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McMahon Will Announce Candidacy Tuesday

by Christine Stuart | Sep 19, 2011 7:38pm
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Posted to: Election 2012

Republican Linda McMahon will officially kick off her U.S. Senate campaign Tuesday morning at a small manufacturing company in Southington.

McMahon, who lost to U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal in 2010 after spending $50 million of her personal fortune on the campaign, will give it another try in 2012.

While she will be making the announcement Tuesday at Coil Pro Machinery she won’t be holding a press conference afterward.

Her campaign staff said that’s to allow the company which is giving up space for the event to get back to work. McMahon will sitdown with reporters one-on-one the rest of the afternoon at the Chamber of Commerce offices down the street.

It’s possible McMahon is still leary of holding a press conference after the one she held in Sept. 2010 at a commercial cleaning service contractor in East Hartford. The business group giving McMahon the endorsement opposed any increase in the federal minimum wage.

At that press conference McMahon was asked about the minimum wage by then-New London Day reporter Ted Mann. 

McMahon responded without a direct answer, which suggested that her door may have been open to reducing the minimum wage standard.

Listen here to the Sept. 30, 2010 exchange. And click here to read last year’s report on it.

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(7) Comments

posted by: Not that Michael Brown | September 19, 2011  10:05pm

Run Linda run.  Spend Linda spend.  You are CT’s stimulus.

posted by: Careful | September 20, 2011  11:10am

Not that Michael Brown:  Everyone knows you are “a die-hard Democrat.”  Why would you have anything good to say about Linda McMahon?

However, don’t be too cocky, because if nominated, Linda might surprise you, Michael!

posted by: Not that Michael Brown | September 20, 2011  5:13pm

Careful, you said, ” . . . Linda might surprise you . . .”

I was surprised last time. I thought she was going to get 48% of the vote but instead she only got 40%.

Looks like she will need to spend $100 million this time.

posted by: Careful | September 20, 2011  7:57pm

Not that Michael Brown:  “Cute,”—but you get no cigar!  Never look back—unless it helps you look ahead!

posted by: Not that Michael Brown | September 20, 2011  8:41pm

to Careful

Your statements are void of content.  You are not “cute.”

posted by: Careful | September 20, 2011  8:56pm

Not that Michael Brown:  I’m glad you don’t think I’m cute—as you are not my type!

posted by: Careful | September 22, 2011  5:34am

America and the State of Connecticut needs you badly—Linda McMahon.  America’s politicians hzve already sold out IN GOD WE TRUST, so voters need to put their trust in non-political, business-people, like Linda McMahon.

Let Linda McMahon bring back trust in God—to our country—which our present elected political hacks—have “sold down the river!”

Voters must start caring about our country—when they vote.  Elect Linda McMahon!