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Malloy’s Not Worried About Gun Industry Leaving State

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy may be a cheerleader for manufacturing in the state, but job creation is not his top concern when it comes to manufacturing semi-automatic weapons for sale in Connecticut.

“We don’t want to sell these weapons in our state, but they are legally manufactured,” Malloy said after an unrelated press conference Friday.

His message to gun manufacturers: you’re welcome to stay, “but I think we’re going to enact an assault weapons ban.”

If Malloy has his way, he would ban semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 model used by the gunman who killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Some gun manufacturers like Colt, who have been in Connecticut since the turn of the century, have argued that limiting the number of military-style features on a semi-automatic rifle doesn’t make a gun that gets into the wrong hands any safer.

“I don’t believe banning cosmetic features makes us a greater society,” Colt President and CEO Dennis Veilleux said last Friday in the conference room of Colt’s manufacturing facility in West Hartford.

Malloy doesn’t believe expanding the definition of an assault weapon in Connecticut will make much of a difference to the gun industry as it currently exists.

“Some of the weapons that they manufacture are already banned under the existing Connecticut law,” he said. “The loopholes in that were wide enough to drive a truck through.”

But the National Shooting Sports Foundation, an organization based in Newtown that represents gun manufacturers, believes it will have an impact. The foundation began airing ads by three Connecticut gun manufacturers this week on cable television. The commercials feature employees of Colt’s Manufacturing Company of West Hartford, O.F. Mossberg & Sons Inc. of North Haven, and Stag Arms of New Britain.

“Legislation before the General Assembly that would institute an outright ban on the sale of the most popular model of semi-automatic rifle today presents the real prospect of decreasing good-paying jobs in our state,” Jake McGuigan, director of government affairs for the NSSF, said Thursday. “Lawmakers need to understand that the underlying issues go deeper than whether a manufacturing exemption would be put in place.”

The firearm industry has a storied history in the state, which is tied directly to the brand identities of these companies.

“We believe Connecticut is where we belong and we want to stay here,” Veilleux said last week.

But he worries that if the state passes a ban on semi-automatic rifles there will be a brand backlash that will cause his board of directors to take offers to move seriously.

“Our heritage is a big part of brand message,” Veilleux said. “Don’t make it so easy to think this thing through.”

Malloy, asked about whether he thought the brand identity of these manufacturers could cause them to flee the state, said he’s “not a brand guy. That’s up to them to decide.”

Meanwhile, meetings between Democratic and Republican legislative leaders were postponed Friday because of the snow, but expanding the definition of an assault rifle may be the most difficult task they face as they seek to hammer out a bipartisan agreement.

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(19) Archived Comments

posted by: Noteworthy | March 8, 2013  10:09pm

What immediately comes to mind as I read this is “what an ass.” Malloy says he’s not much of a brand guy. No system. Remember “still revolutionary?” And we’re open for business. Malloy is not much of a listener guy either, or a budget balancer or a consensus builder or a truth teller. He is an xxxxxxx though.

posted by: dano860 | March 8, 2013  10:22pm

“I’m not a brand guy,” Malloy said.
He sure sucked up to the Red Sox brand when it comes to a free shirt and potential revenue (taxes) from the sale of the vanity plates.

posted by: Chien DeBerger | March 9, 2013  9:00am

Yep, the Alfred E. Newman of Connecticut. Maybe his re-election campaign slogan can be: “What me Worry?”

posted by: ghop44 | March 9, 2013  12:28pm

I think our gun manufacturers should move to a more gun friendly state. If I were 35 years younger I would get out of this “Unconstitutional” State.

posted by: bob8/57 | March 9, 2013  6:55pm


The radical fringe will piss and moan, but the state is going to outlaw assault style weapons anyway. That is what the overwhelming majority of voters want.

posted by: dano860 | March 9, 2013  10:55pm

Murphy said the average age of a person committing a gun crime is 19, and young urban men growing up in poverty need something other than a gun in their hands to feel empowered.
This is a statement made by Murphy at his “town hall” meeting, as reported by The Day.
They know where the problem is, they know that it isn’t the long firearms or the increased capacity magazines but they still want to go after the law abiding citizen.
Not logical!

posted by: Salmo | March 9, 2013  11:41pm

Well, I’m glad he’s so confident. See if the taxpayers remember this should the gun manufacturers decide to leave for friendlier environs.

posted by: ASTANVET | March 10, 2013  8:57am

another in the stream of endless articles about stripping away our rights as Connecticut citizens and Americans - awesome… if you say it enough it will become reality.  So continues the slow, consistent messaging of the D agenda… I’m glad he isn’t concerned for the thousands of jobs and lives that his agenda will effect… I wonder why we’re called the “rust belt”... just wondering…

posted by: SocialButterfly | March 10, 2013  1:19pm

Malloy doesn’t care about anything—as he knows he can’t retify the permanent damage he inflicted on our once great State of Connecticut—and he won’t be reelected. Pity the next Governor, especially if he or she—inherits the same Democratic controlled General Assembly—that spends us to oblivion.  Both Malloy and our General Assembly—must go!

posted by: Noteworthy | March 10, 2013  4:24pm

Malloy’s comment is akin to Romney’s 47% - since Connecticut has such a poor job of economic growth and job creation, one would think our governor would be not only concerned, but worship those who employ our citizens. Maybe he doesn’t like blue collar jobs - he seems to gravitate to places like insurance, sports and hedgies.

posted by: Shannon | March 11, 2013  9:52am

Hold your ground Governor.

posted by: CTResidentForLife | March 11, 2013  12:37pm

JFK was killed with a plain old 22 rifle and the Sandy Hook killer used pistols (left the AR15 in the trunk!) so why the heck are these crazy Democrat politicians up to, pushing these draconian measures instead of addressing mental health issues?  I suspect because it is the easy way out for them and it fits the left’s agenda.  What will Malloy do next when someone is killed with a 10 round magazine or pipe bomb?  Ban gun powder?  Why not fix the real problem which is we need to help the mentally ill instead of act like they don’t exist?  Better background checks seem reasonable, but the Democrats in this state are only interested in taking away freedom when it should be focused on our economy & jobs. I can’t wait to leave this self-destructive state.  This is the last straw.  Why should we live in one of the most expensive states in the country when it is so punitive towards law abiding citizens?

posted by: SocialButterfly | March 11, 2013  2:08pm

CTRresidentForLife:  As a senior citizen, I continue to live in one of the most expensive states in the country—where Democratic party politics prosperity has nearly buried this state—because I’m too old to move.  Are you in the same boat? Our problem in Connecticut is that Gov. Malloy runs this state the same way that his idol—President Obama runs the country:  “MASSIVE DEFICIT SPENDING.”

posted by: Nutmeg87 | March 11, 2013  2:40pm

It’s sad that Malloy is driving CT to the gutter….  Can you believe that at one point in time, the Nutmeg state was the Constitution State?  Its befitting since we now are loosing our 2nd amendment rights.  At another point in time, CT was the home to more Fortune 100 companies; more than anywhere else in US and no state income tax (thx for nothing Lowell Weicker) and among wealthiest counties in USA….. 

Now what…  Malloy?  We’re gasping to keep the last non-multinational defense companies with maybe several thousand good jobs….  And nothing is going to stop another deranged killer like Newton, VAtech, Columbine, Aurora etc…  Nor stop any more gang related, drug related, robbery related, organized crime related gun violence ...  Why?  Because they don’t care about the law anyways.  Think they care about the extra layer of punishment?  Most gun crimes are increasingly involve youths engaged in other crimes (not looking to just shoot people). Think Malloy should just focus on education, jobs and maybe economy may do better job of slowing crime and maybe as economic growth may increase tax revenue, these politicians may find $$$ to fund longer term projects like how to deal with mental health. 
Increasing taxes & decreasing our constitutional rights will not solve our economic & social problems Malloy…

Its distuging to see picture after picture of Malloy laughing & having a good ole time with the BoSox & that Joker Joe Biden (see that photo with Biden? Jokers Gone Wild!)

He doesn’t care about our small-mid size businesses in CT (Colt Defense, Mossberg, Ruger, ASC, Stag Arms, etc..), while he pandered to UBS & RBC to move into Stamford for $$$MILLIONS of tax credits & breaks!!!  So now that Molloy moved on top grander pasteurs in hartford, UBS (just settled for hundreds of $millions for their LIBOR rigging scam - all of us with credit cards, home loans, and auto loans got scammed)are moving out of Stamford anyways !!!  Who are you going to tax buddy when evryone’s unemployed or moved out???

posted by: D Paul | March 11, 2013  5:37pm

Hypocrite! Funnel Millions into STEM & Manufacturing and drive historically significant industries out of CT? Historically, the backbone of the CT economy has been manufacturing. In the 1980’s we were told Manufacturing was out and service was in… This should not be about your personal agenda! It should be what is best for CT residents! VOTE HIM OUT.

posted by: Joebigjoe | March 11, 2013  9:23pm

He doesn’t care if we vote him out. He has a cushy job waiting for him in Washington.

I honestly dont see why anyone would want to move their business to CT with the exception of lower Fairfield County because of it’s proximity to NYC.

However, the blame doesn’t fall totally on Malloys shoulders as the Leftists in the legislator were doing a number on the state long before Dano arrived. Leftists were the same people that drove Germany into hyperinflation which led to their guy Hitler taking over.

posted by: D Paul | March 12, 2013  7:30am

You are right Joe, it is not just Gov. Malloy. Our state legislature is pathetic. I know my state representative is anyway.

posted by: CTResidentForLife | March 12, 2013  12:32pm

Reasonable:  Yes, I plan on retiring in a few years and will be gone from CT.  The people here elect people who harm the future of their children.  As far as Malloy goes (and Obama), these two are in bed with corporations.  Obama with GE (Jeffy Immelt/GE - ZERO Taxes) and Malloy with his love affair with Pfiezer.  Those two corporations top the list of corporations that have parked their money outside of the USA.  I guarantee there will be more in the news about Obama and Malloy helping their cronies like GE and Pfizer.  Mark my words.  Why people vote in corrupt politicians is amazing.  Dodd is enjoying his role as a lobbyist for liberals in Hollywood (SOPA was a bust, so the “corporations did an end run).  People in Connecticut just don’t get it and deserve Malloy.  I hope they ride his Magic Bus when they can’t find jobs or pay for the gas in their cars.  The proposals about Gun Control simply punishes law abiding citizens and do nothing to help the mentally ill people who kill people.  I’m sick and tired of the left ruining our country, freedom and irresponsibly piling debt upon our children and grandchildren.  Beyond not voting for Malloy, the best I can do is vote with my feet, and I will take my money with me.  We already lost a Congressional district due to people voting with their feet, I will just be one more person/family to leave.  There is nothing attractive in this state, except for the change of seasons.

posted by: Joebigjoe | March 12, 2013  3:51pm

CT has changed alot in my lifetime. Democrats were Democrats and not the Leftists they are now with wacky ideas on the way the world should be. It’s a sick state in so many ways.

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