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Second Amendment Advocates Stay Involved

by | May 16, 2014 7:58am () Comments | Commenting has expired | Share
Posted to: Election 2014

Christine Stuart file photo They may not have been able to stop the Democrat-controlled General Assembly and governor from implementing stricter gun control laws in 2013, but Second Amendment advocates are staying involved in the political process.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League encouraged its members to get involved with the political process so they can support candidates that share their view of the Second Amendment. Part of that process included an effort to get their members into mix of 1,253 delegates to the Republican convention this weekend. 

The group is focused mostly on the governor’s race. There will be five candidates vying for the Republican nomination for governor Saturday, but there are only two candidates that Second Amendment supporters are looking at: Tom Foley and Joe Visconti.

Scott Wilson, president of the CCDL, said the organization has been expressing the sentiment that they’re not in favor of Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney or Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. McKinney, who represents Newtown where the school shooting occurred, voted in favor of the stricter gun regulations and until recently Boughton was a member of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Wilson, who is not one of the 1,253 delegates, said he happens to like Foley.

When Foley addressed the CCDL in January, he stopped short of calling for a repeal of the stricter gun laws.

“A legislative repeal with our current legislature or anything close to it is remote, no matter who is governor. But I will promise you this — if I am governor any further attempts at restrictions on law-abiding gun owners by our legislature will stop at the governor’s office,” he said.

Wilson said Thursday that he understands Foley has to “choose his words carefully” when he’s speaking to the public. He said he believes Foley would generally support the Second Amendment and the rest of the constitution if he’s elected.

But the five Republican gubernatorial candidates will need to position themselves carefully on the issue if the results of a recent poll are accurate.

A Quinnipiac University poll released this week found that 56 percent of Connecticut voters support the new stricter gun laws, while 38 percent opposed them.

Quinnipiac University Poll Director Doug Schwartz said those who would vote solely based on the gun control laws favored the stricter laws, which bodes well for Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

“Overall, public opinion is on the side of the new gun control laws,” Schwartz said. “It would appear the pro-gun control folks have the advantage on intensity. In that sense, it does seem to be an issue that would favor Gov. Malloy.”

Wilson said he doesn’t believe people are clear about their own views on guns until they’re educated. He said once they learn about what’s at risk when lawmakers chip away at these constitutional rights, then they begin to understand. He said the proof is the increase in the number of gun permits being issued over the past few years.

“Not every citizen has a pistol permit, but that doesn’t mean they don’t understand the issue,” Wilson said.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League is fighting the new gun laws in court and is expected to file another brief in the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals today. To date they have raised more than $500,000 for its legal defense fund.

At an April rally they vowed revenge at the ballot box while they continued to fight the new law in court.

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(11) Archived Comments

posted by: dano860 | May 16, 2014  10:25am

I think it’s time to remove the word, “control”, when referencing firearm (gun) laws, the dismemberment of the second amendment and the desire to outlaw firearms. Control of a firearm can only occur in the hands of the person holding it. Control is not what the ‘anti’s’ are after.
It is stated that they intend to focus on the Governor race this weekend but as the original flip flopper, Lowell W., said in his latest rant, the Republicans will not be relevant until they are in the majority. Until then we have a poor political process as it is truly one sided.
The CCDL asks it’s members to support like minded candidates. I ask that everyone including non members support the same. Also it doesn’t hurt to sent the CCDL a small donation even if you don’t want to be a member.
It’s better to be active than reactive.

posted by: Joebigjoe | May 16, 2014  11:07am

There is a new poll out today that shows that mistrust of Government (meaning BOTH parties) is at an all time high.

I am so glad that the USDA has put in an order for few thousand semi auto AR type rifles with 30 round magazines.

I guess I should just think that this is the governments way of keeping gun manufacturers in business.

Either that or The Children of the Corn is going to be coming to a state near you.

posted by: shinningstars122 | May 16, 2014  5:56pm


Hey Christine how about an in depth look at the CCDL and what is really going on the inside with this group.

If you happen to take a look at their fb wall a year or so ago you would have been led to believe they were getting ready for WW III.

Clearly fast forward to today and they have cleaned up the site considerably.

I think most people in CT have no idea what this group is really about and if they are going to start throwing their “weight” around they deserve much closer scrutiny of the other messages they support.

Many which are completely irrational.

I have been waiting for anyone to pick up this story but so far nobody is doing it.

Here is a post from March of 2013.

“A PLAN OF ACTION – TARGET DAY, APRIL 15 – A Plan to Restore the Republic by Thomas Mick. This plan removes the oath breakers from office and replaces them with faithful servants who will uphold their oaths, while restoring the state of the Constitution to before the International Bankers and their corporations began swallowing up America. This includes ALL oath breakers in office, which includes the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government… both state and Federal. This includes the corrupt judges.

Removal of corruptions through this plan will result in similar circumstances experienced in Iceland were the International bankers were thrown out of the country. Only those things allowed by the Constitution will remain since all those violating the oath of office will be removed. The time has come to get the criminals out of government and make them held accountable for their crimes.

This plan reflects our natural right of self-defense. Government today is attacking the rights they’re supposed to be protecting, and imposing their will, not our will as expressed in the Constitution. It is time to once again restore liberty to ourselves and our posterity by enforcing and restoring the Supreme Law of the Land.

This plan is lawful and Constitutional. It is important that you study this plan carefully before coming to a conclusion as to what it is all about. Thomas Mick is NOT advocating insurrection or rebellion against the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If we don’t take action now, it may be too late for America. This plan starts with you participating in removing the corrupt gov. officials in your own counties. Please share this plan with the good decent people in your community, start organizing and be ready to take action on April 15.”


http://comm onsensetome.com/2014/02/14/declaration-of-restoration-april-15-2014/

posted by: shinningstars122 | May 16, 2014  6:25pm


Here is another interesting one from March of 2013.

“Gun confiscation begins in Canada - decision time may be coming”
It was posted with a youtube video but it was taken down.

I wonder what this person means about ” decision” time?

On FB they have heavily moderated the comments even if you go back a   couple years but if you go to Youtube well… you could also just interview a handful of members and you will get plenty to write about.

Here is one video from the CCDL rally in 2013, which I was at.
This gives you a taste of how deep things get with these folks.

posted by: Joebigjoe | May 17, 2014  9:15am

What do you think “decision time” means?

I’d like to hear your answer but let me give you mine.

In Canada they already have strict gun control. When major flooding hit Calgary, the RCMP’s went around to everyones house and confiscated the guns of law abiding citizens. Why? Because they didnt want them to be able to protect themselves from possible looters and people that would want to harm them or their families. Being that the RCMP had their hands full with lots of other issues from this disaster, why would anyyone think that taking guns away from law abiding people that were staying with their property would be a good idea.

In Katrina the same thing happened in New Orleans. I watched a video on TV the other day of the police tackling an old frail woman in her house in New Orleans and breaking her ribs and other things because she refused to give up the gun that she made the mistake of telling them she had in her home and that she didnt want to give up because she wasnt leaving. They showed the video her daughter took of the discussion/commands of the police and the takedown of this woman who looked like she weighs 100 pounds max.

So, what decision time means is if they come and try to take away your weapons when you you are a non-criminal trying to protect your family and property, and you acquired the guns legally and the government is using that documentation against you, are you going to hand over your weapon like a sheep or are you going to risk your life and fight back for your liberty against what would be a tyrannical act in that situation.

Weak fools will hand over their weapons if that were to happen.

There is no scenario anyone could paint for me that would show me that in a situation like that, that I would be safer handing over legally acquired weapons that I got because of the permit process and my good citizenship for 50 years, than I would be if I kept my weapons.

Based on the poll I noted above, I am sure I would not be alone.

Sorry I dont trust a government or President that will release 36000 illegal immigrants, 27000 of them convicted of crimes, and 10000 of them the worst violent crimes we have.Since then 17 of them have killed again in our country. Sorry, but only an ignoramous would think he has the best interests of law abiding citizens at the top of his to-do list. I dont think anyone on this comment board would include violent murderers, aggravated assaulters and and rapists in their release order. People that did petty crimes probably but not the bad ones. So what does that tell you when the President and Atty general dont have the sense to hold on to the bad ones?

posted by: Joebigjoe | May 17, 2014  10:35am

I think this Plan of Action document is extreme and not well thought out.

There are serious issues of corruption at all levels of government and statists that could care less about our country, but only their personal power.

The issue too is the good old boy network at all levels of government in both parties.

I think his approach is his way of expressing frustration and disgust. I do think that alot of what happens that is bad in all levels of government happens because there is not a healthy fear in the part of the ones that are corrupt. To them they would like to keep their power, but if they lose it they’ll get a job through someone they helped as payback being part of that network or for some legislation.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing if they felt that they could make the right decisions from their hearts after reading the bills and hear testimony and allow the voters to decide if they like the decisions. However, if they are corrupt, profit from the office, and blatantly lie or try to hide the truth whether it be facts or misdeeds by other people in government from being known by voters, then there is no place to hide in the USA from their crimes.

posted by: Joebigjoe | May 17, 2014  12:44pm

Another Poll on Guns. These are not my words.

“A May 15 poll by “the centrist think tank Third Way” shows that 58 percent of moderates “say existing gun laws are sufficient to keep their communities safe.”

This is a “poll of moderates… inherently skewed toward Democrats.”

Poll results were published in The Wall Street Journal, which reported that even in a field skewed toward Democrats, only 53 percent of moderates believed “there should be more government regulation of gun purchases.” That number jumped to 78 percent when liberals were asked.

On May 1, Breitbart News reported that independents overwhelmingly chose the GOP over Democrats when it came to the issue of guns by a margin of 49 to 29 percent. ”

posted by: shinningstars122 | May 19, 2014  5:46am


@joebigjoe I guess you will not be one to ” shelter in place”?

By the way I don’t recall any civilian ” militias” helping track down the marathon bombers last year?

If you are going to reference stories you should post the links.

Let’s just stay present for now. Your references about illegal immigrants is simply ludicrous and unfounded.

Obama has been the deportation President plus how much more has the border patrol grown by?

I would be much more worried about how many legally bought weapons in the US were smuggled back into Mexico, which happens to make owning guns illegal, but I guess arming the Cartels is not a threat but a dude working two jobs in fast food restaurants is?


Give me a break!

My point is there is much more to the CCDL and what many of its members truly believe and it should be reported that way.

Foley aligning himself with this group is being complacent on many issues of race, class, fear, and bigotry.

With the CCDL and other similar groups it just not about the 2nd Amendment, that is just the politically correct surface.

Plus I wonder where all these ” Patriots” were after the Patriot Act was signed in 2001 and when it was extended in 2011?

Or how about the NDAA?

posted by: Greg | May 19, 2014  10:34am

SS122:  It’s intellectually lazy to point out some whackjob websites nobody ever heard of while your own Bloomberg funded anti-gun orgs repeat hysterical nonsense daily funded not by grassroots folks but by extremists. 

Moms Demand Action has enough Bloomberg money to hire a former Monsanto PR executive in Shannon Watts to pose as a “stay-at-home mother” to make emotionally striking internet ads and willfully misrepresent news to rile up their base.  Funny how a former executive whitewashing one of the dirtiest corporations out there suddenly finds her way to the top of the gun control glitteratti.  Oh, and what did you say about heavily moderating facebook pages?  MDA bans anyone who attempts to politely challenge their position.

Newtown Action Alliance can’t wait for the next “shooting” to occur so they can also post inflammatory and woefully incorrect information on their facebook page.  The crazy lady in DC who rammed into a White House barracade with her car and was shot at the capital?  NAA posted “...armed with an AR-15 was shooting outside the capital”.  Navy Yard shooter:  “...multiple individuals with assault rifles”. 

See, two can play at this game.

According to your assertions, anyone that believes the government is doing wrong, disagrees with current policy, or that believes the country is hijacked by cronyism is a nutjob and is some grand threat to the country.  Same for the Southern Policy Law Center which lists such political groups such as the Constitution Party and some Tea Party groups as “anti-government” and worthy for monitoring.  You appear to assert the same while pointing out NDAA and the Patriot Act. Quite the irony, “where were the patriots?” you say while at the same time demanding “reporting” of some fringe group that nobody cares about. 

Guess what? It aren’t the anti-gun liberals making the most noise about NDAA, Patriot Act, NSA, etc. It’s the gun-owning libertarian wingnuts leading that charge while folks like you would likely have no problem using Malloy’s gun database to monitor gun owners.  Doesn’t seem like you were opposed to martial law after the Boston bombings either; one bleeding kid becomes the greatest exercise for shutting down an entire metro area for the same of safetyness.  Law enforcement couldn’t have asked for better on the job training to take their assault rifles and armored cars straight into a town and search door-to-door.

posted by: Greg | May 19, 2014  1:43pm

Correction: Southern Poverty Law Center.

posted by: Joebigjoe | May 19, 2014  1:44pm

Wow Shining Stars you are a real partisan. I was wondering…when your head is in the sand does it hurt?

If you want me to start posting links I’ll be glad to because obviously where you get your news is leaving alot of juicy stuff out.

As for the guns going into Mexico, that’s obviously not a good thing nor are Mexican cartels operating all over this country. Did you miss the big expose in the Chicago newspaper about Mexican drug gangs? How about the torture of the Minnesota teenagers by cartel hit men?

As for the guy working two fast food jobs, how does that equate to murderers being released that killed again? Are you trying to make it seem like every illegal immigrant is a hard working holier than thou person just trying to get by? If you believe that I have a VA waiting list to sell you because you’ll believe anything this administration tells you.

As for “shelter in place” I would have no issue with that if a natural disaster occurred until such time I needed to leave to provide for my family. I have an issue with people that wanted to stay in their homes because they wanted to protect what little they had from looters and rapists that were running around that ward, yet you were allowed to stay but without your legally acquired firearm. Gotta protect those bad guys ya’ know.

I have to tell you this with all due respect. I dont agree with everything stated on the CCDL web site, but I do agree with the fact that there are people running this country starting with the President and Valerie Jarrett that could care less about freedom and are all about their power and agenda.

So, you and some other people get disgusted by what someone says on a small organizations web site. I get disgusted more by the FACT that this President will not use the terms Islamist, Islamic Fundamentalists, Muslim Extremist, etc to describe some of the worst most vile people on this planet. He’s more worried about offending them than he is what they are doing to girls and women around this planet.

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