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Murphy Debates Himself, McMahon Dispatches Campaign Volunteers

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Posted to: Congress, Election 2012

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon declined to accept an invitation to debate U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, her Democratic opponent, but she sent two dozen volunteers to heckle the Congressman on Tuesday and to remind his supporters that she has a jobs plan.

As a room full of mostly Murphy supporters exited the Polish National Home in Hartford after hearing the Congressman talk about his jobs plan, which he released June 18, they were handed a copy of McMahon’s jobs plan, which she released in March.

One of the volunteers who refused to give their name said he had given out about three or four of them to the crowd.

Meanwhile, what ended up being more of an hour long Town Hall meeting where Murphy talked about his jobs plan and answered questions from the audience written on note cards, a group of young McMahon supporters scribbled down questions sent to them from McMahon’s campaign.

McMahon’s campaign spokesman declined to return phone calls, texts, or emails seeking comment regarding what seemed to be an orchestrated effort by the campaign.

Earlier in the day during a tour of a Manchester business, McMahon called Murphy’s call for a debate a “sophomoric stunt.” She said if Murphy wants to hold a Town Hall, “that’s a perfectly good thing for him to do.”

In his opening remarks, Murphy reminded the crowd that McMahon is running paid television advertisements criticizing something he said about his jobs plan.

“She criticized me for saying my jobs plan would be a work in progress because I would listen to people, employees, and business owners,” Murphy said. “I don’t apologize one second for listening to the people that I represent.”

He said that if McMahon won’t take suggestions from the people she represents, then she’s never going to represent the people.

“You’re electing a Senator to fight for you, but you’re also electing a Senator to listen,” Murphy said. “So I’m not going to back down for one second from the idea that while I’m going to stand by my jobs plan, I’m never going to stop listening. That’s what being Senator is all about.”

The room burst into applause.

Murphy said he’s willing to defend his jobs plan in an unscripted, open environment and he challenged McMahon to do the same.

And even though McMahon did not attend the debate Tuesday, her campaign emailed a list of questions they believed Murphy should have to answer regarding his attendance record and his vote on a national defense bill.

“Only someone who shows up for work 20 percent of the time would have the free time to organize and attend a debate with himself,” Corry Bliss, McMahon’s campaign manager, said in a press release.

Murphy dismissed the statement, which was sent out prior to the event.

“Clearly her campaign cared about this event because they sent a lot of people,” Murphy said. “What was missing was their candidate.”

Murphy said the McMahon campaign has to be worried they’re losing the message on jobs because their candidate is “uncomfortable with defending her plan.”

But Murphy’s attack on McMahon’s jobs plan is a risk the McMahon campaign can afford.

“She can hide behind her ads because she has millions of dollars,” Murphy said. “But this state is too smart to allow her to hide behind millions of dollars in TV ads.”

Murphy said he has a jobs plan and he also has a record, which speaks volumes about who he is as a legislator.

“McMahon’s consultant-written plan is really important to her because she doesn’t want to talk about her jobs record at the WWE,” Murphy said. “She doesn’t want to talk about the way she treated her workers there.”

The WWE released a statement Tuesday saying that Murphy, who “mischaracterized WWE and our family-friendly entertainment for political gain,” is now advertising during Monday Night Raw.

“For the second week in a row, Mr. Murphy’s campaign continues to run advertising in our programming with his new ad airing yesterday at 10:30 p.m. on USA during Monday Night Raw. While the past political rhetoric has been unjust, it pleases us to know that Mr. Murphy recognizes that WWE’s TV programming is a highly effective way to reach families and voters in Connecticut.”

Murphy said his campaign purchased time on USA and the cable network decides when to run the advertisement.

“I’m going to talk to people who watch wrestling,” Murphy said. “I think they deserve to know the real story behind the company that runs that business.”

Murphy’s campaign has called for eight debates, but McMahon’s campaign has only agreed to take part in four.

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(12) Archived Comments

posted by: CitizenCT | August 22, 2012  6:50am

Chris, if you really like to listen, why did you miss 80% of your committee hearings where subject matter experts often spoke?  If you’re really this central aisle representative you claim to be, why is your voting record almost the same as Nancy Pelosi?  Is she the only one you really listen to?  CT citizens see through your misrepresentations.  At least we have now learned that you and Linda have one thing in common, you both support WWE wresting.

posted by: DrHunterSThompson | August 22, 2012  7:20am

She sent hecklers? Listen up ...... This is a serious time, the economy teeters on the brink and we have too many soldiers dying in Afghanistan.  We simply don’t have time to waste on a wealthy hobbiest trying to buy a seat at the senate table. She was not a serious candidate 2 years ago, and it appears to be even worse now. November 6 will be the last day of this folly ........


posted by: MGKW | August 22, 2012  9:25am

Check out what Bill O’Reilly says to Linda McM$$$ on WWE being family entertainment….on YouTube. It speaks for itself

I agree with you HST…buying the election with her blood money is both pathetic and laughable…those who say we should not tear MC$$$ down either have no conscience or delude themselves that she is a viable candidate.

posted by: JustAnotherTaxPayer | August 22, 2012  10:48am

The misrepresentation is in the add. The use of the word urgent to describe commitee hearings used by the Majority Party, the Republicans, that due to that majority control which legislation will be placed on the legislative calender, which bills will be allowed to be argued in commitee, who will be the chairperson of every commitee, what days congress will work or not work (which explains the 20% increase in scheduled time off in the past two years), makes most commitee meetings a sham. Statements counter to the interests of the controling party are not allowed into the record, or limited in time to several minutes, limiting their effectiveness. The Republican control of congress has made commitee hearings a waste of time as their production of effective and constructive legislation has been nothing. This was done so as to use this lack of production as being the responsibility of the President, and and effective tool in the campaign of the parties presidential candidate in the upcoming election.

Most of the general public in unaware of the workings of Congress, and without the pary holding the majority putting forward realistic legislation, nothing will get done. The Republicans have intentionally brought government to a stop, for campaigning purposes, and always point the finger the other way, as again they are aware of the lack of understanding how the House of Representatives works. Particularly in commitee.

Linda McMahon’s advisors are taking advantage of this misunderstanding by the public, and throw out these melodramtic statements in the model of the statements made by her wrestlers about their opponents. They are made exagerated, so as to appear the opponent will be so enraged as good match will follow. The only problem is that it is all an act, not real, phony. Thank God it is only for entertainment, but to apply those same tactics in her campaign is insulting. Very much like sending 20 WWE fans to a political debate to behave as if it is one of her phony WWE matches. God help the nation if their voters that believe this act.

posted by: AndersonScooper | August 22, 2012  11:12am

I know this, Linda McMahon won’t take any questions on the record.

Is that what we want from an elected representative?

Finally, in terms of sitting through hearings, isn’t that what staffers are for? (McMahon either doesn’t know this, or doesn’t care…)

posted by: Wakewhenover | August 22, 2012  12:26pm

CitizenCT you are so right.  Murphy’s new TV AD espouses a 97% voting record. Yeah.  97% voting with Pelosi and the other left wing “Regressive” Liberals.  This was a Murphy stunt.  Also, more power to McMahon for using her own money to get her message out. It offsets the free coverage from the MSM Murphy gets cutting ribbons and doing Nancy’s bidding.
CT ain’t Frisco, Chris.  Not yet anyways

posted by: Concerned Citizen | August 22, 2012  1:32pm

This deplorable maneuver by Linda McMahon speaks to her arrogance.  How rude and disrespectful of her not to show up but to send her paid hired hands to heckle Mr. Murphy! Outrageous! An insult to us—the CT residents.

The fact that she has changed her advertisements to manipulate perceptions does not mean that she herself has changed. A leopard only change its spots by moving from one type of advertisement to another more effective type. She is still the scheming, manipulative millionaire of 2010.
Someone who worked for the WWE for decades said they never got health care, vacation pay or any employee benefits. She and her husband got filthy rich on the backs of employees. This year she is the warm and down-to-earth “every woman” trying to appeal to people’s emotions so she can get elected. A FALSE IMAGE!
Ask yourself this—with her millions, why is it so important to her to get to Washington?  Because she wants the power to be able to manipulate the political system. Look back on some of what she did at the WWE to make money? She cares nothing about the average CT resident. Don’t be fooled by all her coming clean about having to go to work immediately after having a child so they could make ends meet.  That was a long time ago and she has been rewarded multi- millions of times.  How many of us got rich from our jobs, or got rich on the backs of those who gave their all?

Remember this- Mrs. McMahon has millions to spend on advertisements to manipulate people and to create the false image that will get her elected.  Why does she want a $170K a year job when she already has millions?  It is because the pay-off for her will be far greater than the millions she already has. 

Chris Murphy has been serving for 13 years, yet he is not wealthy; that should tell us a lot. Let’s NOT BE FOOLED by the COOL and moving highly paid for McMahon commercials. It is not about representing CT to make things better for us.  It is about wealth, power and influence for the McMahons and their cronies.

posted by: ALD | August 22, 2012  1:52pm

If I went to a DR with a medical problem for over 5 years, and I saw no improvementI would change DR’s.

If I went to Lawyer for a legal issue and after 5 years there was no progress on that issue, I would change lawyers.

If I went to an employment agency looking for a job and after 5 years I still had no job, I would change employment agencies.

If I went to a financial advisor for 5 years and got no return on my investment, I would change advisors.

Why should a politician be treated any differently?

Why would I then vote to send a career politician to back to Washington for the next 6 years when he has not made any difference in Congress the last 5 years?

I agree McMahon is much less than a perfect alternative to Murphy, but I do not believe we will get better results the next 6 years if we keep doing the same thing that has provided so little results over the last 5 years.

It’s time for a change.

posted by: Lawrence | August 22, 2012  9:43pm

I agree with ALD. Time for a change. Kick ALL THE REPUBLICANS out of Congress so we can actually get something passed for the needy and the middle class in this country instead of re-lining the pockets of multi-millionaires every week with more platinum GOP goodies.

That’s what you meant ALD, right?? Get rid of all the brainless Republican speed bumps in Washington??

posted by: Dan, Lauren, Abby, Connor and Robert Garrett | August 23, 2012  8:14am

Lawrence, almost certain that is what ALD meant.

posted by: dano860 | August 23, 2012  8:24am

ALD has it right.  If you have an ineffective person of trust in a position that they can’t perform then it’s time for them to get another job.  Mr. Murphy needs to try another job, he isn’t doing the peoples business, he’s pushing for a career as a politician so he can become as rich as Blummy and Ms. McMahon.  I don’t know how they do it but they all leave Washington wealthy, look at Dodd’s dealings, here and in Ireland!
That room was full of Murphy supporters, there wasn’t any room for McMahon supporters…it’s called stacking the deck.
Ms. McMahon is going to prove that she doesn’t need to pander to the liberal media in order to be elected, she does have the peoples interest at heart.
There wasn’t anyone there that would have changed their vote even if she had shown up!

posted by: ALD | August 23, 2012  9:55am

Lawrence, Dan Lauren, Abby, Connor and Robert Garrett .

You guys are correct. What I said in my above post should apply to ALL career politicians, on both sides of the aisle.  If they are part of the problem, then thay cannot be part of a solution. 

However since this link is a discussion regarding Murphy and McMahon I was specifically addressing the ineffectiveness of the only career politician among those two,  Murphy…........ 

Now if you happen to agree with my logic and wish to apply it to ALL politicians as I described above please do so.

If I may suggest:  I’d start with questioning just how effective the rest of the members of Congress from CT have been. Then move on to our Governor and ask if he has accomplished anything beyond a the biggest tax increase in our history.  From there I would consider our state constitutional officers, how are our pension funds doing for example??  Lastly I’d examine the make up of our General Assembly.  Given that they all are Democrats, or controlled by Democrats, it’s going to be hard to find many Republicans to toss out here in CT…......... 

But I totally agree, if you find any Republican here or in Washington who is part of the problem, let’s get that Republican out of here…......  By the way, George Bush has been out of office now for almost 4 years, so he’s already out of here.

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