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McKinney Comes Out Swinging

by | Jul 15, 2014 11:00am () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Election 2014

Sen. John McKinney pledged from the beginning of the campaign that he wouldn’t attack his Republican opponent, but in his first campaign ad he takes a jab at Tom Foley’s budget plan.

“Tom Foley says he won’t cut spending,” McKinney says in the ad.

The statement is followed by video of Foley saying “I’m not going to cut spending.”

McKinney then goes onto explain in the 30-second ad that not cutting spending isn’t going to solve the problem.

In the ad, McKinney tries to differentiate himself from both Foley and Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who he says raised taxes and increased spending.

The ad is produced by Jamestown Associates of New Jersey , the same firm that created ads for former Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele in 2010. Fedele’s 2010 attack ad criticized Foley’s management of the Bibb Co., a now-defunct textile company in Georgia. Foley beat Fedele that year, but Republicans were critical of the ad because they say Fedele handed the Democratic Party too much material. The Democratic Governors Association later used the Bibb Co. narrative in a similar attack ad on Foley.

McKinney’s campaign said Foley’s personal life is off limits, but criticizing his policies is fair game.

McKinney is the only gubernatorial candidate who is saying he will seek to renegotiate the state’s relationship with its labor unions, and he is the only one who is saying he will cut spending in order to overcome what is expected to be a $1.278 billion budget deficit in FY 2016. McKinney said he also plans to make modest reductions in the sales and gas taxes.

The ad is part of a $160,000 media buy, according to the McKinney campaign, and it was scheduled to begin airing on TV today.

McKinney is the last of three gubernatorial candidates to qualify for public financing and the amount of money he spent making the ad has not yet been reported. McKinney and his running mate, David Walker, are expected to qualify for public financing later this week.

Foley was the first to release a campaign commercial last week. The ad featured his wife, Leslie, reintroducing Foley to the voters. Malloy’s campaign followed with its first ad this week touting his leadership abilities.

McKinney and Foley will square off Aug. 12 in the Republican primary. The winner of that contest will challenge Malloy in November. Republican Joe Visconti and Education and Democracy Party candidate Jonathan Pelto are both attempting to get on the ballot as third-party candidates.

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(6) Archived Comments

posted by: GBear423 | July 15, 2014  12:18pm


Agree with the strategy, Foley needs to explain this “no cut on spending”  Is that to say if he sees waste he will not go after it?? 

hint:  there is WASTE in CT government Tom…

posted by: StateEmployee | July 15, 2014  1:45pm

Well, let’s see here. He said he will go after State Employees for concessions again, so he has lost that vote. He came fate our guns, so he has lost that vote. He doesn’t have a chance in hell at winning. Don’t get me wrong, as a State Employee, I realize they will try to get concessions out of us, but whoever is our next Governour better wait until after June 2016, because I’m pretty sure the State Employees are not going to vote for a 5th Zero in 10 years.

posted by: Chien DeBerger | July 15, 2014  2:48pm

Sorry John, you rolled over and layed down on SB1160 gutting our rights as citizens to own firearms. But you seem to not address that in your little spot.

posted by: Joebigjoe | July 15, 2014  3:14pm

Doesn’t matter John. If you voted against the gun control laws Foley wouldn’t stand a chance.

Your only chance is if you come up with a comprehensive plan to eliminate the most stupid of the regulations in the new law. If you cant see that a bayonet lug has zero to do with gun safety and you aren’t willing to fight to change the mistake then you are a follower and not a leader.

Notice I didn’t say repeal the whole thing (although that would be preferable). If you cant fight to overturn the worst of the bill then that’s angering and I will not vote for you.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | July 15, 2014  6:23pm

A few things about this race in general, the budget, and Senator McKinney.  in bullet form, why not?

* the race will be decided on the backs of two blocks of voters: state employees and teachers.  both groups have been raked over the coals by the current guv. get them you win: john loses.
* the real savings in the state budget are with grants to the towns and a total revamp on how we deliver social services. the guv doesn’t matter at all here, because the legislature will do nothing about either.
* the gun law debate is a red herring.  as overbearing as it was, there was simply no choice.  something had to be done, emotions were simply to high to stop it - all you falling off the earth on the right side need to understand that and get over it.  wait a few years, then chip away at it.  you will survive. john had no choice on this one.
* twist one up!  enjoy the silliest of seasons!


posted by: shinningstars122 | July 16, 2014  5:57am


I very much look forward to some fireworks in the GOP camp as McKinney goes out swinging and I am sure he will knock Foley down more than once.

One big reason Foley will not debate him.

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