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McKinney Endorses Foley With Ice Water

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Posted to: Election 2014, Trumbull

Christine Stuart photos In a show of unity following a bruising primary battle, Tom Foley, the Republican gubernatorial nominee, allowed his opponent, Sen. John McKinney, to dump a bucket of ice water on his head at his campaign office in Trumbull.

Foley beat McKinney Tuesday night by 12 percentage points, but the two united Wednesday morning to show there were no hard feelings.

Following a press conference, McKinney challenged Foley to take the ALS ice bucket challenge. He explained to Foley that you nominate three other individuals to take the challenge before pouring the bucket of ice over your head. The challenge, which raises awareness and money for for ALS, has taken social media by storm.

“I’m going to take the bucket and I’m going to contribute $100,” Foley said.

The two walked outside Foley headquarters in Trumbull and Foley tried to think of who he should challenge besides Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

He chose the head of the Democratic Party Nancy DiNardo and Democratic strategist Roy Occhiogrosso, who is working on Malloy’s campaign.

“Nice,” McKinney said when he heard Foley say Occhiogrosso.

“Not until he learns how to pronounce my name,” Occhiogrosso responded on Twitter.

Asked if he was taking just a little bit of pleasure in dumping a bucket of ice on the head of the guy who just beat him in the primary, McKinney said “no.”

But when it came time to dump the ice on Foley’s head, McKinney’s conscience may have gotten the best of him.

“Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m doing this. My mother wouldn’t be happy,” McKinney said before dumping the bucket of ice over Foley’s head.

McKinney asked the news media not to forget that they had also challenged Malloy.

Malloy’s campaign tweeted that the governor will take the challenge Saturday after the MADD dash in Stratford.

Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman will be pouring the ice water over Malloy’s head.

McKinney was challenged by his daughter and got ice water tossed on his head Tuesday night. Once challenged a person has 24 hours to complete the challenge.

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(5) Archived Comments

posted by: bob8/57 | August 13, 2014  3:15pm


All in good fun for a good cause.

posted by: Bethy | August 13, 2014  7:53pm


This is a complete joke. Senator Mckinney hammered Foley in this forum, hammered him in commercials in reference to his inability to be a Governor, now you support him 100%...Smh, you both need to run to the polls in November and vote Dan Malloy 2014. No middle class republican or democrat will support either of you. Especially after Senator McKinney told the horrible truth about Tom Foley’s lack of leadership ability. watch for yourself folks and take notes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGlgvZaO27A

posted by: justsayin | August 14, 2014  5:11am

Bethy easy the real race just started. The ice water is how the tax payers felt with Dannels (oops Dan its campaign season) tax increase.

posted by: GuilfordResident | August 14, 2014  8:25am

Glad they’re getting along and will focus on the bigger goal ... getting Dan-o out! In reality, it’ll probably be Malloy in again. 85% of the wealthiest people in the US are Democrats. It’s a myth that Republicans are the fat cats. Democrats realize the path to their fortunes are to keep the downtrodden downtrodden (and dependent upon them) and to tax the hell out of people so they can funnel money from governments into their pockets. I’d like to be a Democrat like all my hipster friends so they’d invite me to their hipster parties but I just can’t buy into the tax-the-hell out of everyone but me and keep the poor poor line they toe.

posted by: Bethy | August 14, 2014  8:37am


Ooooooh, I don’t think soooooo that forum conducted this past Sunday say’s it all…Thanks to Senator McKinney for revealing the dirty truth about Tom Foley’s inability to lead Connecticut. Thank you and we will stick with who we already have. Malloy/Wyman for 2014…Watch the video again buddy…See you at the polls in November.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGlgvZaO27A “we” have Malloy’s back! The Urban Cities are already aware that Tom Foley has nothing for them as well as his laughable running partner Ms. Somers! hahahahaaaaa

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