budgets in a row!

posted by: ASTANVET | August 7, 2014  7:05am

I mean it is so obvious.  Are we in a state of expansion or decline?  If we are in a decline then what are we doing to change course?  Why can we not link the liberal policy with decline?  Cities are run across the nation with what kind of policy?  LIberal - how are cities doing.  We in CT believe we are bullet proof, chasing out manufacturing, relying on the geography between NYC and Boston and hope that we are just that little bit cheaper to get those people to claim residency.  Rather than expand our economy we tax the bejesus out of people because NY does it worse?  awesome policy.  All that “feel good” stuff we do in the legislature is a bunch of BS.  We are overtaxing, over regulating the heck out of the citizens in CT.  We must become self sufficient again, strong and able to withstand the ebbs and flows of the markets.  Can’t do that leveraged to the hilt, and living tax day to tax day.

posted by: TCM | August 8, 2014  4:30am

Governor Malloy promised us honesty and truthfulness. Then he submitted a budget balanced in part upon $ 180 million in savings achieved from ” Union suggestion boxes “.  Are you kidding me ? How stupid does he really think we are ? Here is the bottom line: Governor Malloy has done a terrible job as governor of Connecticut and does NOT deserve a second term. Another four years of Malloy means four more years of economic stagnation and overall mediocrity for our state. Time for new ideas and new leadership - ANYONE but Malloy I say.

posted by: NutmegDemocrat | August 8, 2014  3:37pm

He wants another go at the job because he “showed up for work”? Last I looked, there was no tenure for rooms on Prospect Avenue.

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