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Bacchiochi Apologizes, Walker Accepts

by Christine Stuart | May 16, 2014 10:30pm
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Posted to: Election 2014

Hugh McQuaid file photo State Rep. Penny Bacchiochi apologized Friday night to her Republican opponent David Walker for allegations she made against him on a radio show earlier this week.

Bacchiochi hinted on a radio show that Walker was making comments about her biracial marriage in order to win delegate support for this weekend’s convention. The two are vying for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor and by Friday night they issued a joint statement in an attempt to put the incident behind them.

“Neither Dave Walker nor his campaign made any insensitive remarks toward me or my family,” Bacchiochi said. “I apologize to Dave and his family. Dave and I have met and agreed to put this matter behind us, and to focus on the critical work of the convention.”

Walker accepted the apology.

“I accept Penny’s apology and I believe she issued it with all sincerity,” Walker said. “ I look forward to a healthy debate on the issues and our qualifications moving forward.”

Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. said he’s pleased the two were able to put the incident behind them.

“Now we can move on to the reason we are all here this weekend, to nominate our candidates,” Labriola said.

Heather Bond Somers of Groton is also running for the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor. According to former Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy’s blog she’s been the beneficiary of the scuffle between the two.

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posted by: Salmo | May 17, 2014  9:10am

Talk about a tempest in a teapot! This “issue” was nothing more than a trumped up drama to try and get Ms. Bacchiochi front and center in the limelight once again. Somebody pin a medal or blue ribbon or whatever it is she is looking for on her and maybe she will just go away.