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OP-ED: Hey Democrats; Face It, We Suck

by | Jun 30, 2010 8:43am
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Posted to: Opinion

In honor of the on-going effort by the two Democratic gubernatorial campaigns to destroy each other and ensure that that the eventual Democratic nominee is not electable in November, it’s time to roll out a new website or Facebook called “Hey Democrats; Face it, We Suck”

The facts speak for themselves, or if not the facts, at least the hyperbole, innuendos and name calling. Key players in both of the Connecticut Democratic gubernatorial campaigns are working hard to ensure that we all recognize that despite their dedication, intelligence and experience, neither Dan Malloy nor Ned Lamont have what it takes to put our state back on track.

Let’s review what we’ve learned in the last few days and weeks.

Malloy says that rebuilding Connecticut’s economy and creating jobs is absolutely essential but we now understand, thanks to the Lamont campaign, that while Malloy says that he brought 5,000 jobs to Stamford, Connecticut’s economy actually tanked during the last decade wiping out thousands of jobs including many in Stamford. The very real collapse of the American economy is held up by the Lamont campaign as proof that Malloy is lying and does not have what it takes to be governor.

Meanwhile, Lamont says that rebuilding Connecticut’s economy and creating jobs is absolutely essential but we now understand, thanks to the Malloy campaign, that Lamont’s businesses have, at some point, actually had to lay off employees, although apparently he still paid himself during those downturns. This fact is held up by the Malloy campaign as proof that Lamont is lying and does not have what it takes to be governor.

Joe Abbey, Lamont’s political operative, recently commented on the Malloy’s campaign ad in which the former Stamford mayor says he brought 5,000 jobs to Stamford during his tenure.  Abbey claims that Malloy “should do the right thing and take this misleading ad off the air”

Meanwhile, the Malloy campaign is busy claiming that Lamont doesn’t want to talk about his own failed record on jobs and that “in his time as CEO Ned laid off most of his workforce, while paying himself hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Unable to contain themselves and stick to the problems and issues challenging Connecticut, Malloy’s mouthpiece, Roy Occhigrosso stepped up the tone and tenor of the attacks saying “Every few years Ned re-invents himself, or tries to re-invent himself, usually by using his own money…Ned doesn’t seem to know who he is.”

However, the Lamont campaign has been coming up with its own share of absurd and embarrassing comments.  When confronted with the fact that the Lamont campaign had been seen filming Malloy’s private residence, Lamont’s road-warrior campaign manager shot back “We did film in Stamford recently, including in Dan Malloy’s neighborhood…But with all the issues facing Connecticut families right now, it’s disappointing that the Malloy team is trying to make this campaign about standard political tactic.” Not quite sure how this response addresses the Lamont campaign’s outrageous and inappropriate decision to film Malloy’s home.

Of course, Lamont’s campaign manager, Abbey, is the same guy who attacked Malloy early this year following a press conference in which the Malloy campaign announced that an impressive list of political leaders from the greater East Hartford, Manchester area had endorsed his campaign for governor. In a prepared statement, Abbey implied that the endorsements from local community leaders was actually a negative thing and said that Lamont “won’t participate in the same old political deals motivated by selfish political ambition”.  It must have come as quite a shock to these East of the River political leaders to learn that their decision to support Malloy was based on political deals and selfish political ambition.

With that said, perhaps the most honest and informative comment of all comes from Malloy’s Occhiogrosso, who when asked about the political attacks retorted “political campaigns are a contact sport”.  Well that explains it and lest we forget, Occhiogrosso was a key advisor to Lieberman, in the 2006 Democratic US Senate primary, a campaign that was successfully dedicated to ensuring that Lamont was not electable once the primary was over and the focus turned toward winning a general election.

With about six weeks to go until the August 10 primary, we can save ourselves a lot of time and energy if we just face the facts, hey Democrats, we suck. Period, end of story.

Jonathan Pelto served as a member of the House of Representatives from 1984-1993. He was Deputy Majority Leader and member of the Appropriations Committees during the income tax debate of 1991. He presently works as a strategic communications consultant.

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(5) Archived Comments

posted by: ryan mckeen | June 30, 2010  9:38am

Come on Pelto, this is stuff is tame and I’m not sure anyone is really paying attention to any of it.

posted by: Martha H | June 30, 2010  7:28pm

Martha H

I find that I agree with 99% of each candidate’s criticisms of the other.

What is most obvious is that neither of these two individuals has the character, the vision, or the courage to be a great candidate or even a mediocre governor.

They are just two ambitious men.

And, yes…  They know it.

posted by: ACR | July 1, 2010  11:00am


As a life long active Republican I can certainly agree with Pelto’s assessment.

I should however at least thank the members of the opposition that have so methodically chosen to ignore Jon Pelto and/or tossed him under the bus.

Around 20 years ago, after decades of empty promises, false starts and assorted fumbles; (not to mention the rightful indictment and incarceration of one of our former chairmen) the CT GOP had yet to computerize in any meaningful fashion.

Thankfully neither had the Democrats.

Along comes Pelto who at the time was one of maybe 3 Dems in the entire state that comprehended the then relatively new word ‘database’ and set out build them for the state party.

As one of the handful of Republicans that had already utilized a PC in a campaign and viewed it not as tool but so long as the other side wasn’t proficient, it was a weapon; I was horrified! Should the Democrats gain a serious advantage in that arena it would take us a decade to catch up.

Fortunately for the GOP, the Democrats brought in a new state party chair who had not a clue what Pelto I’m sure tried valiantly to explain and tossed him out of his position at the state party.

Since then thanks more to the current Republican Party Executive Director than not, we’ve brought data collection, retention, and *mining* to a near art form, giving us the advantage illustrated via our winning 5 of 6 special elections over recent years, and 93 of the 94 municipal races where state central was involved last year.

Fortunately for us - the Connecticut Democratic Party continues to largely ignore Jon Pelto.

posted by: CT Jim | July 1, 2010  2:36pm

I am sure Mr pelto is not ignored and he knows that.
As for your great state central republican party is that the same one that has won only 37 house seats and 12 senate seats??
The same one that helped the state delegation to congress go from 3-2 Republican to 5-0 Democrat?
Great job!! Keep up the good work. I for 1 may agree to a certain point that the state centrals can be helpful but there are times it needs to get out of the way.
i don’t know how they do it on the republican side but the Democrats sure seem to know how to win a heck of a lot of seats and I am sure thats because it is such an open tent it allows for freedoms in the campaign process.
Obviously on the Governors side they don’t seem to get it right hence no dem since 86.
I am assuming that this time around they may get it right and need to listen not ONLY to Mr. Pelto but to others who have helped build super majority’s in the house and senate.
Once that happens you may not see another republican in the Governors mansion for 20 years.

posted by: ACR | July 1, 2010  7:06pm


>>The same one that helped the state delegation to congress go from 3-2 Republican to 5-0 Democrat?

State Central has virtually nothing to do with the actually operation of federal races.

Nor does state central do anything more than offer what intellectual and intelligence assets we might have for any other race.

Never-the-less, when 93 of 94 of the groups or individuals who sought and received help from us won their respective races last year; it speaks for itself.