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McMahon Seeks Ticket-Splitters

by Staff Report | Oct 22, 2012 12:48pm
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Posted to: Congress, Election 2012

Linda McMahon is encouraging voters to split their ticket between her and President Barack Obama. McMahon is a Republican who has given more than $150,000 to Mitt Romney’s Restore Our Future PAC, but she’s running in a largely blue state where unaffiliated voters outnumber both Democrats and Republicans.

According to the New York Times, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts is attempting to do something similar in the Bay State. Brown campaigned for McMahon in 2010 during her first run.

What do you think? Is it opportunistic? Or a smart political play?

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(6) Comments

posted by: AndersonScooper | October 22, 2012  1:23pm

In Stamford, at the Christie endorsement… Surprisingly a bus-load of black Linda supporters just showed up.

Well not surprisingly, as they must all be paid since not a one will tell me why they support Linda. (“we’re not allowed to talk to you”...)

posted by: Concerned Citizen | October 22, 2012  3:31pm

This is SHEER political opportunism and arrogance. It also proves that in a society with such wide financial disparities, for many, money can buy almost anything.  In addition to being comical (all sectors of the “black community” is represented), it also shows the offensiveness and the calculating nature of the McMahon campaign.
Going back to biblical times, money has always ruled. Judas placed a kiss on Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

posted by: THREEFIFTHS | October 22, 2012  4:35pm

what is the problem.Black minster did the same thing with King John.

posted by: Dave from News Talk Tonight | October 22, 2012  5:17pm

Anything to narrow the 6% gap polled by UConn?  Where are the ads that Sen. Blumenthal used against McMahon in 2010.  You know, the ones with Linda McMahon in the ring with the folding chair bopping a guy on the head, or the one with Linda McMahon dropping the guy with a knee to the groin? That could effectively widen the gap.  Just sayin’

posted by: NoNonsense2012 | October 22, 2012  6:47pm

Well, I’ll give her this: she is SLICK. And not in a good way. This is cynical and manipulative. She really hopes that voters are stupid enough not to think through the ramifications of having a Democratic President and BOTH houses of Congress in Republican hands.

posted by: ConnVoter | October 22, 2012  8:56pm

Concerned Citizen, this same process—pushing two party lines—is what got Gov. Malloy elected in 2010.  Did you vote for him?