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McMahon Seeks Emergency Order Against New Haven

by Paul Bass | Nov 1, 2012 6:25pm
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Posted to: Courts, Election 2012, Election Policy, Town News, New Haven

Republican Linda McMahon brought her Senate campaign into deep Democratic country Thursday—opening a downtown New Haven office and moving to haul city officials into state court on charges of alleged ballot problems.

City Hall’s top lawyer swung back, accusing McMahon’s campaign of concocting a bogus legal complaint and gumming up the works in the final, storm-wracked days of preparing for next Tuesday’s election.

City officials Thursday afternoon scrambled to respond to a letter from a McMahon lawyer, and to respond to the campaign’s allegations before Superior Court Judge Antonio Robaino in state court in Hartford at 11 a.m. Friday.

At day’s end, the city and the campaign agreed to a postponement of the hearing until 2 p.m. Friday. Meanwhile, the campaign’s lawyer is coming to New Haven to meet with city officials to see if they can settle the issue among themselves.

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(7) Comments

posted by: MGKW | November 2, 2012  11:10am

Typical McMahon tactic…she does not have the votes so try to surpress Murphy’s base.

posted by: ConnVoter | November 2, 2012  3:43pm

Wait, so, asking New Haven—a Murphy stronghold—to verify that it has enough ballots is somehow *suppressing* Murphy’s base?  If that’s her goal, she picked a bad way to accomplish it.

posted by: petejurg | November 4, 2012  8:43pm

MGKW doesn’t seem to remember the fiasco that happened in Bridgeport. The democrats have not proven themselves to have much integrity so I say that McMahon’s concern is well founded.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | November 5, 2012  9:14am

I think the world has gone wrong. Bridgeports historical numbers did not do them well last election, there was a historic turnout. It really wasn’t anyone’s “fault.” Murphy will take new haven in a landslide, no one should worry about that. My feeling is McMahon has energized the Murphy base there and the turnout will be big and the margin of victory a bit bigger than otherwise would have been.


posted by: MGKW | November 5, 2012  9:19am

We all know what is happening here. Voter suppresion comes in many forms…why don’t you ask the people in Florida who have to wait 8 hours online to early vote…McMahon tried another tactic and it did not work….the next tactic will be voter intimidation on election day…either you’re drinking the manufactured story about voter fraud (which nationally does not exist) or you are both not paying attention….

In Ignorance There is Bliss(Corey that is!)

posted by: petejurg | November 5, 2012  11:10am

Not paying attention to what?? Voter fraud most definitely exists on a national and state level. Hitler and Mickey Mouse voted in 2008 among a host of dead people. The adamant refusal to verify citizenship at the polls is another fraud tactic. How many illegal aliens voted at our polling stations? New Haven is a huge violator of this. Destefano made that easier with providing photo ID’s to illegal aliens. ACORN??? No fraud there??? Voter intimidation also exists with the Black Panthers, the UN “Observers”, etc… I’m paying attention.

posted by: ConnVoter | November 5, 2012  11:19am

MGKW, how does asking New Haven to ensure that it has enough ballots constitute voter *suppression*?  Isn’t this ensuring that more voters will be able to vote?

C’mon.  If you want to pick on Linda, just say so, but use some common sense, OK?