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Poll Finds Support For Minimum Wage Hike

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A Quinnipiac University poll found 71 percent of the 1,878 voters surveyed support another increase in the state’s minimum wage.

The measure receives support from both parties, but Democrats overwhelmingly support the measure 93-6 percent and unaffiliated voters support it 73-23 percent. Republicans oppose it 53-41 percent. Women, who make the minimum wage in larger numbers than men, support it 78-18 percent, and men support it 64-32 percent.

The polls found 25 percent support no increase in the minimum wage and 42 percent want it increased to the proposed $10.10 an hour. About 8 percent of voters want to see a lesser increase and 20 percent want to see a higher increase.

Forty-seven percent of voters say a minimum wage hike will help Connecticut’s economy, and 57 percent of Republicans say it would hurt the economy.

The poll surveyed 1,878 registered voters and it has a 2.3 percent margin of error. The margin of error when it comes to the questions for Republicans voters increased to 4.5 percent. It was conducted between Feb. 26 and March 2.

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(7) Archived Comments

posted by: Chien DeBerger | March 4, 2014  9:37am

Just curious, who do they get to take these polls? Looking at the questions Q asks; I wouldn’t want to waste my time with them.

posted by: jim black | March 4, 2014  9:57am

These will be the same people whining when their kid can’t get a summer job and prices skyrocket as a result.

posted by: dano860 | March 4, 2014  10:35am

That appears to be a pretty decent poll. It reflects what I would have expected.
Yesterday there was a report on what a person would need to earn per hour in order to be equal to all of the benefits one is eligible for from their State. Some required $15/hr an some went as high as $22/ hr.
I maintain the $15/hr number should be applied to Ct.

posted by: emilywaitress | March 4, 2014  12:35pm

I personally believe there should be more than one minimum wage.  If you are a student looking for under 20 hours the wage should be less.  Maybe 5 dollars an hour.  If you are a student looking for 20 to 30 hours then the wage could stay the same as it is now.  If you are an experienced worker needing full time hours then the minimum should raised.

posted by: Noteworthy | March 4, 2014  2:07pm

The federal CBO, a non-partisan operation estimates that raising minimum wages costs jobs - that it is little more than shifting money from one set of working poor to another and that those losing, lose it all. Did the poll include that information?

posted by: ASTANVET | March 4, 2014  9:33pm

The minimum wage is government intervention at it’s core.  Did two parties not agree on what they would provide for pay and service?  If a business is going to offer 5.00 per hour to perform some task, they will attract a smaller labor pool and unskilled labor which may not be beneficial for the employer…but it may be… you never know.  As for the people who seek to earn, maybe it is what they are good at, or only what they can do… should the State preclude them the opportunity to work for that wage?  Where are my “Pro choice” people at?  you can choose to work for more, to negotiate your wage to earn what you are worth, or to leave and go to the competitor.  This would create competition for labor which is when ‘benefits’ become an advantage - of course then they get co-opted by government intervention and deemed “rights” and we’ve all seen the tragic end to that story… but the wage is set by the people who want to work, and those who want to hire.  Tell me again, why is that not fair?  was someone deceived into working at McDonalds for 7.00 an hour?  An Employer could also ‘choose’ to hire unskilled labor at 20.00 per hour and attract a more skilled labor pool, which may be better for them to get the best qualified candidate.  The bottom line is that the general assembly has had a lot to do with our unemployment, our stagnant job growth (loss), our dependency on government programs - and now they want to fix it by the most insane plan of making everyone else’s life harder.  Shared misery right?  Explain to me how I’m being greedy because i want cheaper prices, cheaper sandwiches, cheaper everything… I think that benefits everyone equally.

posted by: jim black | March 5, 2014  9:24am

Connecticut is open for business, vote buying!!!!!!

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