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McMahon Asks For Three Debates, Shays Offers 10

by Staff Report | Feb 3, 2012 3:21pm
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Posted to: Election 2012

With Chris Shays’ entry into state’s U.S. Senate seat race, Linda McMahon’s campaign manager asked his campaign Friday to set up three debates. But the Shays’ campaign was thinking more along the lines of 10.

“So, as we welcome the Congressman to the debate, we’d like to do just that – debate,” McMahon campaign manager Corry Bliss wrote in an email to the Shays’ camp.

Bliss recommended an April debate in Norwich, one in Hartford in June, and a Stamford debate in July.

Matt Wylie, Shays’ campaign manager, had other ideas.

“I note you’ve suggested three debates in three communities. We would like to see ten debates, two in each Congressional District; five before the convention and five before the primary,” he replied.

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(3) Comments

posted by: ... | February 3, 2012  3:41pm


I can barely recall McMahon’s debating skills. If she wants to get a positive, attractive message out to the most voters, meeting with them is good. But showing them you know your stuff in a debate is even better.

posted by: Noteworthy | February 3, 2012  11:06pm

10 debates? You have to be kidding. After watching or hearing about the 20 GOP presidential debates, most of which are repetitive and boring, the thought that 10 debates here would reveal more than three would is just crazy. Maybe Shays is afraid he won’t have the money and this is way to get free media.

posted by: BK | February 6, 2012  2:43pm

I agree with Noteworthy.  I would rather see the candidates in smaller venues like town hall meetings.