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Merrill Estimates That 2,900 Voters Registered & Voted On Nov. 5

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Hugh McQuaid File Photo It took more than two months, but the Secretary of the State’s office announced Thursday that about 2,900 residents signed up to vote on Election Day last year in the first election with same-day registration permitted.

The legislature approved Election Day Registration in 2012 and last year’s Nov. 5 municipal elections were the first time the new system was put to the test.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy hailed the program as a success on Nov. 6, but an official tally of how many people registered was not available until Thursday. Av Harris, spokesman for Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, said the delay was the result of inconsistent reporting by town election officials.

Only about half of the states towns — 80 of 169 — reported on election night the number of voters they added to their lists throughout Election Day. Harris said Merrill’s office had to get the new numbers from the remaining towns and then check those numbers against the state’s voter registration database.

“A lot of towns [reported] but a lot didn’t so we had to follow up and then we had to verify,” Harris said. “Sometimes it takes towns time to get used to reporting new information.”

The numbers reported Thursday are estimates by Merrill’s office and part of a report being prepared for the legislature. The report is due on Feb. 1.

According to a press release, New Haven had the highest number of new voters sign up on Nov. 5 with 202 registering to vote that day. New Britain, where 164 voters registered on Election Day, was runner-up.

“Voting is a fundamental American right, and Connecticut’s new Election Day registration law made it possible for almost 3,000 new voters across our state to exercise that right. That is something we can all celebrate,” Merrill said. “The data speaks for itself; Election Day Registration is both popular and reliable, and my office did not receive any reports or complaints of concern as this law was implemented.”

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(7) Archived Comments

posted by: ASTANVET | January 18, 2014  8:47am

registering and voting on the same day - huh… what could possibly go wrong.

posted by: ASTANVET | January 19, 2014  12:52pm

We will never have another honest election in this state… the Dem party has seen to that!

posted by: justsayin | January 19, 2014  5:48pm

Is this really a significant number. For all the hoopla this seems to be a small number.

posted by: ASTANVET | January 21, 2014  1:52pm

Just sayin, how many votes did our current gov win by, and in what city did those “recount” votes come from… this provision gives the opportunity to skew elections to benefit one party.  Relativism is not the answer to bad policy, and bad law.

posted by: ASTANVET | January 21, 2014  3:27pm

Christine - i believe you wanted to answer on this thread - he did win by a narrow margin, i believe the discrepancies were in Bridgeport and waterbury??  My point was that the ‘day of registering’ does not support more above board/well regulated elections… it becomes whatever you want it to be. based on how the polling is going that particular day.  So what if 110% of eligible voters vote.

posted by: Christine Stuart | January 21, 2014  3:47pm

Christine Stuart

Yes, I meant to comment here.

Malloy won by 6,404 votes. It’s impossible to say where they came from since that was part of the total tally.

As far as the Bridgeport comment, I’m going to say there were discrepancies, but not enough to swing the election one way or another. This was not exactly a hanging Chad situation. There was a bag of ballots discovered, and people were tired and ballots needed to be counted by hand, but it was not Cook County.

Walk Down Memory Lane

posted by: justsayin | January 21, 2014  4:06pm

I agree this is an unnecessary law. My point was for all the fanfare those to be “protected” did not seem to turn out. Odd how if you give someone 364 days to register that is not enough?

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