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Second Strictest Gun Laws In The Nation

by Hugh McQuaid | Dec 9, 2013 5:51pm
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Connecticut now has the second strictest gun regulations in the country following the passage of this year’s firearm regulations in response to the Sandy Hook shooting, according to a Monday report by two gun control groups.

A scorecard released Monday by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign concluded that only California has tighter gun regulations than Connecticut. In prior years, the two groups had released separate scorecards. Last year, they ranked Connecticut fourth and fifth respectively.

But the state adopted stricter regulations this year following the December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 20 children and six adults dead. In addition to other changes, the new law expanded the number of weapons prohibited in Connecticut and ended the sale of magazines that can carry more than 10 rounds.

Like the law itself, news of Connecticut’s new ranking was praised by some lawmakers and gun control groups and condemned by Second Amendment advocates.

Ron Pinciaro, executive director Connecticut Against Gun Violence, praised the scorecard.

“We have always ranked high on the scorecard, usually fourth or fifth, but the response to the Sandy Hook rampage resulted in one of the most comprehensive gun violence prevention reform packages in the nation,” he said. “. . . The people of Connecticut demanded change, and they got it. And it was a truly bipartisan effort.”

House Speaker Brendan Sharkey said the report acknowledged a bipartisan effort by Connecticut lawmakers to pass the types of regulations that have eluded lawmakers in Washington.

“I’m proud that the Brady Campaign has recognized our state’s effort, but what is really needed is a Congress that puts partisan posturing aside in favor of the kind of gun safety laws that will make our country a safer place for everyone.”

Scott Wilson, president of the Second Amendment advocacy group Connecticut Citizens Defense League, said the lawmakers who supported the law “should be ashamed” for making law abiding citizens less safe.

“[The law] is antithetical to everything that I believe in as an American. Infringing on our rights in the name of so called ‘public safety’ is a political means to an end for too many elected officials,” Wilson said. “The criminals on the street, and the violently ill will not be affected by these laws. People bent on committing heinous acts will always find a way.”

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(12) Comments

posted by: cnj-david | December 9, 2013  6:30pm

We didn’t make people safer.  We imposed restrictive laws upon law-abiding gun owners to try to show the survivors and families of the victims of Adam Lanza that we could make the world a better place in reaction to their tragedy.

We have failed miserably.  The issue isn’t guns so much as it’s mentally unstable individuals using whatever weapons are convenient.

And in passing the legislation under the guise of “emergency certification”, and by withholding information in clear violation of our Freedom of Information laws we’ve taken a horrible tragedy and used it to take away our rights as citizens.

This isn’t success; it’s failure - in so many ways.

posted by: ACR | December 9, 2013  7:33pm


Now there’s a statement no one in their right mind would want attributed to themselves:

“I’m proud that the Brady Campaign…..”

posted by: JH_1 | December 9, 2013  8:00pm

Yes, we’re a lot safer now…

Don’t believe all the news stations or sites when they continue to report the ongoing shootings across the state.  Those reports can’t possibly be true because ct has the second strictest gun laws.

posted by: Noteworthy | December 9, 2013  10:53pm

This report card is confirmation not that we’ve done anything right on gun control in this state - it’s confirmation that we’ve successfully pandered to a new group of victims and in the process eroded the rights of citizens in the name of political pandering. It creates the illusion of being safer even as we are more vulnerable, more inconvenienced, more shackled by government pinheads whose sole existence is spent trying to come up with new ways to control those they govern rather than to serve and solve problems. It’s time for righteous anger over a pathetic example of “bi-partisanship” which Sharkey falsely claims is so important. His hypocritical embrace of the concept is particularly galling.

posted by: Joebigjoe | December 9, 2013  10:59pm

I own one rifle covered in the new bill and two magazines. Today I filled out the paperwork. I took that paperwork to a notary to get them notarized. Tomorrow I go to my local Pd to get my right thumb fingerprint put on the documents. I then get the documents to the state police.

Hey Brendan sharkey and Ron pinciaro. Do you think any criminals will do that?

It may take years or maybe just next year but I assure you two fools that something will be done by our federal government, terrorists,  or the idiot running New York and millions of people will see the true reason of the second amendment and the tide will turn.

Molon Labe

posted by: sanecitizen | December 9, 2013  11:30pm

In 2011 the Brady Campaign gave CT a B rating and ranked it with the 5’th strongest gun laws in the nation.

Sandy Hook still happened.

We now have the second highest ranked gun control laws in the nation, our senators crow about banning assault weapons and our governor happily signed a law requiring magazine registration only law abiding citizens will comply with.

We had a triple murder this weekend.

CAGV and a flock of Fairfield County moms host lectures and spend time demonizing a tool rather than try to address the fundamental causes of crime like income inequality and our faltering state economy being unable to provide living, workable wages for large numbers of citizens.

We have weekly murders in Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport and Waterbury.

It’s baffling how people can argue for gun control while reality is staring them in the face.  All this wasted time trying to ban guns could be sunk into addressing the social issues causing firearms to be picked up and used, and anyone who misguidedly thinks legislation against firearms is the answer should be ashamed for allowing this violence to continue.

posted by: lkulmann | December 10, 2013  12:13am

The law is written but is it enforced…

posted by: Chien DeBerger | December 10, 2013  9:27am

What a distinction for the “Constitution State.” Our founding fathers must be rolling in their graves.

posted by: Nutmeg87 | December 10, 2013  10:48am

The reason why this WILL NOT happen in Washington is because the GOP holds the House!

In CT the Democrats holds ALL branches by super majority.  CT is NOT representative of the USA.

With all the hoopla of “bi-partisanism” with this law - the reality is that the majority of GOP that DOES NOT like this law, was forced to cooperate with an obviously inevitable outcome, to lessen the blow as much as possible in exchange for the Democrats to get the “bi-partisan” label on this law.

If the GOP had majority of the House, this law would not have happened. 


A typical criminal in the pursuit of Drugs, Racketeering, and/or Robbery WILL NOT ADHERE TO ANY OF THESE LAWS!  Someone contemplating suicide - I dont think will care about this law….  Someone mentally challenged (is that PC?) will not adhere to this law…  SO HOW IS THIS LAW LOOKING TO STOP GUN VIOLENCE?

posted by: dano860 | December 10, 2013  3:23pm

Chien, I often refer to it as the Constipation State.
More people die each year from misuse and abuse of prescription drugs than from firearms. They are not psychotropic drugs either.

posted by: Chien DeBerger | December 11, 2013  8:53am

I’m right with you. Semper fi!

posted by: Santa | December 11, 2013  6:32pm

If they had enforced existing laws Sandy Hook might not have happened.  All of the shootings in the streets would not be happening if existing and the new law was enforced.  Why pass new laws when enforcement is lax or non-existent?  They don’t bother enforcing drug laws and this could be part of the problem!!!