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Republicans Grouse About Obama Visit

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Posted to: Election 2012

House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero is not pleased that President Barack Obama’s visit to Connecticut will shut down Sherwood Isle State Park In Westport today.

“It is the arrogance of power and crass partisanship to shut down Sherwood Isle at the height of the summer vacation season and dislodge all these families,” Cafero said in a press release. “It is outrageous that the Democrats turn Sherwood Isle into a personal heliport for the president so that he can be ferried back and forth to hobnob with millionaires and billionaires for the day.”

Republican Party Chairman Jerry Labriola said Connecticut is not a place where the president is going to meet with the public and talk about the issues or even hold a campaign rally like he did back in 2008.

“No, our state is just cash cow for the President, a short lay-over with enough time to grab a couple of bags of money,” Labriola said in a press release.

Obama will attend a $35,800 per person fundraiser in Westport at the home of movie producer Harvey Weinstein. The pricey event is expected to attract about 50 people, including celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Aaron Sorkin. But first, Obama will stop in Stamford for a larger $500 per person reception at the Stamford Marriott.

Both of the fundraisers will benefit the “Obama for America” campaign, and neither is associated with any official presidential business.

Elizabeth Larkin, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party in Connecticut, said that’s an honor when any president Democrat or Republican visit’s the state. She said she recognizes there’s an inconvenience associated with the visit, but “it’s a short one.”

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(7) Archived Comments

posted by: MGKW | August 6, 2012  2:09pm

You have got to be kidding…but if Romney comes in and does the same thing it is OK….come on Cafero you know better then that.

posted by: AndersonScooper | August 6, 2012  3:13pm

The CT GOP is a bunch of whiners…

When George Bush would come to Connecticut they would shut-down I-95. Whatever.

It’s not as if they closed the beach on a weekend day.

posted by: lkulmann | August 6, 2012  3:38pm

He’s the President of the United States. Show a little respect. Accommodate the man…and with a smile on your face. Sometimes we have to role model good behaviors even if it hurts…

posted by: saramerica | August 6, 2012  5:41pm


Interesting how none of them complained when President Bush helicoptered into a Greenwich park at a substantial cost to Greenwich taxpayers for a $15,000 per couple private lunch at the home of Scott Frantz. That was also a purely fundraising trip and had nothing to do with official business. I wrote to our 1st Selectman at the time and said that if they could pay $15K for a fundraiser, they should deduct the cost off the additional police protection from the proceeds. Feel same way about Obama’s trip. Why should we, the tax payers, bear the cost of security if it’s for fundraising, not official business?  If donors can pay $15,000 or $38,500 to hobnob with the President, they can pay something extra to cover additional security.

posted by: Lawrence | August 6, 2012  8:30pm

Mitt Romney bought some “hardware stuff” in Maine today before someone then showed him how to shop in a supermarket.

Which is worse?? C’mon—you know!!!

P.S.—Romney reported today that he raised $101 million in July.

posted by: Todd Peterson | August 8, 2012  3:00pm

Once in a great while Sarah makes sense…

If Romney did this, the Dems would shout twice as loud for three times as long - i.e. Lawrence

posted by: MGKW | August 9, 2012  9:12am

Note to Todd,

You are wrong—-NO ONE should grouse about this. The President (whoever it is) visits NYC and roads are closed down for 2-3 hours…people are inconvenienced and they get over it. This does not become a political issue…

People from CT: GROW UP AND MOVE ON!!!!!

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