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OP-ED | The Affordable Care Act Is Clearly Bad Medicine

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Posted to: Opinion

The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act is deeply disappointing to all who believe we can reform health care without burdening our people and economy with higher taxes, increased spending, and more red tape. The law represents the largest tax increase in American history, aimed directly at small businesses and middle-class families. It will raise the costs of health care, and millions of Americans will lose the plans and doctors they have now. It will also be a job killer in an economy already struggling. That is why I will vote to repeal it and will work to replace it with common-sense reforms the American people want and our economy needs

Everything we were told about this law turns out not to be so. We were told it would not raise taxes. In fact, it imposes 21 new or higher taxes. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that 75% of the new tax burden will fall on families making $250,000 or less. We were told the law would reduce the costs of health care. Actually, CBO concludes premiums will rise and health care will be more expensive. We were told the law would permit people to keep the plans and doctors they have, but in fact the law will reduce the number of people on company plans. Government will dictate which services are required and which may be rationed or no longer be available at all. As government assumes the role of physician-in-chief, the traditional ties between patients and doctors will be broken.

The Affordable Care Act is clearly bad medicine, but its impact on the economy will be every bit as harmful.  Many Connecticut small business owners tell me that rather than hire more workers, they are going to cut back. So what must we do? I am absolutely committed to the repeal of the law, but we must also deal with the uncertainties. Americans should not have to lie awake at night wondering what will happen if they or a loved one need medical care they cannot afford. 

Our goal should be common-sense reforms that produce true, patient-centered care. That means ensuring people will have the freedom to choose the plan they deem best, to visit the doctor they prefer, and to receive the care they need. The key will be to spur real competition to create more choices while driving down prices. Competition in every realm will allow us to build more hospitals, train more doctors, and provide new opportunities for Americans to shop for the best plans at the most affordable prices.

The choice on Election Day will be clear. Voters must choose between misguided policies that will send us spinning in the direction of Greece, or those that will preserve and strengthen the best health system in the world by unleashing America’s unparalleled ingenuity and innovation.
Linda McMahon is a Republican running for the U.S. Senate.

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(10) Archived Comments

posted by: Bagels | July 8, 2012  1:24pm

How can someone who thinks America’s health care system is the best in the world be considered anything other than a partisan hack? I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but, no, our healthcare system is terrible. It is truly a scandal of epic proportions. Repealing Obamacare doesn’t fix the problem and neither did implementing it.

How can anyone take McMahon seriously here?

posted by: lkulmann | July 8, 2012  2:13pm

This is a great article. It seems very doable and making use of common sense. Unfortunately, the healthcare system is so poorly coordinated that the Obamacare is ESSENTIAL to reform CT’s dysfunctional one. Think of Obamacare as policies that must be followed in order to fix the current system that is broken. This article also tells me that people who disagree with Obamacare have NOT experienced the Medicaid system or any of the State insurance programs. I dare you to try and THEN write an article about your fluffy easy fix ideas…

posted by: Luther Weeks | July 8, 2012  4:29pm

Luther Weeks

Here is an interesting story of how the media has been using a single small business owner to claim how bad it will be. Yet the bottom line is it won’t effect businesses less than 50 people and even then very moderate fine. Not the huge amount that businessman claims vs. his claim to be offering insurance to his employees now! http://www.commondreams.org/view/2012/07/08-1

He says “The penalty is far below my premiums. It’ll be cheaper for me to allow the employees to go and purchase insurance on the exchange by themselves…”.

So if he covers his employees now, then why would he stop?

posted by: Upset.Citizen | July 9, 2012  5:31am


Come now!!! Obamacare is great it created 16,000 new jobs!  That’s right I heard they hired 16,000 IRS agents to ensure we follow the law!!

posted by: Aldon_Hynes | July 9, 2012  9:48am


Perhaps, if you can afford to spend $50 million dollars to run for office, you can afford the best health care in the world.  However, when you look at the whole population, according to the World Health Organization, the United States ranks 37th for Overall Health System Performance for 191 Countries.

According to the CIA World Factbook, the United States ranks 49th in infant mortality. 

While ObamaCare may not be perfect, it is much better than doing nothing.

posted by: Rondacker | July 9, 2012  1:11pm

It’s disingenuous for the once head of World Wrestling Federation to trash health care for the average citizen. WWE doesn’t even provide any health insurance for their wrestlers, but demands (as a contractual provision) that the wrestlers buy health insurance on their own. (claims they are “independent contractors”). And what support does WWE (and, by proxy Ms. McMahon) provide to their wrestlers after they are decimated from years of physical (presumably consensual) abuse? They get dropped from the rosters and scrubbed clean from the “WWE Universe” website.

posted by: redman | July 9, 2012  1:13pm

The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money.

posted by: PaulWessel | July 9, 2012  8:03pm

The saddest thing about this piece is that the woman to whom it was attributed was willing to put her name to it.  It’s a string of pat phrases, half-truths and misrepresentations.  You want to spend your millions running for public office. I get that.  But can you at least be thoughtful about the issues?

posted by: SocialButterfly | July 9, 2012  8:26pm

Where did these expert opinions on ObamaCare come from—when there are 2700 pages of questionable language in the bill that our elected Congress cannot understand.  It will take a virtual act of God, to get to understand all of the ramifications of his bill.

posted by: pajo | July 12, 2012  2:18pm

Linda McMahon’s claim on “Obamacare” destroying 800,000 jobs has been completely debunked by FactCheck…but the McMahon propaganda machine still rolls on!...sorry McMahon, but many voters in CT are educated beyond the 8th grade…

Even Forbes Magazine (a bastion of Republican thinking) had an article several years ago praising the German healthcare system (excellent, affordable, and flexible healthcare for every citizen) and the article ended by asking why the U.S. doesn’t use the German healthcare model…

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